Ultra X Races

Eng­land 125, Peak Dis­trict

19–20 Septem­ber 2020

125km2 daysElev­a­tion: 4,349mTer­rain: Coun­tryside TrailsPrice: £225Tech­nic­al­ity: 3/5

This race takes place in one of the best trail run­ning loc­a­tions in the UK.

The Peak Dis­trict Nation­al Park is an upland area char­ac­ter­ised by vast green land­scapes, roun­ded hills, plat­eaus, val­leys, lime­stone gorges, and grit­stone escarp­ments.

With a huge vari­ety of remote ter­rain, chal­len­ging climbs, and stun­ning upland scenery on offer, the Peak Dis­trict has some­thing for every­one.

Sri Lanka, Udawalawe

20–27 March 2021

250km5 daysElev­a­tion: 687mTer­rain: Coun­trysidePrice: £1,200 (in instal­ments)Tech­nic­al­ity: 2/5

This epic rain­forest race takes place in the “Pearl of the Indi­an Ocean”.

The wild coun­try­isde course passes tea plant­a­tions, sug­ar factor­ies, and rush­ing rivers. You will see wild­life roam­ing free and the loc­als will cheer you through their vil­lages and, if you’re lucky, throw you some water and maybe even a sweet banana.

This event is hot and humid, so be warned.

Azores 125, São Miguel

24–25 April 2021

125km2 daysElev­a­tion: 5,817mTer­rain: Moun­tain TrailsPrice: £295Tech­nic­al­ity: 4/5

This is one of the most spec­tac­u­lar island ultra mara­thons on earth.

Situ­ated 1,000 miles into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Por­tugal, this tiny archipelago of islands offers incred­ible moun­tain trails along vol­can­ic craters, through lus­cious green val­leys and deep canyons, across coun­tryside pas­tures, and past stun­ning blue lagoons.

This is the ulti­mate week­end ultra.

World Champs, Slov­e­nia

5–13 June 2021

250km5 daysElev­a­tion: 10,189mTer­rain: Moun­tain TrailsPrice: £1,300 (in instal­ments)Tech­nic­al­ity: 3/5

The Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships is a 250km, 5 day race between the world’s greatest ultra run­ners.

Bring­ing togeth­er the cur­rent best per­formers, each of whom must qual­i­fy for entry at oth­er Ultra X races, the World Champs gives the world’s best ath­letes the chance to become the undis­puted multi-day ultra King or Queen.

This is the defin­it­ive multi-stage ultra.

Jordan, Wadi Rum

2–9 Octo­ber 2021

250km5 daysElev­a­tion: 2,522mTer­rain: DesertPrice: £995 (in instal­ments)Tech­nic­al­ity: 3/5

This is the most beau­ti­ful desert race on earth. Wadi Rum’s nick­name is the “Val­ley of the Moon” and you will quickly see why.

You will pass over dunes, across dried up river beds and through his­tor­ic canyons, tak­ing in views like you’ve nev­er seen before. At night, you will sleep under a mil­lion stars.

Wel­come to the land of Lawrence of Ara­bia.

Mex­ico, Cop­per Canyons

6–13 Novem­ber 2021

250km5 daysElev­a­tion: 11,835mTer­rain: Moun­tain CanyonsPrice: £1,500 (in instal­ments)Tech­nic­al­ity: 5/5

This is the toughest multi-stage ultra on earth. With 11,835 metres of elev­a­tion gain on tech­nic­al trails at an alti­tude of 2,300 metres, this race offers an unfor­get­table chal­lenge.

You will also have the chance to run with the loc­al Tarahu­mara Indi­ans, or Rarámuri, the ori­gin­al ultra run­ning tribe fea­tured in the book Born to Run.

Ultra X Mex­ico is a chal­lenge like no oth­er. Good luck.

The world’s biggest ultra-mara­thon series

What oth­ers say

Take 100+ par­ti­cipants across 20+ nation­al­it­ies, diverse gen­er­a­tions and back­grounds. Have them sup­por­ted by an amaz­ing crew of 30+ super fab indi­vidu­als (volun­teers, med­ics, osteo­paths, media team). Have them run 250 KM in 5 days across Wadi Rum, one of the most fas­cin­at­ing deserts on earth. Make them sweat, cry, laugh … make them feel ALIVE! Ultra X, thank you for cre­at­ing some­thing MAGIC!”

Giulia Ran­zuglia


“This was the most bru­tal and chal­len­ging thing I have ever com­pleted, and I would do it again.
Jacques Pot­gi­eter

South Africa

“I can hon­estly say this was a totally life chan­ging exper­i­ence. From the incred­ible crew of med­ics and osteo­paths to the crack­ing camarader­ie exper­i­enced every night at camp. No shame was spared, and all lim­its were broken (in every single sense). Incred­ible friend­ships formed and many, many memor­ies made. For someone with so many words, I’m not sure I’ll ever find enough to explain this adven­ture. Team Ultra X, you’re bloody epic, and I can­not thank you enough. Wadi Rum, over and out.”
Han­nah Tyldes­ley


“Ultra X Mex­ico was the best race I’ve ever done. I am so grate­ful for the oppor­tun­ity to exper­i­ence this won­der­ful event, of the like I had not exper­i­enced before.”
Takak­uzo Kur­ose


“Ultra X cre­ated a way we could com­pletely immerse ourselves into the canyon, the vil­lages, people and com­pet­i­tion. They did a great job set­ting an amaz­ing point to point course, pick­ing beau­ti­ful camp­sites, aid sta­tions and world class med­ic­al sup­port to include price­less free daily ortho/body work. I was really impressed.”
Jason Sch­larb


Ultra X Mex­ico was W I L D ! The views, trails, nature… hon­estly breath­tak­ing. One night I had 40p noodles on top of the Cop­per Canyons and sud­denly I felt like I was din­ing at a mil­lion star res­taur­ant. What an adven­ture!”

Alise Miksta


There is magic at a multi-stage race and this magic comes from the people. Not only the run­ners, but the organ­isers, volun­teers and the loc­al people of the unique land­scape you are run­ning through. A multi-stage race brings out a raw­ness in people that there is no hid­ing from; we see each oth­er at our best, at our worst and everything in between, and some­how this devel­ops such strong bonds and friend­ships are forged for life.”

Lucja Leonard


Qual­i­fy for the Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships