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train­ing plans, kit advice and tem­plate nutri­tion plans

Tak­ing on a multi-day ultra in a far flung corner of the earth is one of the greatest exper­i­ences in the world. The sense of achieve­ment you feel after grind­ing through each day, and the camarader­ie you build with your fel­low com­pet­it­ors in a remote desert, jungle or moun­tain camp is what makes com­pet­ing in the glob­al Ultra X series truly unique.

We know that every­one is cap­able of com­plet­ing a multi stage ultra mara­thon, and that the hard­est step is often the first. There are many things writ­ten and said about multistage events, with dif­fer­ing opin­ions and, quite often, simply too much over-com­plic­a­tion. It can be very easy to overthink it, when focus­ing on the basics is all you need.

There is no reas­on to be scared of the chal­lenge. It will take com­mit­ment, yes, but do not think that you need to give up on social life, run crazy amounts of miles, and stop drink­ing in order to get to the fin­ish line of an Ultra X event!

Some stats about our pre­vi­ous fin­ish­ers:

~ More than 50% have nev­er run a mara­thon before sign­ing up;

~ 33% of fin­ish­ers train for an event for between 4 and 6 months
and 39% for between 2 and 4 months;

~ The aver­age longest train­ing week (peak week) for com­pet­it­ors is 100km (62 miles).

Every Decem­ber, we chal­lenge our com­munity to run 100km in 8 days between Christ­mas and New Year. So yes, if you’ve fin­ished the Ultra X #Holiday100, you’ve already run as far in (just over) a week as our aver­age fin­ish­er in their biggest train­ing week!

Train­ing Plans


New­bie alert!

You are new to multi-day events, ultra mara­thons and maybe even run­ning.

You are look­ing for a new or altern­at­ive chal­lenge that gives the oppor­tun­ity to be adven­tur­ous and explore new regions.



This ain’t your first rodeo!

You have tackled multi-day events and ultras before.

You are ambi­tious and whilst you prob­ably won’t be stand­ing on the podi­um at the end of the week, you’d be dis­ap­poin­ted if you didn’t give it a good go!



Get out of the way!

You’re an exper­i­enced ultra run­ner and multi-day ath­lete.

You rel­ish all that is put in front of you, seek­ing the fast­est times, recog­ni­tion for your exploits, and to push the out­er lim­its of your­self and the sport every day.


Extreme — reach­ing the highest degree, the fur­thest point from the centre of your com­fort zone — is only a mind­set.

2) men­tal pre­par­a­tion



The reas­on people fail to com­plete, or per­form as well as they could, is often because they haven’t pre­pared men­tally. In a multi-stage race, every­one exper­i­ences lows. What is import­ant is that you are pre­pared for these and have a cop­ing strategy in place for when they arrive.

Know your why

What is your goal? What are your motiv­at­ors? Who are you doing this for? Estab­lish­ing the “why” behind the object­ives you want to accom­plish can make the dif­fer­ence between suc­cess and fail­ure. This will be one of your anchors when the going gets tough.

For fur­ther inform­a­tion and advice on men­tal pre­par­a­tion, check out the art­icles below.

Set­ting goals for a multi-stage race

There is no per­fect train­ing plan. Some com­pet­it­ors will get through our events  aver­aging under 30 miles per week, where­as oth­ers will do well over 60 miles per week. It is import­ant to recog­nise that, depend­ing on your goal, you may as well be com­plet­ing a very dif­fer­ent event.

How to build men­tal strength

Train­ing plans which get you ready phys­ic­ally are one thing, but how can you go about pre­par­ing men­tally? The dif­fer­ence between suc­cess and fail­ure is often down to men­tal atti­tude and your abil­ity to deal with the lows. Check out this art­icle for some use­ful things to con­sider.

The bene­fits of mind­ful­ness

By teach­ing you to mon­it­or how your body actu­ally feels, while sus­pend­ing judge­ment about it, mind­ful­ness can help you pre­pare for feel­ings of dis­com­fort, there­fore avoid­ing the psy­cho­lo­gic­al mis­match between expec­ted and actu­al effort levels, and pre­vent an over­re­ac­tion to pain.

We nev­er stop explor­ing in our pur­suit of the extraordin­ary. We are Ultra X.

3) kit, nutri­tion and race admin

 kit and equip­ment

Suc­cess in ultra run­ning is about 30% down to run­ning — the rest is an admin game. If your admin is on point, you will be suc­cess­ful; if not, some­thing trivi­al will des­troy your mind and soul.” Mar­cus Smith, Inner­Fight Founder and Ultra X Sri Lanka 2019 Fin­ish­er

Your admin is the key to your suc­cess. You can spend hours of time and lots of money mess­ing this up while learn­ing how to get it right. Luck­ily, we’ve been in the game for a while and have made all the mis­takes — so you don’t have to. We also love to learn all about new equip­ment and test it out for ourselves.

Our part­ners at myRaceKit will offer you expert advice on the man­dat­ory kit required at all of our events (spe­cif­ic kit lists can be found on the race pages) as well as 10% off everything with the code mrkultrax10. Fol­low the links below to pur­chase man­dat­ory items as well as addi­tion­al recom­men­ded kit.



Every­one will have their own cal­or­ie require­ments and favour­ite foods. We encour­age you to carry out thor­ough nutri­tion tests in train­ing to ensure your body reacts well with each food item when under phys­ic­al stress. For fur­ther inform­a­tion and advice on nutri­tion plan­ning for multi-stage events, check out the art­icles below.

Our part­ners at Tent­Meals offer 10% off to all of the Ultra X Com­munity with the code ULTRAX_10.

Nutri­tion plan­ning

Get­ting your nutri­tion right dur­ing a multi-stage is prob­ably THE most import­ant thing if you want to per­form well.

Tem­plate nutri­tion plan

We’ve put togeth­er a tem­plate race week nutri­tion plan, which can be down­loaded as a spread­sheet from with­in this art­icle.

Recov­ery nutri­tion

Multi stage racing requires com­pet­it­ors to push hard for a day and then do it again, mak­ing recov­ery a very import­ant factor.

Hydra­tion plan­ning

One of the most import­ant parts of your pre­par­a­tion for a multi stage ultra is cal­cu­lat­ing your per­son­al hydra­tion plan.