The #ultraX­per­i­ence At Home

Writ­ten By Sam Heward

Sam is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. If he’s not actu­ally out run­ning, chances are he’s busy writ­ing about it (or plot­ting Ultra X strategy!)

1 April 2020

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We live in strange times, Coronavir­us has lit­er­ally pre­ven­ted travel out­side of front doors, let alone across bor­ders and to the des­tin­a­tions we host our events. How­ever, unpre­ced­en­ted times call for unpre­ced­en­ted meas­ures and we at Ultra X pride ourselves in going above and bey­ond to bring #theul­traX­per­i­ence to you regard­less of the situ­ation.

As such, it gives us great pleas­ur­ee to announce the launch of the Ultra X At Home series, where we bring Ultra X Jordan, Mex­ico and Sri Lanka to your home for the same price as the races!

If we are not going to be able to race on the trails in these epic parts of the world, then why not race on these trails at home.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register your interest by email­ing the address at the bot­tom of this art­icle stat­ing your pref­er­ence of desert, jungle or moun­tain and your home address;
  • We will send you a link to register and with­in 14 days you will receive all the equip­ment to make your own trails at home.

Ultra X Jordan (Sand Pack­age)

Ultra X Jordan, our ori­gin­al and best-known event is mem­or­able for the chal­lenge of 250 km in the dry heat and heavy sand, whilst com­pet­it­ors race through the epic Wadi Rum Desert.

For those who choose this option, Ultra X will organ­ize the deliv­ery of 50 kg of Jord­ani­an sand to be delivered to your front door, along­side a large elec­tric heat­er. After test­ing dif­fer­ent product offer­ings, the Ultra X man­age­ment team have con­cluded that sand and tread­mills do not mix. As such, we recom­mend loops around the home to cov­er off the dis­tances. Check out the race page for a full break­down of dis­tances.

To add to the exper­i­ence, we recom­mend set­ting up a screen with the Ultra X Jordan 2019 Doc­u­ment­ary on repeat, to truly rep­lic­ate the feel­ing of run­ning in the Val­ley of the Moon.

Option­al add-ons:

  • Camel (lim­ited num­bers avail­able)
  • Vir­tu­al Osteo­pathy from our friends at Osteo Adven­tures

Ultra X Sri Lanka (Jungle Pack­age)

Mak­ing a jungle indoors is easi­er than you think and with the Sri Lanka jungle pack­age we make it even easi­er. Once you’ve told us the light levels and dimen­sions of your home, we will send you vari­ous sizes, heights and dimen­sions of jungle foliage in order to add interest and vari­ety. You can group vari­ous plants on the floor, and on win­dowsills and shelves. Once you’ve fin­ished, you will feel like you are in Sri Lanka.

The course is fast and flat so for this one doing it on a tread­mill is recom­men­ded. How­ever, to mim­ic the river cross­ings which the race is famed for, we sug­gest that every 10 km you get off and do 2–5 lengths of the slip’n’slide which is provided in the race pack­age.

Dis­tance break­downs avail­able on the race page.

Option­al add-ons:

  • One of the greatest chal­lenges of Ultra X Sri Lanka is the humid­ity. As such, we are offer­ing a state of the art XL humid­i­fi­er for those that want the most authen­t­ic jungle exper­i­ence.

Ultra X Mex­ico (Moun­tain Pack­age)

Ultra X Mex­ico rep­res­ents the greatest chal­lenge from our per­spect­ive to re-cre­ate, but we stop at noth­ing!

We have partnered with our friends at the Alti­tude Centre who will be deliv­er­ing hyp­ox­ic gen­er­at­ors to each of our registered par­ti­cipants to sim­u­late the alti­tude in the Cop­per Canyons. Not only that, we will be deliv­er­ing a tonne of small boulders which can be placed stra­tegic­ally around the house/garden to mim­ic some of the more tech­nic­al sec­tions of the course.

Option­al add-ons:

  • Don­key (hire only)
  • San­dals and Tarahu­mara shawl

For those who are inter­ested in enter­ing one of these events please con­tact

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