terms and con­di­tions

This doc­u­ment affects your leg­al rights, read it care­fully

As 06 Decem­ber 2019

1.1 All 250km and 125km Ultra X events “Ultra X Sri Lanka”, “Ultra X Jordan” “The Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships”, “Ultra X Mex­ico”, “Ultra X 125 Eng­land” and “Ultra X 125 Azores” are rough coun­try footraces (referred to as ‘event (s)’) tak­ing place in described loc­a­tion as per web­site, www.ultra-x.co (“The web­site”). The event is oper­ated by World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited, a UK com­pany. The event (s) take place over five days span­ning approx­im­ately 250 kilo­metres (156.25 miles) and two days span­ning approx­im­ately 125 kilo­metres (78.13 miles)

1.2 Sub­ject to the Con­di­tions of Entry set out in Art­icle 3, any­one over the age of 18 years of age can com­pete in the Event. Both indi­vidu­als and teams can com­pete.

1.3 The concept of the Event is simple: indi­vidu­als and teams leave the start­ing line and “nav­ig­ate” through a num­ber of check­points to the fin­ish­ing line of each stage of an Event as quickly as they can. Com­pet­it­ors must provide all their own gear, cloth­ing and food, and will be provided with a ration of water. Com­pet­it­ors will be sup­por­ted by pro­fes­sion­al med­ic­al and oper­a­tions teams. Oth­er­wise, no out­side assist­ance is per­mit­ted. For a team to be offi­cially ranked, all team mem­bers must cross the fin­ish line. Indi­vidu­als can fin­ish at any time. If any team or indi­vidu­al does not fin­ish, then that team or indi­vidu­al can­not receive a medal.

2.1 These Rules and Reg­u­la­tions also form the Terms and Con­di­tions. They gov­ern entry into the event.

2.2 You must read these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions care­fully pri­or to regis­ter­ing for the Event. You may only register and enter the Event if you have read, under­stood and agreed with these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions.

These Rules and Reg­u­la­tions rep­res­ent a leg­ally bind­ing agree­ment between you and World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited, (referred to in these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions vari­ously as “the event”, “Ultra X”, “the Com­pany” “we”, “us”, and “our”).

2.3 Every com­pet­it­or must sign a copy of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions, togeth­er with the Liab­il­ity Waiver and Image / Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty Release before being allowed to com­pete in the Event. In addi­tion, every com­pet­it­or must sign all the Man­dat­ory Forms, as spe­cified by World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited, and provide all required inform­a­tion, includ­ing but not lim­ited to, the competitor’s emer­gency con­tact inform­a­tion and med­ic­al inform­a­tion.

2.4 World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited and our des­ig­nated Event organ­isers (“Event Organ­isers”) have com­plete dis­cre­tion in apply­ing these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions. These Rules and Reg­u­la­tions may be mod­i­fied by World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion Lim­ited at any time without notice. The revised Rules and Reg­u­la­tions will be pos­ted on the Ultra X, www.ultra-x.co, (the “Web­site”) as soon as reas­on­ably prac­tic­able. The Rules and Reg­u­la­tions will be pos­ted togeth­er with a list of time pen­al­ties that can be imposed and amended from time to time. Com­pet­it­ors will be solely respons­ible for famil­i­ar­ising them­selves with the most up to date ver­sion of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions of the Event at any giv­en time.

3.1 World Ultra Cor­por­a­tion reserves the right, in its sole dis­cre­tion and at any time, to refuse to allow you to enter into or par­ti­cip­ate in the Event, or to with­draw or can­cel your offer of a place in the Event from you. Ultra X is under no oblig­a­tion to provide you with any reas­on what­so­ever for such refus­al or with­draw­al. Ultra X may also (but is under no oblig­a­tion to) offer you a place in anoth­er edi­tion of the Event in cir­cum­stances where entry into or par­ti­cip­a­tion in the Event has been refused.

3.2 You must be 18 years of age or older by the Event start date to com­pete in the Event. You may request spe­cial per­mis­sion to com­pete in the Event if you are under the age of 18. All requests will be assessed on an indi­vidu­al basis and the decision of Ultra X in this regard is final and bind­ing.

3.3 You acknow­ledge and agree that the Event takes part in a remote area of the world, where every­day facil­it­ies and com­forts to which you may be accus­tomed are unlikely to be avail­able. You are expec­ted to pos­sess basic out­door sur­viv­al skills such as famili­ar­ity with out­door gear, back­pack­ing and com­mon sense. You are not required to pos­sess any tech­nic­al nav­ig­a­tion­al skills to take part in the Event.

3.4 You acknow­ledge and agree that com­pet­ing in the Event will be phys­ic­ally demand­ing, and that you are aware of the nature of the Event and that there are med­ic­al and phys­ic­al risks asso­ci­ated with the Event. You are solely respons­ible for your own train­ing and pre­par­a­tion for the Event. By apply­ing to com­pete in the Event, you war­rant that you are phys­ic­ally cap­able of com­pet­ing in the Event and agree that (sub­ject to Art­icle 8 below) Ultra X, its officers, employ­ees, agents, affil­i­ates, spon­sors and/or med­ic­al advisers are not respons­ible or liable in the event of your death, or for any injury or ill­ness that you may suf­fer as a res­ult of or in con­nec­tion with your com­pet­ing in the Event.

3.5 You acknow­ledge and agree that you are respons­ible for obtain­ing and tak­ing all neces­sary inocu­la­tions and med­ic­a­tions (and have taken them in accord­ance with your doctor’s instruc­tions) rel­ev­ant to loc­a­tion where the Event is held (the “Host Coun­try”). You also acknow­ledge that it is your sole respons­ib­il­ity to carry your per­son­al med­ic­a­tions with you through­out the Event. Ultra X’s med­ic­al sup­port staff will not be able to, nor will it be liable for fail­ing to, sup­ply per­son­al med­ic­a­tion dur­ing the Event should a com­pet­it­or fail to carry his or her own.

