you don’t need to run to have the experience of a lifetime

Without volunteers we could not operate our races. Our amazing volunteers play a huge part in helping people achieve their goals and in the process they too often have the experience of a lifetime.

Volunteer responsibilities range depending on experience and qualifications. As a minimum, expect a combination of managing checkpoints, organising water distribution, and generally being helpful and motivating the runners.

Once on location, all expenses are covered by Ultra X. If you aren’t set on taking part in one of our events, then what better way to experience a race?!

For comprehensive details about volunteering with Ultra X, check out the Volunteer Information Pack below.

what do you get for volunteering?

~ Ultra X crew t-shirt
~ Food, drink and accommodation for the duration of the event
~ Ultra X race discounts: 1 event 33%, 2 events 66%, and 3 events – FREE!
~ #theultraXperience without having to run a mile!

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