Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions
Is Ultra X for me?
Any­one with a basic level of fitness and the right atti­tude has the poten­tial to become an Ultra X fin­ish­er.

There are a huge range of abil­it­ies of Ultra X com­pet­it­ors. Some of the best ath­letes in the world com­pete in the series but equally we wel­come those that just wish to trek and enjoy the adven­ture. No mat­ter your speed or aim, you will be wel­comed.

For those who are look­ing to test them­selves against the finest in the sport, Ultra X offers the chance to com­pete against a range of pro­fes­sion­al and semi-pro­fes­sion­al ath­letes look­ing to gain points and qual­i­fy for the World Cham­pi­on­ships.

For those who simply want to test them­selves the races provide a demand­ing test of the human body and spir­it like no oth­er. To enter you will need to be phys­ic­ally and men­tally strong. Com­pet­it­ors will be doing the equi­val­ent of almost 6 reg­u­lar mara­thons, car­ry­ing a small ruck­sack, in 5 days.

That being said, the races are achiev­able to every­one. Our cut-off times are gen­er­ous to allow for par­ti­cipants to walk up to 80% of the dis­tance and still com­plete. This is as much of an adven­ture as it is a race.

Why is Ultra X cheap­er than oth­er multistage races? Is it the same qual­ity?

The Ultra X vis­ion is to make multi-day racing as access­ible and as such it is import­ant that the price enables as many people as pos­sible to take part.

Our mod­el is designed around scale gen­er­ated from hav­ing a glob­al series and rela­tion­ships with part­ners to min­im­ize costs. That way, we are able to make the price as attract­ive as pos­sible to the cus­tom­er without com­prom­ising on qual­ity and safety.

How much train­ing is required?

This depends entirely on your base level of fit­ness, we recom­mend a min­im­um of 3 months pri­or to race com­mence­ment. How­ever, for some this will be less, and oth­ers it will be a year, or even an 18 month pro­ject.

With the right plan these events are avail­able to any­one. If you can do a mara­thon you are more than cap­able of fin­ish­ing. At the end of the day 90% of it will come down to men­tal strength.

More than half of our com­pet­it­ors have not com­pleted a mara­thon pri­or to regis­tra­tion and when we have sur­veyed fin­ish­ers of events we find that typ­ic­ally the aver­age biggest week of train­ing was between 52 and 60 miles.

Upon regis­tra­tion Ultra X com­pet­it­ors will gain access to spe­cif­ic train­ing plans for their event as well as access to a com­munity have sig­ni­fic­ant exper­i­ence in this and can offer advice.

Do I have to get a med­ic­al to take part in a race?

Yes, all par­ti­cipants regard­less of abil­ity and exper­i­ence are required to sub­mit the health check form which can be down­loaded as a pdf here. We want this to ensure that you are fit, healthy and can get the most from the exper­i­ence, plus our insur­ance requires it. 

Why do some races cost more than oth­ers?

Our aim is to keep the cost as low as pos­sible for each com­pet­it­or. That said, some events cost more to host than oth­ers and that’s why there may be a slight vari­ation in the cost of each race.

Is my depos­it refund­able?

The depos­it that you pay upon regis­tra­tion is non-refund­able. How­ever, if you are unable to attend a race for any reas­on and you have already paid the depos­it, you can carry it for­ward to anoth­er event sub­ject to a £50 admin­is­tra­tion charge provid­ing the trans­fer is made at least 2 months before race start date.

Race entry for Ultra X 125 events is fully non refund­able but, as above, can be trans­ferred to oth­er Ultra X events.

What is an Ultra X event?

Ultra X events are all of the same format: A 250 kilo­metre race held over 5 days across stun­ning trails.

Each day involves a single stage between camp­sites and can range from 30 to 80 km in length. There are check­points roughly every 10 km where water and med­ic­al sup­port is provided.

Com­pet­it­ors must be fully self- suf­fi­cient, how­ever race organ­isers will trans­port a bag in between camp­sites so that dur­ing each stage com­pet­it­ors only need carry what they need whilst run­ning.



What is provided in the entry fee?

Please see indi­vidu­al race pages for a full list. The fee as a min­im­um includes race entry, accom­mod­a­tion, water, basic insur­ance, med­ic­al sup­port and awards cere­mony.

Can I get lost?

It is vir­tu­ally impossible for you to get lost. There are flags, or oth­er bright mark­ers, every 40 metres and there are check­points every 10 km. You will also be giv­en a track­er or sim­il­ar device upon regis­tra­tion so we will be able to keep tabs on where you are.

Where can I find the kit list?

The kit list is which will be sent to com­pet­it­ors upon regis­tra­tion for their race. Each info pack dif­fers slightly per race and con­tains both man­dat­ory and recom­men­ded items. Please con­tact us should you wish to see the list for your event of interest pri­or to regis­ter­ing.

Do I need inoculations/vaccinations for my loc­a­tion?

Depend­ing on the race’s loc­a­tions you may or may not need any vac­cin­a­tions. Please check the down­load­able info pack avail­able on each race page for inform­a­tion on this.

Can my family/friends come out to the fin­ish line?

Yes, Ultra X provide a fam­ily and friends pack­age to all races. If you wish to enquire about this please con­tact us and we will respond with­in 24 hours.