3.6 You acknow­ledge and agree that endur­ance racing of the kind con­tem­plated by the Event entails the real risk of ser­i­ous injury or even death from vari­ous causes includ­ing equip­ment fail­ure, dehyd­ra­tion, fatigue, col­li­sions or incid­ents involving oth­er com­pet­it­ors, spec­tat­ors, oth­er road users and/or vehicles, aspects of the course or bad weath­er con­di­tions and oth­er causes.

3.7 You agree to inform Ultra X on applic­a­tion of any pre-exist­ing ill­ness from which you suf­fer that may affect your per­form­ance in the Event or for which med­ic­al treat­ment may be needed. In addi­tion, you agree to inform Ultra X, both on applic­a­tion and there­after, as the need arises, of all med­ic­a­tions that you are cur­rently tak­ing or will be tak­ing while you are par­ti­cip­at­ing in the Event.

3.8 Ultra X will provide pro­fes­sion­al med­ic­al sup­port to com­pet­it­ors through­out the dur­a­tion of the Event. You give per­mis­sion to med­ic­al sup­port staff to make decisions con­cern­ing med­ic­al care and treat­ment, and where neces­sary to author­ise such care and treat­ment in emer­gency situ­ations. You under­stand that Event staff will make every reas­on­able effort, in the cir­cum­stances, to reach your emer­gency con­tact (if you have sup­plied one to us pri­or to the Event) regard­ing your med­ic­al status in the event an emer­gency arises.

3.9 You acknow­ledge that the Event oper­ates in very remote areas of the Host Coun­try which may not be sup­por­ted by loc­al hos­pit­als, and that trans­port­a­tion to the nearest hos­pit­al may take sev­er­al hours or longer. You fur­ther acknow­ledge that the course may pass through ter­rain such as sand dunes and canyons where emer­gency evac­u­ation may be ser­i­ously delayed or in some cases not avail­able.

3.10 Ultra X and its Event Organ­isers reserve the right, with or without con­sulta­tion of a doc­tor, to stop and use such force as is neces­sary to restrain you from start­ing or con­tinu­ing the Event.

3.11 By agree­ing to these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions and apply­ing to com­pete in the Event, you affirm that you have the under­stand­ing and men­tal capa­city to com­mu­nic­ate health care dir­ect­ives for your­self and that you are fully informed and under­stand the full import of the con­sents giv­en by you to med­ic­al sup­port staff in this regard.

4.1 The inter­pret­a­tion of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions will be gov­erned by this guid­ing prin­ciple: Any action of a team or indi­vidu­al which res­ults in either an unfair advant­age to the act­ing parties or in an unfair dis­ad­vant­age to anoth­er team or indi­vidu­al will res­ult in a pen­alty against the team or indi­vidu­al involved in the action.

4.2 You must imme­di­ately and respect­fully com­ply with any dir­ec­tion or decision of the Event Organ­isers and the med­ic­al sup­port staff. Any fail­ure to do so may res­ult in the dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion of you and, if you are com­pet­ing as part of your team, your whole team.

4.3 You must, at all times through­out the Event in which you are com­pet­ing, abide by the Host Country’s laws, and behave in a respect­ful and con­sid­er­ate man­ner to loc­al people, and to oth­er people involved in the Event (includ­ing fel­low com­pet­it­ors, Event Organ­isers and med­ic­al sup­port staff).

4.4 You are solely respons­ible for your own con­duct and beha­viour, as well as for your own know­ledge of and com­pli­ance with all applic­able laws and reg­u­la­tions of the states or coun­tries in which the Events are held. Neither Ultra X nor our des­ig­nated Event Organ­isers will be respons­ible for your con­duct or beha­viour, com­pli­ance (or non-com­pli­ance) with, any of the laws or reg­u­la­tions of the states or coun­tries in which the Event takes place.

4.5 Your beha­viour through­out the Event must not pre­ju­dice the pro­gress of the Event, or the safety or well­being of any oth­er per­son involved in the Event (includ­ing fel­low com­pet­it­ors, Event Organ­isers and the med­ic­al sup­port staff).

5.1 The Events take place in some of the most remote and pristine areas of the world. It is there­fore imper­at­ive that com­pet­it­ors leave no trace. The Rules of this min­im­um impact policy apply to every­one asso­ci­ated with the Event, includ­ing com­pet­it­ors, staff, volun­teers, film crews, press and spon­sors.

5.2 Lit­ter — Abso­lutely no lit­ter of any kind, includ­ing for example water bottles, caps from water bottles, energy bar wrap­pers shall be left on the course or in the tents provided. If you are found to have littered the course you will be heav­ily pen­al­ized or dis­qual­i­fied. All lit­ter is to be car­ried to the closest trans­ition or check­point for dis­pos­al. At kit checks ath­letes must present all per­son­al nutri­tion marked with bib num­ber as spe­cified in Our Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Policy.

5.3 Tread Lightly — If you encounter plant foliage, do not step on it. Do not pick flowers, cut walk­ing sticks from or oth­er­wise dam­age the veget­a­tion. Do not light any fires along the course (camp­fires will be provided in the camp­sites where pos­sible). If there are unique rock form­a­tions, do not touch, dis­turb or deface the rocks. If you encounter any unique rocks, ancient ruins or fossils, do not remove them from their loc­a­tion.

5.4 Camp­sites — Where the event involves a camp­site, basic camp­ing tech­niques shall be employed. Leave no trace at your camp­site. No chairs or oth­er fur­niture around the camp­fire may be taken into or around the tents provided. You must sleep either in your assigned tent or oth­er­wise with­in the inside peri­met­er of the camp com­pound.

5.5 Toi­lets — When at a camp­site, you must use the toi­let facil­it­ies provided. When out on the course, all human waste and toi­let paper must be bur­ied between 15 and 25 cm below the sur­face and at least 100 meters from a check­point, camp­site, course, res­id­en­tial home, or ancient ruin.

5.6 Any breach what­so­ever of these Rules will res­ult in a time pen­alty or dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion, at the dis­cre­tion of the Event Organ­isers.

