Diversity and inclusion


We vehemently believe in equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, or social standing. We are a brand for all, not for a few. However, we realise that just saying this is not enough.

When it comes to achieving equality, especially among minorities and groups that have been victimised, it is not enough to be a passive supporter, we must be an active one.

As a business it is our intention to focus on putting specific processes in place that will enable us to contribute to real change within ultra running, as well as the broader business landscape.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We acknowledge that we operate in an industry which is not diverse. We want to help change this. Our goal is to make ultra running more accessible and this should extend to all and become a sport which is fully representational of the general population.

To profoundly affect long-term and lasting change, we must address uncomfortable topics.

The issues surrounding the lack of diversity in ultra running stem from deep-rooted discrepancies in privilege, wealth, culture, perceived social constructs, and actual social behaviour.

We know that ultra running has the power to transform the lives of anyone in the world, regardless of colour, creed, class, gender, or sexuality and we have taken the time to reckon with the reality that we have not done enough to truly demonstrate that power.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy outlines the specific steps that we are taking to contribute to change both within Ultra X as a business and externally through community outreach, whilst acknowledging that the journey to lasting change is a long one.

Both internally and externally, there is much more we can do to promote and support diversity in our sport. To that end, we will be making the tangible and measurable commitments to developing and presenting a more diverse and inclusive sport outlined in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy below.

Our journey to the finish line may be an individual one, but we're a community that supports and encourages one another to achieve the impossible, making friends for life.

Our People and Community

Ultra X will celebrate our competitors and community from diverse backgrounds, using this page to showcase content that honours stories and allows these athletes’ voices to be heard, as well as focusing on a variety of imagery.

Through this page and our Resources Page, we will commit to offering minority group bloggers and brands a platform to tell their stories and share their thoughts. If you are interested, please email contact@ultra-x.co.

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The Ultra X Pro Team

We’re proud to have partnered with some of the biggest names in ultramarathon running. What’s more, these individuals live and breathe our values.

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We never stop exploring in our pursuit of the extraordinary. We are Ultra X.

Be a part of the movement

There is no guidebook to eradicating inequality. However, there are multiple insightful resources that have been published to help educate us.

We welcome contributions to this collection, simply email contact@ultra-x.co.

Should you have any further suggestions for how we can do more as a company please feel free to send them using the form below.

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