Our Stance On Cov­­id-19 At Ultra X

Writ­ten By Sam Heward

Sam is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. If he’s not actu­ally out run­ning, chances are he’s busy writ­ing about it (or plot­ting Ultra X strategy!)

23 March 2020

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Dear all,

The safety and well­being of our people, cus­tom­ers, and the com­munit­ies in which we serve is what mat­ters most to us dur­ing this chal­len­ging time. We are closely mon­it­or­ing the latest devel­op­ments of the Cov­id-19 out­break and we want to keep you updated on the steps we are tak­ing to min­im­ise danger.

Over the next few weeks, we will be keep­ing you updated on the pro­act­ive meas­ures we are tak­ing, whilst fol­low­ing guidelines and assess­ing all options to ensure #theul­traX­per­i­ence can con­tin­ue in these strange times.

Like many of our fel­low event organ­isers, Cov­id-19 is hav­ing an effect on the events we are able to put on for our com­munity. Ultra X Sri Lanka and Ultra X 125 Azores have both been post­poned. We are closely mon­it­or­ing the situ­ation in each coun­try we oper­ate and fol­low­ing the advice of the UK Gov­ern­ment, the UK For­eign Office and the World Health Organ­isa­tion. We make every decision to ensure we are pro­tect­ing the interests of our par­ti­cipants, our part­ners, and the exten­ded Ultra X team.

Just as import­antly, we are also look­ing at what is in the best interests of the gen­er­al pub­lic.

Rather than dwell­ing on the situ­ation, we are being as flex­ible as we can for our com­munity and ensur­ing that all the hard work which you have put into pre­par­ing for our events can be real­ised one day in the future.

We thank our com­munity for their under­stand­ing and urge them to stay strong. As always, you inspire us with your resi­li­ence. This will pass!

Our events

Ultra X Sri Lanka and Ultra X 125 Azores, which were due to take place in March and April respect­ively, have been post­poned.

Ultra X 125 Azores has been post­poned until early Septem­ber, with the date to be con­firmed before the end of this month. We took the decision to open it to the com­pet­it­ors to vote as to which week­end they would prefer. Once the new date has been con­firmed, we will be reopen­ing regis­tra­tions for a lim­ited amount of time to fill the spaces of run­ners that are no longer able to make it.

Ultra X Sri Lanka will take place on 20–27 March 2021. All com­pet­it­ors will have the chance to

  • Defer their entry into the post­poned event
  • Trans­fer their entry into ANY oth­er Ultra X event

Unless stated oth­er­wise, oth­er events are sched­uled to con­tin­ue. We will post any updated inform­a­tion here, to our social chan­nels and also send e‑mails to all par­ti­cipants signed up for that event. We will wait as long as we prac­tic­ally can to see how the situ­ation devel­ops with the hope that we will be in a pos­i­tion to stage future events safely.

TRIBE Relay Across Scot­land by Ultra X (19–20 June) is still pro­posed to go ahead, with a final decision to be made before the end of April 2020.

Our events are not mass par­ti­cip­a­tion, far from it in fact, and we remain con­fid­ent that the remainder of our 2020 race cal­en­dar will go ahead as sched­uled. Rest assured — we will not carry out any event if we believe that it poses a risk.

Our new regis­tra­tion policy

We under­stand that giv­en the cur­rent travel cli­mate, people are appre­hens­ive about regis­ter­ing for races in case they get can­celled and lose money. Well, we are excited to announce a new policy at Ultra X. As of 19th March, any new entrant to any Ultra X event will be offered a full refund (depos­it and remain­ing bal­ance) if the race gets can­celled or post­poned due to Coronavir­us.

Fur­ther­more, if you are loc­ated in a coun­try where travel com­plic­a­tions due to Coronavir­us would make it impossible for you to get to the start line (eg there are travel bans on your nation­al­ity),  you can request a refund right up until one week before the race start date. We will refund your entry fee in full, even if the race goes ahead as planned without you. This new policy will remain in place and apply to any­one who registers from now until 18th Septem­ber 2020.

Vir­tu­al racing

In this time of self-isol­a­tion and work­ing from home, it is more import­ant than ever that we look to keep ourselves act­ive and con­tin­ue to con­nect with each oth­er — albeit vir­tu­ally!

Over the next few weeks. phys­ic­al isol­a­tion means changes to routine, social lives and com­munit­ies. Need­less to say, it will have already res­ul­ted in race cancellations/postponements. How­ever, here is a race that does not require social con­tact and in which you can par­ti­cip­ate any­where in the world!

Unpre­ced­en­ted times call for unpre­ced­en­ted meas­ures. If we’re not going to be allowed to race in real­ity for the next month or so, then we’ll race VIRTUALLY! As such, it gives us great pleas­ure to announce a new form of event and (we hope) a one-off!

Wel­come to Ultra X 14.1, tak­ing place on Sat­urday 11th April 2020! So, how’s it work? Well, like any oth­er race, except you won’t be run­ning with oth­ers, you will be run­ning on your own wherever you are on the globe.

All you need is a watch or Strava and you’re good to go. The race starts at 13:00 GMT (07:00 in Los Angeles/22:00 in Singa­pore) on the Sat­urday and is a 14.1 km road/trail/sand (or whatever you can find) race.

Once you have fin­ished you will upload your time to the portal (which will be sent once you register). The race stand­ings will be announced on Monday 13th April. All those who enter will have a spe­cial (very much lim­ited edi­tion) Ultra X 14.1 com­mem­or­ative medal with the date on (to remem­ber this bizarre time by) sent to them in the post.

If you don’t want the medal, you can enter for FREE! Register here.

Loads more con­tent

We under­stand that isol­a­tion means more indoors time look­ing at your screens. We are doing our best to ensure that you can remain enter­tained even without as much phys­ic­al inter­ac­tion as you’re used to. As such, we’ll be doing a load more on our media page. For now, check out our latest addi­tion — our favour­ite trail run­ning films that you can find online!

For more from our archives, be sure to head over to our Media Page.

As always, please con­tin­ue to inter­act with us over our social chan­nels and let us know how you are get­ting through this dif­fi­cult time. We love hear­ing from you.

If any of you have ques­tions or con­cerns, par­tic­u­larly if these changes affect you per­son­ally in a way that we can assist with, please con­tact us as usu­al at contact@ultra‑x.co.

Stay safe and thank you for your sup­port.

ultra x 14.1 virtual race worldwide

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