6.1 To com­pete in the Event, you must first:
(a) Pay the entry fee for the Event in accord­ance with the instruc­tions giv­en on the Web­site (you will not be eli­gible to com­pete in the Event until we have received full pay­ment of the entry fee and the funds have cleared);

(b) Sign and sub­mit to us the Liab­il­ity Waiver; and

© Sign and sub­mit to us the Image / Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty Release; and
(e) Com­plete and return all of the Man­dat­ory Forms as spe­cified by Ultra X either to you dir­ectly or as on the Web­site and regis­tra­tion plat­form. Ultra X reserves the right to with­draw the offer of a place in the Event and (if already received) not refund you the entry fee for the rel­ev­ant Event if it does not receive the doc­u­ment­a­tion spe­cified in 6.1 with­in 5 days of the start date of the Event.

6.2 You are solely respons­ible for obtain­ing and com­ply­ing with all spe­cif­ic pass­port, visa and immig­ra­tion require­ments asso­ci­ated with trav­el­ling to and enter­ing the Host Coun­try and com­pet­ing in the Event. You should check and con­firm the rel­ev­ant pass­port, visa and immig­ra­tion require­ments with the rel­ev­ant Consulate/embassy for the Host Coun­try pri­or to com­plet­ing the applic­a­tion form. Ultra X does not accept any respons­ib­il­ity for, and will under no cir­cum­stances be liable (includ­ing, without lim­it­a­tion, for provid­ing a refund of the entry fee for the Event) if you can­not travel to the Host Coun­try for any reas­on, includ­ing without lim­it­a­tion your fail­ure to obtain a visa, or if you are oth­er­wise unable to com­pete in the Event because of your non­com­pli­ance with any pass­port, visa or oth­er immig­ra­tion require­ments.

7.1 You may with­draw from the Event at any time, sub­ject to the fol­low­ing pro­vi­sions of this Art­icle.
(a) If you with­draw more than 120 days before the start date of an Event you will receive a refund of the entry fee for the Event, less the depos­it £300.

(b) If you with­draw from the Event less than 120 days before the start date, Ultra X will not be liable to refund you any por­tion of the entry fee for the Event, or oth­er­wise pay you any sum what­so­ever.

© Race entry fee for Ultra X 125 events is non-refund­able, how­ever, provided notice is giv­en to organ­isers with­in two months of race start date, the bal­ance is fully trans­fer­able to anoth­er Ultra X Event.

7.2 You agree that entry to the Event is gran­ted to com­pet­it­ors on a non-change­able, non-trans­fer­able basis.

7.3 Ultra X reserves the right to with­draw the offer of a place in the Event to you for any reas­on and at any time. In such cir­cum­stances, we will provide you with a full refund of the entry fee for the rel­ev­ant Event.

7.4 Ultra X reserves the right to:
(a) Modi­fy the Event format;

(b) Change the dates of the Event; or

© Can­cel the Event. We will only exer­cise these rights due to cir­cum­stances bey­ond our con­trol (includ­ing, without lim­it­a­tion war, riot, indus­tri­al dis­pute, ter­ror­ist activ­ity and its con­sequences, changes in immig­ra­tion or entry con­trols, nat­ur­al or nuc­le­ar dis­aster, fire, epi­dem­ics or health risks, closed or con­ges­ted air­ports, ports or sta­tions, changes imposed by re-schedul­ing or can­cel­la­tion of trans­port by the trans­port sup­pli­er such as flights by air­lines or main char­ter­ers, the alter­a­tion of trans­port or trans­port types, adverse weath­er con­di­tions (actu­al or threatened), and tech­nic­al fail­ure with trans­port).

7.5 If we change the dates of the Event in accord­ance with Art­icle 7.4 (b), we will have no oblig­a­tion to reim­burse you any part of the entry fee for the Event provided that we res­ched­ule the Event to com­mence on anoth­er date with­in 12 months from the date on which the Event was ori­gin­ally sched­uled to com­mence, and provided that we give you reas­on­able notice of the new dates for the Event (which will in any case not be less than 2 months).
(a) Any new entrant to an Ultra X event, who registers after noon GMT on 19th March 2020, will be offered a full refund (depos­it and remain­ing bal­ance) if the race gets can­celled or post­poned due to Coronavir­us.

(b) Regard­ing 7.5 (a), if a race entrant is loc­ated in a coun­try where travel com­plic­a­tions due to Coronavir­us would make it impossible (eg there are travel bans on their nation­al­ity) for them to get to the start line, they may request a refund up until 7 days before the race start date. Ultra X will refund their entry fee in full, even if the race goes ahead as planned without the entrant in ques­tion. This policy will remain in place and apply to any­one who registers up until 18th Septem­ber 2020. On 19th Septem­ber 2020, new race entrants will be entered under the usu­al refund policy.

7.5 (a) and (b) will also apply to all those who had registered for Ultra X Jordan 2020 before the 19th March for the remain­ing bal­ance pay­ment. I.e. the remain­ing bal­ance will be fully refund­able in said cir­cum­stances.

7.6 If we can­cel the Event in accord­ance with Rule 7.4 ©, we will endeav­our to reim­burse you the entry fee for the Event in full oth­er than where the Com­pany has incurred costs and expenses that it is not able to recov­er itself.

7.7 Except as set out in Rules 7.5 and 7.6, Ultra X will not have any liab­il­ity to you for the res­chedul­ing or the can­cel­la­tion of the Event.

8.1 Noth­ing in these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions excludes or lim­its Ultra X’s liab­il­ity for:
(a) Fraud;

(b) Death or per­son­al injury caused by neg­li­gence on the part of Ultra X; or

© Any oth­er liab­il­ity which can­not be excluded or lim­ited by the law.

8.2 Sub­ject to the pro­vi­sions of Art­icle 8.1, neither Ultra X nor the Event Organ­isers will be liable to you for:
(a) any loss of or dam­age to your equip­ment and belong­ings;

(b) any indir­ect or con­sequen­tial loss; or

© any loss or dam­age suffered or incurred by you arising out of or in con­nec­tion with com­pet­ing in the Event (includ­ing, without lim­it­a­tion, trav­el­ling to the Host Coun­try and Town/City).

8.3 Except as oth­er­wise provided by any applic­able laws, Ultra X and the Event Organiser’s max­im­um liab­il­ity to you for any claim in con­tract, tort, or in any oth­er cause of action arising out of or in con­nec­tion with the Event will not exceed the entry fee for the Event.

9.1 Ultra X taken out insur­ance to cov­er emer­gency evac­u­ation for each com­pet­it­or in the Events. The insur­ance cov­ers you from the offi­cial start time of the Event (i.e. when the first com­pet­it­or crosses the start­ing line in the first stage of the Event) to the con­clu­sion of the Event, (i.e. when the final com­pet­it­or crosses the fin­ish­ing line on the final stage of the Event).

9.2 You must also take out and main­tain your own per­son­al travel insur­ance which cov­ers you for the dur­a­tion of your time in the Host Coun­try. This must cov­er you fully against the costs of hos­pit­al­isa­tion, med­ic­al care and repat­ri­ation if you become too ill to con­tin­ue the Event and must above all cov­er you against the cost of air or oth­er forms of evac­u­ation and/or repat­ri­ation should sick­ness or injury neces­sit­ate such a course of action. This must be sub­mit­ted to Ultra X in advance of the event as required.

9.3 Ultra X has no con­trol over, and accepts no respons­ib­il­ity for, the avail­ab­il­ity or stand­ard of med­ic­al and/or repat­ri­ation ser­vices and facil­it­ies in the areas in which the Event takes place, and such ser­vices and facil­it­ies do not form any part of the con­tract between you and Ultra X.

9.4 You are solely respons­ible for your own equip­ment and belong­ings dur­ing the Event and bear the sole respons­ib­il­ity for incid­ent­al or acci­dent­al dam­age (includ­ing wear and tear) to, or loss of, your own equip­ment and belong­ings. We recom­mend that you take out adequate insur­ance to cov­er your equip­ment and belong­ings.

10.1 You irre­voc­ably con­sent to:
(a) your appear­ance in the Event being filmed, recor­ded, incor­por­ated and exploited in whole or in part in any tele­vi­sion pro­gramme, film, video or broad­cast of whatever nature by any means and in any media and format now or inven­ted after the date of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions;

(b) the use and repro­duc­tion of your name, like­ness, appear­ance and pho­to­graphs, films and record­ings by any means and in any media and format for the pur­pose of advert­ising, pub­li­city and pro­mo­tion of the Event and the exploit­a­tion of the com­mer­cial rights relat­ing to the Event; and

© You fur­ther hereby waive any mor­al rights you may have in respect of any use, repro­duc­tion, modi­fic­a­tion, pub­lic­a­tion or broad­cast of your name, image, appear­ance or like­ness.

10.2 All con­tent from offi­cial blogs, emails, pro­mo­tion­al mater­i­als and oth­er mater­i­als dis­trib­uted by Ultra X is the exclus­ive prop­erty of Ultra X and must not be copied or dis­trib­uted without the express writ­ten approv­al of Ultra X.

10.3 You are per­mit­ted to cap­ture con­tent for per­son­al use only. Any com­mer­cial use of such pho­to­graphs is pro­hib­ited.

10.4 Ultra X may, if reas­on­ably prac­tic­able, provide wire­less Inter­net access at the camp­site to ensure com­mu­nic­a­tions and live web­site cov­er­age. You are only allowed to use the wire­less Inter­net access in areas designed by Event staff. Laptop com­puters may be provided to you for send­ing blogs, emails, and oth­er elec­tron­ic com­mu­nic­a­tions. Access to any Inter­net sites dur­ing an Event except those expli­citly approved by the Event Organ­isers is pro­hib­ited. Noth­ing in this Rule 10.4 will oblige Ultra X to provide wire­less Inter­net or laptop com­puters at any or all of the check­points or camp­sites.

10.5 You may use your own power sources to charge your per­son­al mobile devices such as cam­er­as and iPods. You may not, under any cir­cum­stances, use any of the power sources util­ized by the Event staff or volun­teers to oper­ate the Event to charge your per­son­al devices. Any viol­a­tion of this Rule 10.5 will res­ult in a time pen­alty being imposed on you, or your expul­sion from the Event.

11.1 Ultra X and the Event Organ­isers reserve the right to add, modi­fy, can­cel or change the course at any time.

11.2 While com­pet­ing in an Event, you must stay on the marked course. If you inad­vert­ently leave the marked course, you must re-enter the course at the exact place where you left the course. If you inten­tion­ally cut or leave the marked course (as we or the Event Organ­isers may determ­ine in our sole dis­cre­tion), you may be dis­qual­i­fied or be giv­en a time pen­alty.

11.3 If you leave a logic­al or obvi­ous course or dir­ec­tion between course mark­ings, you will be deemed to have inten­tion­ally left the marked course. Where two course mark­ers are vis­ible, you must go to the closest mark­er. If a logic­al or obvi­ous route is evid­ent and both vis­ible mark­ers are dis­tant marks (i.e., one that is evid­ently not the next mark in sequence) you must pro­ceed on the logic­al route. Unless dir­ec­ted to do so by a course mark­ing, cut­ting switch­backs on paved or dirt courses is con­sidered inten­tion­al course cut­ting.

11.4 The course may be changed due to weath­er, safety haz­ards or dark­ness and we or the Event Organ­isers may in our abso­lute dis­cre­tion adjust stage fin­ish times to reflect any course changes.

11.5 Man­dat­ory stops may be issued at any time due to cli­mate, weath­er con­di­tions or oth­er factors. You must stay at the check­point indic­ated as a man­dat­ory stop for the full time indic­ated. Fail­ure to do so will res­ult in a time pen­alty.

11.6 Staggered starts may be issued for any stage of an Event. Staggered starts are used to ensure that check­points are not kept open for unreas­on­able amounts of time. You will be noti­fied of staggered starts before the begin­ning of the rel­ev­ant stage of the Event. Any request to begin a stage of the Event at a start time oth­er than the one assigned to you must be approved by the Event Dir­ect­or or the Med­ic­al Dir­ect­or of the med­ic­al sup­port staff.

11.7 Course Mark­ings — The course will be marked by signs, arrows, rib­bons, chalk, paint, lights, flags and oth­er devices. You are respons­ible for (a) stay­ing on the course; (b) slow­ing down to pay atten­tion to course mark­ings or the absence of course mark­ings; and © mak­ing reas­on­able assump­tions and decisions about the dir­ec­tion of the course.

