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We know that everyone is capable of completing a multi stage ultra marathon, and that the hardest step is often the first. There are many things written and said about multistage events, with differing opinions and, quite often, simply too much over-complication. It can be very easy to overthink it, when focusing on the basics is all you need.

There is no reason to be scared of the challenge. It will take commitment, yes, but do not think that you need to give up on social life, run crazy amounts of miles, and stop drinking in order to get to the finish line of an Ultra X event!

Some stats about our previous finishers of 5 stage events:

~ More than 40% have never run a marathon before signing up

~ 33% of finishers train for an event for between 4 and 6 months
and 39% for between 2 and 4 months

~ The average longest training week (peak week) for competitors is 100km (62 miles)

Every December, we challenge our community to run 100km between Christmas and New Year. So yes, if you’ve finished the Ultra X #Holiday100, you’ve already run as far in (just over) a week as our average finisher in their biggest training week!

Training Plans


Newbie alert!

You are new to multi-day events, ultra marathons and maybe even running.

You are looking for a new or alternative challenge that gives the opportunity to be adventurous and explore new regions.



This ain’t your first rodeo!

You have tackled multi-day events and ultras before.

You are ambitious and whilst you probably won’t be standing on the podium at the end of the week, you’d be disappointed if you didn’t give it a good go!



Get out of the way!

You’re an experienced ultra runner and multi-day athlete.

You relish all that is put in front of you, seeking the fastest times, recognition for your exploits, and to push the outer limits of yourself and the sport every day.


Extreme - reaching the highest degree, the furthest point from the centre of your comfort zone - is only a mindset.

2) mental preparation



The reason people fail to complete, or perform as well as they could, is often because they haven’t prepared mentally. In a multi-stage race, everyone experiences lows. What is important is that you are prepared for these and have a coping strategy in place for when they arrive.

Know your why

What is your goal? What are your motivators? Who are you doing this for? Establishing the “why” behind the objectives you want to accomplish can make the difference between success and failure. This will be one of your anchors when the going gets tough.

For further information and advice on mental preparation, check out the articles below.

Setting goals for a multi-stage race

There is no perfect training plan. Some competitors will get through our events  averaging under 30 miles per week, whereas others will do well over 60 miles per week. It is important to recognise that, depending on your goal, you may as well be completing a very different event.

How to build mental strength

Training plans which get you ready physically are one thing, but how can you go about preparing mentally? The difference between success and failure is often down to mental attitude and your ability to deal with the lows. Check out this article for some useful things to consider.

The benefits of mindfulness

By teaching you to monitor how your body actually feels, while suspending judgement about it, mindfulness can help you prepare for feelings of discomfort, therefore avoiding the psychological mismatch between expected and actual effort levels, and prevent an overreaction to pain.

We never stop exploring in our pursuit of the extraordinary. We are Ultra X.

3) kit, nutrition and race admin

 kit and equipment

Success in ultra running is about 30% down to running – the rest is an admin game. If your admin is on point, you will be successful; if not, something trivial will destroy your mind and soul.” Marcus Smith, InnerFight Founder and Ultra X Sri Lanka 2019 Finisher



Everyone will have their own calorie requirements and favourite foods. We encourage you to carry out thorough nutrition tests in training to ensure your body reacts well with each food item when under physical stress. For further information and advice on nutrition planning for multi-stage events, check out the articles below.

We recommend Base Camp Food as a good website from which to source a variety of different camping meals. For a 5% discount on any food products use this link and enter the discount code UltraX5 at checkout.

Nutrition planning

Getting your nutrition right during a multi-stage is probably THE most important thing if you want to perform well.

Template nutrition plan

We’ve put together a template race week nutrition plan, which can be downloaded as a spreadsheet from within this article.

Recovery nutrition

Multi-stage racing requires competitors to push hard for a day and then do it again, making recovery a very important factor.

Hydration planning

One of the most important parts of your preparation for a multi stage ultra is calculating your personal hydration plan.

Our Training Partners

Loughborough University


Loughbourough University’s hard-earned global reputation for sport makes them a perfect training partner for Ultra X.

If you are training for an Ultra X event, looking for a personal best, wanting to get the most out of your training, or just getting into running you should check out the services on offer here.

Whether it’s heat training for Ultra X Jordan, physiology testing for general fitness or a specific endurance test designed to optimise your fuelling for our Spring Trail Series they offer it, and Ultra X competitors can benefit from 10% off.


If you are looking for an individualized ultra training plan then look no further!

We are delighted to have teamed up with Runna, to bring you the world’s first automated ultra marathon training plan!

Everything that we do is about accessibility and by partnering with Runna – our runners will now have access to their very own ‘coach’ without the associated costs 🥳
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