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Ultra X host ultramarathons in beautiful locations all over the world

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Races from 25km to 220km:

25-75KM in 1 day 110km over 2 days 220km over 5 days

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What others say

“Take 100+ participants across 20+ nationalities, diverse generations and backgrounds. Have them supported by an amazing crew of 30+ super fab individuals (volunteers, medics, osteopaths, media team). Have them run 250 KM in 5 days across Wadi Rum, one of the most fascinating deserts on earth. Make them sweat, cry, laugh … make them feel ALIVE! Ultra X, thank you for creating something MAGIC!”

Giulia Ranzuglia


“This was the most brutal and challenging thing I have ever completed, and I would do it again.
Jacques Potgieter

South Africa

“I can honestly say this was a totally life changing experience. From the incredible crew of medics and osteopaths to the cracking camaraderie experienced every night at camp. No shame was spared, and all limits were broken (in every single sense). Incredible friendships formed and many, many memories made. For someone with so many words, I’m not sure I’ll ever find enough to explain this adventure. Team Ultra X, you’re bloody epic, and I cannot thank you enough. Wadi Rum, over and out.”
Hannah Tyldesley


“Ultra X Mexico was the best race I’ve ever done. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this wonderful event, of the like I had not experienced before.”
Takakuzo Kurose


“Ultra X created a way we could completely immerse ourselves into the canyon, the villages, people and competition. They did a great job setting an amazing point to point course, picking beautiful campsites, aid stations and world class medical support to include priceless free daily ortho/body work. I was really impressed.”
Jason Schlarb


“Ultra X Mexico was W I L D ! The views, trails, nature… honestly breathtaking. One night I had 40p noodles on top of the Copper Canyons and suddenly I felt like I was dining at a million star restaurant. What an adventure!”

Alise Miksta


“I’ve had the opportunity to run two of the Ultra X races so far, and the experience was so much more than what I was expecting. Jamie, Sam, and the crew made you feel like you were part of something special. Once again they stepped up their game with Ultra X 125 England. An amazing 125km, two day running event in the Peak District (there’s also a 50km one day option). The race was well organised, and the #ReadyToRace policy was implemented and executed in a professional manner to ensure participant/crew safety. The entire experience was one I will always remember, not just because of the beautiful scenery, but because of the friends I made, and the feeling of being part of this amazing Ultra X community.”

Ian Morgan

New Zealand

“There is magic at a multi-stage race and this magic comes from the people. Not only the runners, but the organisers, volunteers and the local people of the unique landscape you are running through. A multi-stage race brings out a rawness in people that there is no hiding from; we see each other at our best, at our worst and everything in between, and somehow this develops such strong bonds and friendships are forged for life.”

Lucja Leonard


Ultra X