11.8 Course mark­ings will gen­er­ally be vis­ible under nor­mal light­ing con­di­tions. Abnor­mal con­di­tions may include sand, dust, mist, fog, rain, snow or any oth­er con­di­tion that reduces vis­ib­il­ity (oth­er than dark­ness). If abnor­mal light­ing con­di­tions occur, a stage of an Event may be mod­i­fied, delayed or can­celled until nor­mal vis­ib­il­ity con­di­tions return.

11.9 The Event Organ­isers will make every effort to keep the course mark­ers in place for the dur­a­tion of a stage of an Event. How­ever, it is pos­sible that mark­ers may be taken, bur­ied, blown over, covered or oth­er­wise rendered dif­fi­cult or impossible to find. It is your respons­ib­il­ity to pay atten­tion to the mark­ings and to make intel­li­gent decisions when fol­low­ing the course.

11.10 Two or more course mark­ers placed togeth­er indic­ate an abrupt change in course dir­ec­tion. Mul­tiple mark­ings will be placed so that they can eas­ily be seen while fol­low­ing the inten­ded course. Mark­ings will be placed between foot and head height and may be placed on the ground, trees, bushes, walls, build­ings, or oth­er sta­tion­ary objects.

11.11 If you are using GPS, you must fol­low the marked course. You may not travel dir­ectly between check­points unless the logic­al or obvi­ous course fol­lows the straight-line route. Cut­ting the course is against these Rules and may, in addi­tion to dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion or the impos­i­tion of time pen­al­ties, lead to dead ends or impass­able ter­rain.

11.132 The course will be marked by lights/illuminated mark­ings and/or reflect­ive mark­ing devices at night. You are required to carry a light that is suf­fi­cient to find unlit mark­ers in the event that lights, and oth­er illu­min­at­ing devices are covered, fail or go miss­ing.

11.14 If you remove or change the loc­a­tion or dir­ec­tion of course mark­ings, you will be dis­qual­i­fied.

12.1 Ultra X may have spon­sors for the Event. You will not be allowed to have your own spon­sors that con­flict with Ultra X spon­sors. You are not allowed to wear any per­son­al spon­sor badges, advert­ising or oth­er patches on your shirt or jack­et sleeves.

12.2 You must wear an Event num­ber on your chest or stom­ach which must be fully vis­ible through­out the entire Event. The Event num­ber must always be posi­tioned over any cloth­ing or front pack. You must not fix your Event num­ber onto your leg. The Event num­ber must not be fol­ded or hid­den at any time. A time pen­alty will be imposed for any incor­rectly placed num­bers.

13.1 You must, at a min­im­um and always carry the equip­ment on the Man­dat­ory Equip­ment List, which will be either sent to you dir­ectly or pos­ted from time to time on the Web­site. You will be solely respons­ible for famil­i­ar­ising your­self with the most up to date require­ments of the Man­dat­ory Equip­ment List.

13.2 You must carry your own equip­ment for each day. No oth­er com­pet­it­or may carry any of your equip­ment or belong­ings for you, includ­ing a team­mate.

13.3 You must sup­ply your own food and drink mixes for the entire event. Com­pet­it­ors must start with at least the min­im­um num­ber of cal­or­ies stated in the man­dat­ory equip­ment list for the entire Event; The Event Organ­isers may, at their sole dir­ec­tion, check a competitor’s food sup­ply to ensure that the prop­er amount of cal­or­ies remain for the dur­a­tion of the Event. The med­ic­al sup­port staff will have the final decision as to wheth­er the cal­or­ies car­ried are enough for an indi­vidu­al com­pet­it­or.

13.4 Addi­tion­al gear require­ments may be required for the Event depend­ing on expec­ted ter­rain and weath­er con­di­tions. You will be per­son­ally advised of these require­ments by Ultra X pri­or to the Event.

13.5 It is your respons­ib­il­ity to ensure that your equip­ment is fit for pur­pose pri­or to the start date of the Event. Com­pet­it­ors may be sub­ject to ran­dom equip­ment checks by Event Organ­isers at any time. If any item of equip­ment as spe­cified on the Man­dat­ory Equip­ment List is found to be miss­ing, the Event Organ­isers will impose a time pen­alty for each item miss­ing or you may not be allowed to con­tin­ue the event. If the Event Organ­isers con­sider that you have insuf­fi­cient equip­ment to com­plete the Event, or if it is determ­ined that you are car­ry­ing a food sup­ply with an insuf­fi­cient num­ber of cal­or­ies, they shall have the right to exclude you from the Event. If you are excluded from the Event under the pro­vi­sions of this Rule 13.5, no refunds will be giv­en and Ultra X will not be respons­ible for any res­ult­ing costs, includ­ing costs of repat­ri­ation.

The Event Organ­isers will sup­ply a ration of water at each check­point. Water sup­plied is to be used for drink­ing only. Any addi­tion­al requests for water must be form­ally approved by a mem­ber of the med­ic­al sup­port staff. Addi­tion­ally, hot water for cook­ing pur­poses will be sup­plied at all camp­sites. Any inten­tion­al breach of this Rule 14 will res­ult in the impos­i­tion of a time pen­alty.


Event headquar­ters will keep the offi­cial time clock for the Event, begin­ning when each com­pet­it­or starts and stop­ping when each indi­vidu­al crosses the fin­ish­ing line of each stage. The time for a team is the time when the last mem­ber of that team crosses the fin­ish­ing line. The win­ning indi­vidu­al and team will be the indi­vidu­al and team with the low­est com­bined times of the stages after con­sid­er­ing any time pen­al­ties.

Each run­ner must be checked in to all aid sta­tions. Run­ners may be dis­qual­i­fied if your time is not registered at every aid sta­tion. Sim­il­arly, those who do not fol­low the marked trail/ course at all times may be sub­ject to dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion. Time pen­al­ties are at the race dir­ect­ors dis­cre­tion.

16.1 You will be giv­en Course Instruc­tions before the start of the Event.

16.2 All check­points must be com­pleted in the des­ig­nated sequence.
(a) Miss­ing a check­point will res­ult in the indi­vidu­al being dis­qual­i­fied unless they back­track to the missed check­point. The indi­vidu­al must then pro­ceed from the first missed check­point back through all check­points as per the man­dat­ory sequence (even if the indi­vidu­al has passed through that check­point before).

17.1 You may be provided with light sticks dur­ing cer­tain stages of the event. These must always remain pinned to the rear of each competitor’s back­pack until sun­rise, while on the course. This light stick must be worn in addi­tion to the head­lamp and backup light source as spe­cified in the Man­dat­ory Equip­ment List.

17.2 Under no cir­cum­stances may you sleep along­side any part of the course

18.1 Sub­ject to any spe­cial tim­ing used for the event, the first indi­vidu­al to cov­er the five stages in the shortest accu­mu­lated time is the win­ner.

18.2 All oth­er com­pet­it­ors will be ranked accord­ing to their fin­ish­ing time. Com­pet­it­ors who star­ted in the team cat­egory will be eli­gible for indi­vidu­al rank­ing if their team does not com­plete the Event (i.e., if one or more of their team­mates with­draws or is dis­qual­i­fied from the Event).

18.3 Age rank­ings are based on the competitor’s age at the start of the event. For example, if the Event begins on 15 June and you are 29 years of age, and you have a birth­day on the 16 June, you will be deemed to be 29 for the dur­a­tion of the Event, and will be clas­si­fied in the age group for a 29 year old.


19.1 Teams are made up of a min­im­um of two or more indi­vidu­als of any sex.

19.2 The first team to cov­er all five stages of an Event in the shortest accu­mu­lated time is the win­ner. All oth­er teams will be ranked accord­ing to their fin­ish­ing time. Teams can only be ranked if all mem­bers have com­pleted all five stages of the Event.

19.3 The with­draw­al or dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion of any one mem­ber of a team will res­ult in the dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion of the whole team from the Event. If a team is dis­qual­i­fied, then each remain­ing mem­ber of the team can still con­tin­ue in the Event in the indi­vidu­al cat­egory.

19.4 The Event Organ­isers may impose a time pen­alty on any com­pet­it­or if, in their sole dis­cre­tion, they determ­ine that an unfair advant­age will res­ult from the dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion of a team.

The offi­cial lan­guage of the Event is Eng­lish. You are solely respons­ible for read­ing and under­stand­ing all offi­cial Event signs, dir­ec­tions, and oral instruc­tions giv­en by the Event Organ­isers and med­ic­al sup­port team.


21.1 Protests (includ­ing, without lim­it­a­tion, dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion, time pen­al­ties, time record­ings and the con­duct of oth­er com­pet­it­ors) must be filed with the Event Dir­ect­or with­in 30 minutes of a team or individual’s fin­ish of the rel­ev­ant stage of the Event. Protests must be made to the Event Dir­ect­or or an Event Offi­cial, and may be made verbally, provided the protest is made dis­creetly and respect­fully.

21.2 Any pub­lic protest or dis­play of dis­gust con­cern­ing an Event organ­iser, the con­tents of the Offi­cial Rules &Regulations, or their applic­a­tion, will res­ult in severe time pen­al­ties being imposed, or in dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion of the protest­ing team or indi­vidu­al.

21.3 The pro­ced­ure for determ­in­ing any protest will be determ­ined by the Event Dir­ect­or and all decisions of the Event Dir­ect­or shall be final and bind­ing.

21.4 Any protest that the Event Dir­ect­or, in his or her sole dis­cre­tion, con­siders to be made in bad faith or in retali­ation for a pre­vi­ous protest will res­ult in a time pen­alty being imposed on the protest­ing team or indi­vidu­al.

22.1 You acknow­ledge and agree that by tak­ing part in the Event you shall not rely on, and shall have no rem­edy in respect of, any state­ment, rep­res­ent­a­tion, war­ranty, under­stand­ing, prom­ise or assur­ance (wheth­er neg­li­gently or inno­cently made) of any per­son oth­er than as expressly set out in these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions.

22.2 If any pro­vi­sion of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions is be held to be unlaw­ful, void, or for any reas­on unen­force­able, then such pro­vi­sion shall be deemed sev­er­able from these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions, shall be enforced to the fullest extent allowed by law, and shall not affect the valid­ity and enforce­ab­il­ity of any remain­ing Rules and Reg­u­la­tions.

22.3 No waiver or amend­ment by Ultra X by you of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions shall be effect­ive unless in writ­ing and signed by both by you and Ultra X.

22.4 The agree­ment between you and Ultra X gov­ern­ing the Events is made on the terms of these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions. Any dis­pute or claim arising out of or in con­nec­tion with these Rules and Reg­u­la­tions, or the sub­ject mat­ter or form­a­tion (includ­ing non-con­trac­tu­al dis­putes or claims), shall be gov­erned and con­strued in accord­ance with the laws of the United King­dom. Each party sub­mits to the non-exclus­ive jur­is­dic­tion of the United King­dom.

22.5 In apply­ing to com­pete in an Event, you hereby con­sent to Ultra X using all per­son­al inform­a­tion col­lec­ted from or about you in con­nec­tion with the Event (includ­ing inform­a­tion col­lec­ted by the Event Organ­isers) for the organ­isa­tion, oper­a­tion, admin­is­tra­tion and pro­mo­tion of the Event. You fur­ther con­sent to your per­son­al inform­a­tion being provided to oth­ers assist­ing Ultra X in con­nec­tion with the Event. You may con­tact Ultra X via the con­tact form on the web­site to request access to any of the per­son­al inform­a­tion relat­ing to your col­lec­ted data and held from time to time by us. The Rules and Reg­u­la­tions are in place to ensure a safe, fair and envir­on­ment­ally sound event. Pen­al­ties will be issued if any of the Rules and Reg­u­la­tions are broken, in par­tic­u­lar those lis­ted below. The issu­ing of pen­al­ties is gov­erned by this guid­ing prin­ciple: Any action of a team or indi­vidu­al which res­ults in either an unfair advant­age to the act­ing parties or in an unfair dis­ad­vant­age to anoth­er team or indi­vidu­al will res­ult in a pen­alty against the team or indi­vidu­al involved in the action.

