Ultra X Jordan 2024

Ultra X Jordan 2024

Ultra X Jordan 2024















30 sep-4 OCT ’24


Ultra X Jordan takes place in the land of Lawrence of Arabia. The mystical desert course takes competitors past historic sites, into dramatic wadis and over magnificent sand dunes.

Wadi Rum’s nickname is “The Valley of the Moon” and participants will quickly see why. Its landscape, characterised by unique towering rock formations, is truly mind-blowing, as is the challenge. As locations go, this place is unrivalled in its beauty.

The Race


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What happens when you register

Once you have registered for a race;

You will be sent an email inviting you to a call with a member of our team. This is by no means mandatory but it will allow you to ask us any questions you may have regarding the event, training, food, equipment and anything else at all.

You will be asked if you would like to be added to the competitor Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Of course you do not have to but they are a great way to get to know your fellow competitors before you reach the start line.

You will be invited to a number of short video calls where we’ll go through kit/equipment, food and pre-event preparation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you like.


In the case of an event cancellation, your entry fee is fully transferable, to any event you like.


Booking Protection

Competitors can purchase booking protection at checkout. You’re covered if you can’t attend for medical reasons (including COVID-19), due to emergency services requiring you to be at home or if authorities issue a travel warning. Provided by our award-winning partner XCover.

Cut offs

We have very relaxed cut-offs. To us, it’s not about what time you get, it’s the adventure you have along the way. On average you will have 2hrs 30 mins to complete each 10km (in-between checkpoints). Exact race cut-offs can be found in the race information pack.

If you don’t finish

In the event that you cannot finish a stage, you are welcome to stay on and attempt the next day. If however, you cannot make it through another day you will unfortunately have to head home under your own steam. In this case you will be offered entry into the following edition of the race at half price.

Medal Ribbons

All finishers will receive a race medal. Different medal ribbons will be awarded based upon the finishing times outlined below.

As part of our Sustainability Policy, the Green Ribbon will be awarded to the competitor that displays the highest commitment to reducing their environmental impact both in preparation for and during the race (as determined by the organisers).

Black Ribbon

Under 21 hours

White Ribbon

Under 24 hours

Blue Ribbon

Over 24 hours

Green Ribbon

Environmental award

route and gpx files

Have questions about Ultra X Jordan?

Contact one of our previous finishers and event ambassadors who know the adventure inside out!

Safari Tanzania

David Morrison

Jordan 2022

Safari Tanzania

Katherine Holdstock

Jordan 2021

Tanzania Kili

Sam King

Jordan 2022

Simply email contact@ultra-x.co with Subject “Champion Jordan” and we will be in touch.

What’s Included

Race entryTick
Accommodation during the race (Sun-Sat)Tick
Transfers between Amman and Wadi Rum DesertTick
Fully marked courseTick
Medical support throughout the eventTick
Therapists (physios, osteos and sports masseuses) throughout the eventTick
Drinking water at checkpoints on course and hot water for preparing food at all campsitesTick
Ground assistance and full safety supportTick
Opportunity to purchase event imagesTick
UTMB Index Race (100k category)Tick
Finisher’s medalTick
Accommodation before or after the race (accommodation at the race hotel can be purchased as an add-on at checkout)Cross
Personal food, kit and equipment (see Kit List)Cross
Comprehensive insurance (to cover cancellations, loss of items, injury etc)Cross
Training costsCross
Spending moneyCross
Transport home for runners who are disqualified or withdraw earlyCross

Register from

£1495.00 TO £1895.00

Interest Free Instalment Plans

Register from £100 per month

(not including deposit)

Experience Jordan

We understand that competitors may wish to travel to Jordan with family or friends. Should they wish to enjoy the country while you race, we highly recommend visiting the following sights. Alternatively, you can visit them together after the event.

If one of your party would like to volunteer at the race while you take part, they can complete the Volunteer Application Form and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Jordan’s capital has numerous ancient ruins, including the Temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace, and the Roman Theatre. 

Dead Sea

A salt lake located at the lowest point on Earth, between Jordan and Israel, and surrounded by the Negev Desert.

Lost City of Petra

An ancient city carved from rose-sandstone cliffs around 312 BC and one of the new seven wonders of the world.

What others say

“I went to Jordan to run 250km in 5 days. But what I got in return was so much more. The Wadi Rum desert makes a spectacular backdrop for a multi-day ultra race. It has a unique beauty that sometimes borders on being hostile. The race is infused with local flavour and it is impossible to forget you are blessed with a unique opportunity not available to all. Running was done on clearly marked routes, although it boggles my mind how the course team could translate the hand drawn map to real life. When you sign up for a desert race you expect to do sand running. Don’t be fooled by the absence of huge sand dunes. You will run in sand for miles and miles. Full moon and starlit skies will rejuvenate you between stages. The support and medical crews do a wonderful job of keeping you safe, hydrated and in high spirits on route and at camp. If you ever consider signing up for this event be prepared to do a tough ultra, but also expect to walk away with your soul filled with wonder and new perspective.”

Estelle Geerkens

South Africa

“I haven’t yet found a way to succinctly describe such an epic week.”

Kevin Webber


“I’ve done a few ultras around the world but the beauty of Wadi Rum really sets it apart from the rest. The rock formations look like they have been carefully sculpted by man, it’s impossible to believe they’re just the product of millions of years of erosion. At night the stars are incredible. It’s nice and cool in the early morning but at midday, depending on where you are on the course, it feels like you’re on Mars. I loved this event.”

Tim Gardner


“I can honestly say this was a totally life changing experience. From the incredible crew of medics and osteopaths to the cracking camaraderie experienced every night at camp. No shame was spared, and all limits were broken (in every single sense). Incredible friendships formed and many, many memories made. For someone with so many words, I’m not sure I’ll ever find enough to explain this adventure. Team Ultra X, you’re bloody epic, and I cannot thank you enough (even with the extra kms added to the 12 hour running day). Wadi Rum, over and out.”

Hannah Tyldesley


“This was the best week of my life.”

Rahil Sachak-Patwa


“Take 70+ participants across 20+ nationalities, diverse generations and backgrounds. Have them supported by an amazing crew of 30+ super fab individuals (volunteers, medics, osteopaths, media team). Have them run 250 KM in 5 days across the Wadi Rum, one of the most fascinating desert on earth. Make them sweat, cry, laugh … make them feel ALIVE! Jamie & Sam, thank you for creating something MAGIC!”

Giulia Ranzuglia


Ultra X