Are the Ultra X races safe?

We race in hos­tile envir­on­ments in remote places and there are risks inher­ent in that kind of adven­ture.  How­ever, we take pride in work­ing hard to man­age those risks and keep our run­ners from harm.  Safety and enjoy­ment are at the heart of our entire race series, with your safety tak­ing pri­or­ity at all times.

What are the World Cham­pi­on­ships?

Upon regis­tra­tion, com­pet­it­ors to Ultra X races will receive a unique race num­ber which will be theirs for life.

Points will be alloc­ated based on per­form­ance and attend­ance at events, with the highest scor­ing com­pet­it­ors get­ting the oppor­tun­ity to com­pete at the World Cham­pi­on­ships to be held from 2021.

Does each stage have a cut-off point?

Yes, in order to pro­tect the safety of com­pet­it­ors it is neces­sary to intro­duce cut off points to avoid com­pet­it­ors com­pet­ing in dan­ger­ous con­di­tions.

That being said, it is our goal to have every­one fin­ish so each stage allows a gen­er­ous time to com­plete the dis­tance and in some situ­ations a short course/ early start may be provided for those com­pet­ing at a speed which would jeop­ard­ise the chances of the com­pet­it­or return­ing safely.

Cut-offs will be com­mu­nic­ated to ath­letes the even­ing before each stage.

How do I con­tact the Ultra X team?

That’s easy. We keep an eye on our inboxes at all times and guar­an­tee to respond to quer­ies with­in 24 hours. Please go to the con­tact us page.

Can you help us with kit, train­ing and nutri­tion advice?

Whilst we can’t tell you exactly what to eat, what to wear and how to train, as that is all part of the jour­ney, we can offer advice and we can offer you plenty of ways to find this inform­a­tion.

When you enter a race you will gain access to the Ultra X com­munity to chat with the run­ners who’ll be join­ing you out on the trail and with vet­er­ans who’ve com­pleted the race in the past. 

What do I need to carry dur­ing the race?

All our races are semi- self sup­por­ted. This means that com­pet­it­ors must bring all their own food for the week, how­ever we will trans­port a main bag with food, change of clothes, sleep­ing bag etc in between camp­sites. All you will need to carry dur­ing each stage will be snacks for the run, water and your man­dat­ory kit.

Can I decide which stages I want to do?
No, all of the stages must be com­pleted by the daily cut-off times, and in order. Any­one not fin­ish­ing a stage will be dis­qual­i­fied and will no longer be allowed to par­ti­cip­ate.
Where will I be sleep­ing?

Acco­mod­a­tion will vary between stages and race loc­a­tions. Full details are included in race inform­a­tion doc­u­ments, how­ever you will need a sleep­ing bag!

What hap­pens if I can­not con­tin­ue?

If a par­ti­cipant is inca­pa­cit­ated for any reas­on (exhaus­tion, injury, or oth­er), they will be required to drop from the event and noti­fy a mem­ber of the crew. They will then be trans­por­ted off the course by event staff or if, in the opin­ion of the Med­ic­al Dir­ect­or and Event Dir­ect­ors they are phys­ic­ally able, they may con­tin­ue to volun­teer for the remainder of the Event. Giv­en the lim­ited trans­port­a­tion avail­able for mov­ing staff and volun­teers around the course, only a few com­pet­it­ors will be able to take up this option, at the dis­cre­tion of the race organ­isers.

What can I expect at each check­point?
Check points are provided mainly to dis­trib­ute water rations and to con­firm the pro­gress and phys­ic­al con­di­tion of the par­ti­cipants. From time to time dir­ect­ors may provide a mor­ale boost­ing sur­prise to com­pet­it­ors…
Will the organ­isers be tak­ing any offi­cial pho­to­graphs?
Yes, pro­fes­sion­al pho­to­graph­ers and video­graph­ers will be part of the race sup­port team and they will be tak­ing plenty of shots through­out the stages and at the camps. Thou­sands of pho­tos will be taken of indi­vidu­als, groups, action and land­scapes so you can rely on these exclus­ively and not have to worry about bring­ing a cam­era. These pho­tos will be made avail­able for the all par­ti­cipants shortly after each event.
I would like to be involved in the event, but am not sure about run­ning it this year, can I come?
Yes, the major­ity of the crew are volun­teers who come back and back. This means you are able to exper­i­ence the amaz­ing atmo­sphere of the event, the land­scape and the loc­al cul­ture without hav­ing to pay the entry fee. Please see our volun­teer page for more inform­a­tion and regis­tra­tion info.
When is the race entry pay­able?

£300 depos­it is pay­able upon regis­tra­tion. This is non-refund­able. How­ever, if you are unable to attend a race for any reas­on and you have already paid the depos­it, you can carry it for­ward to anoth­er race as men­tioned above.

The remain­ing bal­ance will be reques­ted 4 months before the race start and must be paid in full two months pri­or to the race. If the bal­ance is not settled the run­ner will not be able to com­pete.

Ultra X 125 race fees are fully non-refund­able how­ever, provided com­pet­it­ors inform organ­izers at least two months pri­or to the race the bal­ance can be car­ried across to anoth­er Ultra X event of their choice.

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