23.1 Man­dat­ory Forms; Fail­ure to fully com­plete the Man­dat­ory Form and sub­mit to Ultra X by fax or email before the event starts. Not allowed to start the event.

23.2 Waiver Forms; Fail­ure to fully com­plete the Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­erty and Liab­il­ity Waiver before the event starts. Not allowed to start the event.

23.3 Lit­ter on Course; Any lit­ter on the course known to be dropped by you (either by iden­ti­fic­a­tion or seen by anoth­er com­pet­it­or or event staff) will res­ult in a pen­alty. Every time this is repor­ted, a pen­alty will be applied. Min­im­um 1 hour

23.4 Lit­ter in Tents; Any lit­ter left in tents when they are vacated in the morn­ing will res­ult in every com­pet­it­or offi­cially assigned to that tent being giv­en a pen­alty. Every morn­ing that lit­ter is found your tent a pen­alty will be applied. 1 hour

23.5 Fur­niture in Tents; Any time a piece of fur­niture is found inside or in front of a tent (in par­tic­u­lar a stool(s) or a chair(s)) every per­son assigned to that tent will receive a time pen­alty. 1 hour

23.6 Sleep­ing Out­side the Camp Com­pound; Com­pet­it­ors are required to sleep in their assigned tents or with­in the camp com­pound. Sleep­ing out­side the com­pound (includ­ing at the back of tents) will res­ult in a time pen­alty. 1 hour

23.7 Not fol­low­ing course mark­ings; If you do not fol­low the course mark­ings from flag to flag in the order in which they are placed a pen­alty will apply. This includes fol­low­ing a course 10 meters from the mark­ers, cut­ting corners / switch­backs and miss­ing a flag. This will apply based on sight­ings from event staff or oth­er com­pet­it­ors. 1 hour

23.8 Man­dat­ory Stops; Fail­ure to com­ply with a man­dat­ory stop will res­ult in a time pen­alty on top of the total time of the man­dat­ory stop. For example if a com­pet­it­or leaves the check­point early from which a man­dat­ory stop has been enforced. 1 hour on top of the full peri­od of man­dat­ory stop.

23.9 Staggered Starts; If a staggered start is put in place you must com­ply with the start time that has been assigned to you, based on your times thus far. Fail­ure to com­ply with this, oth­er than with approv­al of the event dir­ect­or and med­ic­al dir­ect­or, will res­ult in a pen­alty. 1 hour

23.10 Remov­ing or Mov­ing Course Mark­ings; Any com­pet­it­or seen to remove or change course mark­ings will be dis­qual­i­fied. Dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion

23.11 If race num­bers are not attached in accord­ance with the patch place­ment instruc­tions then a pen­alty will apply. For each day that this is not rec­ti­fied the pen­alty will apply. 1 hour

3.12 Uni­form — wear­ing of sleeve­less shirts; Com­pet­it­ors must wear a shirt with short or long sleeves while on the course. Fail­ure to do so and the com­pet­it­or will not be able to con­tin­ue until the shirt has been changed. 1 hour

23.13 Spon­sor Logos; Spon­sor logo’s can be worn on your cloth­ing provided they do not con­flict with Ultra X Part­ners or Spon­sors and they are not worn on your sleeves or obscur­ing your bib num­ber. You will be giv­en a chance to rec­ti­fy / remove any spon­sor­ship brand­ing which does meet these require­ments. Fail­ure to remove them when asked will res­ult in dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion. Dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion

23.14 Bib Num­ber; your bib num­ber must be on your chest or stom­ach, must not be fol­ded and must be clearly vis­ible at all times while on the course. Each time event staff at a check­point reports your bib not on your chest / stom­ach, fol­ded or not clearly vis­ible, a pen­alty will be issued. 1 hour

23.16 Retali­ation Protests A protest deemed to be in bad faith or in retali­ation for a pre­vi­ous protest. 2 hours

23.17 Accept­ing Out­side Sup­port — Trans­port; If you do not walk on your own for any part of the course, how­ever small, you will be con­sidered with­drawn. This includes accept­ing any extern­al sup­port such as trav­el­ling in any form of trans­port such as camels, 4 by 4 (event or oth­er), don­key cart, etc. With­draw­al

23.18 Man­dat­ory Equip­ment Miss­ing (pre-race); If any man­dat­ory item is miss­ing in entirety or does not meet the neces­sary require­ments dur­ing check-in (includ­ing quant­ity, type and cal­or­if­ic value of food). Pen­alty. Not allowed to Start. The com­pet­it­or can be giv­en a chance to pur­chase or bor­row the miss­ing item but the item must be pro­duced and shown to the event dir­ect­or before leav­ing for Camp.

23.19 Man­dat­ory Equip­ment Miss­ing (mid-race); If any man­dat­ory item is miss­ing in entirety or does not meet the neces­sary require­ments upon a spot check being car­ried out from the time the com­pet­it­or crosses the start line to when they cross the fin­ish line. Essen­tial Items include: num­ber of cal­or­ies, sleep­ing bag, back­pack, shoes, head­lamp, elec­tro­lytes, red flash­ing light, com­pass, Non-Essen­tial items include: Blister kit, back up head­lamp, alco­hol gel, Sun­screen. Dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion if it is an essen­tial item or 1 hour pen­alty for non-essen­tial items.

