diversity and inclu­sion

ultra x is a brand and com­munity for all

Access­ib­il­ity is a found­ing prin­ciple of Ultra X. It guides every move we make.

We vehe­mently believe in equal rights and oppor­tun­it­ies, regard­less of gender, race, ori­gin, reli­gion, sexu­al ori­ent­a­tion, age, or social stand­ing. We are a brand for all, not for a few. How­ever, we real­ise that just say­ing this is not enough.

When it comes to achiev­ing equal­ity, espe­cially among minor­it­ies and groups that have been vic­tim­ised, it is not enough to be a pass­ive sup­port­er, we must be an act­ive one.

As a busi­ness it is our inten­tion to focus on put­ting spe­cif­ic pro­cesses in place that will enable us to con­trib­ute to real change with­in ultra run­ning, as well as the broad­er busi­ness land­scape.

Our Diversity and Inclu­sion Policy

We acknow­ledge that we oper­ate in an industry which is not diverse. We want to help change this. Our goal is to make ultra run­ning more access­ible and this should extend to all and become a sport which is fully rep­res­ent­a­tion­al of the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion.

To pro­foundly affect long-term and last­ing change, we must address uncom­fort­able top­ics.

The issues sur­round­ing the lack of diversity in ultra run­ning stem from deep-rooted dis­crep­an­cies in priv­ilege, wealth, cul­ture, per­ceived social con­structs, and actu­al social beha­viour.

We know that ultra run­ning has the power to trans­form the lives of any­one in the world, regard­less of col­our, creed, class, gender, or sexu­al­ity and we have taken the time to reck­on with the real­ity that we have not done enough to truly demon­strate that power.

Our Diversity and Inclu­sion Policy out­lines the spe­cif­ic steps that we are tak­ing to con­trib­ute to change both with­in Ultra X as a busi­ness and extern­ally through com­munity out­reach, whilst acknow­ledging that the jour­ney to last­ing change is a long one.

Both intern­ally and extern­ally, there is much more we can do to pro­mote and sup­port diversity in a sport that is still too eas­ily char­ac­ter­ized as white, priv­ileged, and exclus­ive, and to foster equal­ity as well as inclu­sion. To that end, we will be mak­ing the tan­gible and meas­ur­able com­mit­ments to devel­op­ing and present­ing a more diverse and inclus­ive sport out­lined in our Diversity and Inclu­sion Policy below.

The appoint­ment of an extern­al work­ing group set to meet quarterly will ensure that we con­tin­ue to evolve our oper­a­tions and events to keep mov­ing for­ward.

Our jour­ney to the fin­ish line may be an indi­vidu­al one, but we’re a com­munity that sup­ports and encour­ages one anoth­er to achieve the impossible, mak­ing friends for life.

Our People and Com­munity

Both intern­ally and extern­ally, there is much more we can do to pro­mote diversity in a sport that is still too eas­ily char­ac­ter­ised as white, priv­ileged and exclus­ive, and to foster equal­ity as well as inclu­sion.

Ultra X will cel­eb­rate our com­pet­it­ors and com­munity from diverse back­grounds, using this page to show­case con­tent that hon­ours stor­ies and allows these ath­letes’ voices to be heard, as well as focus­ing on a vari­ety of imagery.

Through this page and our Resources Page, we will com­mit to offer­ing minor­ity group blog­gers and brands a plat­form to tell their stor­ies and share their thoughts. If you are inter­ested, please email contact@ultra-x.co.

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We nev­er stop explor­ing in our pur­suit of the extraordin­ary. We are Ultra X.

Be a part of the move­ment

There is no guide­book to erad­ic­at­ing inequal­ity. How­ever, there are mul­tiple insight­ful resources that have been pub­lished to help edu­cate us.

We are cur­at­ing a vari­ety of non-fic­tion and fic­tion works that help paint a visu­al rep­res­ent­a­tion of both the pain and injustice suffered by some, which aim to unite all races in the fight for equal­ity and free­dom.

We wel­come con­tri­bu­tions to this col­lec­tion, simply email contact@ultra-x.co.