23.20 Inad­equate Food; If a com­pet­it­or is not deemed to have suf­fi­cient cal­or­ies to com­plete the race safely (2000 cal­or­ies for each of the remain­ing days). Dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion

23.21 Water — Water that is used for wash­ing (either your­self or your clothes) or any oth­er use except con­sump­tion will receive a pen­alty. The pen­alty will apply each time this is seen. 1 hour

23.22 Sleep­ing on the Course; Sleep­ing on the course, oth­er than with the approv­al of a med­ic­al sup­port staff will res­ult in a pen­alty and you will be required to start mov­ing or with­draw from the event. 1 hour or with­draw­al

23.23 Pub­lic protest or dis­play of dis­gust; Any pub­lic protest, dis­play of dis­gust and/or dis­respect­ful beha­viour to any event staff will res­ult in severe pen­al­ties or dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion. 10 hours or dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion

23.24 Loss of Event Num­ber; Any com­pet­it­or who loses his or her bib num­ber will be giv­en a replace­ment and will receive a pen­alty. The pen­alty will apply every time each item is repor­ted lost and a replace­ment is required to be giv­en. If a lost bib num­ber is not repor­ted then the pen­alty will be doubled. 30 minutes

23.25 IV Drip; The med­ic­al team is present to sup­port the com­pet­it­ors and no pen­alty is issued for con­sulta­tion with a med­ic­al doc­tor, includ­ing the pro­vi­sion of an IV drip, if a doc­tor deems it neces­sary. How­ever, if the med­ic­al doc­tor deems it neces­sary for the same com­pet­it­or to have a second IV drip then they will not be allowed to con­tin­ue. 2nd IV drip res­ults in with­draw­al.
**Note all pen­al­ties above may res­ult in dis­qual­i­fic­a­tion on the second offence.

PLEASE READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY You acknow­ledge and agree that you are fully aware of the risks, includ­ing those of ser­i­ous injury or death from causes that it may or may not be pos­sible or reas­on­able to identi­fy or anti­cip­ate but includ­ing and not lim­ited to defects in or fail­ure of equip­ment; fatigue; heart fail­ure; dehyd­ra­tion; hyponatremia; injury arising from incid­ents affect­ing you alone or involving oth­er par­ti­cipants, staff, third party road users or vehicles; and the effects of adverse weath­er con­di­tions or oth­er causes; You under­stand and acknow­ledge that the type of med­ic­al facil­it­ies that you might expect else­where (such as in the UK and oth­er EU states) may not be avail­able in the host coun­try, or may not be avail­able with­in a con­veni­ent dis­tance should an injury be sus­tained by you or oth­ers. In addi­tion you accept that even an emer­gency evac­u­ation may be impeded by the ter­rain and con­di­tions per­tain­ing in whatever part of the Host Coun­try through which the race may be run; and You agree that it is a con­di­tion of your par­ti­cip­a­tion in the Event that you hold full med­ic­al insur­ance to provide for any costs or expenses or treat­ment relat­ing to your med­ic­al needs (oth­er than where these can be provided on the course by Event staff) includ­ing full repat­ri­ation, and you con­sent to sub­mit to and abide by any decisions con­cern­ing your health and safety, med­ic­al care and treat­ment made at any time by the Med­ics and that all the Med­ics and oth­er Event Organ­isers may make emer­gency decisions as to your treat­ment by oth­ers (such as loc­al med­ic­al prac­ti­tion­ers or hos­pit­als) where neces­sary. Without lim­it­ing the gen­er­al­ity of fore­go­ing con­sent, you will also agree to abide by any decision the Med­ics or the Staff may make as to your fit­ness to con­tin­ue your par­ti­cip­a­tion in the Race or wheth­er or not you should retire on med­ic­al or fit­ness grounds.
Lim­it­a­tion of Liab­il­ity Not­with­stand­ing any­thing else con­tained in these Rules, to the fullest extent allow­able under any applic­able law or reg­u­la­tion, neither the Com­pany not the Event Organ­iser shall incur or be held liable to you or any oth­er party for any Liab­il­ity what­so­ever in con­tract, tort (includ­ing neg­li­gence or breach of stat­utory duty) or oth­er­wise arising out of or in con­nec­tion with any mat­ter referred in this Agree­ment; By regis­ter­ing to par­ti­cip­ate in the Event and/or attend­ing an Event, unless expli­citly agreed oth­er­wise and in writ­ing, you agree to fully indem­ni­fy and hold the Com­pany harm­less for and against any Liab­il­ity of any nature what­so­ever which you incur oth­er than for fraud, death or per­son­al injury caused by the gross neg­li­gence of the Com­pany. Except as oth­er­wise required by applic­able laws, the max­im­um liab­il­ity to you by the Com­pany or the Event Organ­iser for any claim in con­tract, tort or oth­er cause of action arising out of or in con­nec­tion with the sub­ject mat­ter of this Agree­ment (includ­ing the Event, your stay and/or any travel to or with­in the Host Coun­try shall not exceed the entry fee paid by you to par­ti­cip­ate in an Event.

25.1 As an integ­ral part of your accept­ance of these Terms and Con­di­tions you irre­voc­ably agree and con­sent to:
a) Your image and par­ti­cip­a­tion in an Event being filmed or recor­ded by or on behalf of the Com­pany and exploited or broad­cast in any media or format (TV, video, radio or oth­er­wise) wheth­er in exist­ence now or sub­sequently inven­ted;

b) Any such film or broad­cast or oth­er exploit­a­tion being edited or altered in any way what­so­ever for artist­ic or oth­er pur­poses;

c) The copy­ing, use and dis­tri­bu­tion of your name, image, appear­ance or words by any means and for any pur­pose includ­ing advert­ising, pub­li­city, pro­mo­tion of the Event and any and all exploit­a­tion of com­mer­cial rights in the Event.
25.2 You agree that any of the activ­it­ies described in para­graph 25.1 above and any oth­er exploit­a­tion of record­ings by any means and in any media rela­tion to an Event are the exclus­ive prop­erty of the Com­pany wheth­er or not leg­ally pro­tec­ted under copy­right law or oth­er­wise and may not be copied or dis­closed without the expli­cit writ­ten con­sent of the Com­pany.

25.3 You acknow­ledge and agree that dur­ing any part of an Event you are per­mit­ted only to use still pho­to­graphy for your own per­son­al use and not for any repro­duc­tion or dis­tri­bu­tion to any third party what­so­ever. For the avoid­ance of doubt and without lim­it­ing the gen­er­al­ity, any com­mer­cial use of such pho­to­graphs is strictly pro­hib­ited.

25.4. You hereby waive any mor­al right you might oth­er­wise have under copy­right law or oth­er applic­able law or reg­u­la­tion in respect of any use, exploit­a­tion, modi­fic­a­tion, broad­cast or oth­er­wise of your name, image, appear­ance, words or like­ness.