Azores 125 Regis­tra­tions clos­ing soon

25–26th April 2020

Indi­vidu­al: £295

Team: £250pp (team is 3 or more)


Ultra X Azores takes place on the island of Sao Miguel, nick­named “the Green Island”. It is one of the nine vol­can­ic islands based out in the Mid Atlantic. Gov­erned by Por­tugal, this wild and remote archipelago is char­ac­ter­ised by dra­mat­ic land­scapes, fish­ing vil­lages and green pas­tures. The cli­mate of the Azores is very mild for such a north­erly loc­a­tion, due to the mar­ine influ­ence, tem­per­at­ures remain around 20c all year-round. 

Azores Ultra X

2 Days




18–24 Degrees C


azores (por­tugal)




Par­ti­cipants will arrive into Pon­ta Del­gada air­port on the Fri­day and trans­fer to their accom­mod­a­tion. Kit checks and race regis­tra­tion will be avail­able at the race hotel in the centre of town from noon until mid­night.


The race will start from between 7–8am on Sat­urday morn­ing and cov­er 83km of incred­ible trail. Before the start­ing gun fires, run­ners will be able to depos­it their drop bag which will be made avail­able when they reach camp that afternoon/evening.


The second and final stage of the race will be 42km and start around 9am. Before the stage start you will drop your drop bag for the second and final time. It will then be avail­able at the fin­ish line where prize giv­ing, drinks and cel­eb­ra­tions will fol­low.








Included in your fee:


  1. Accom­mod­a­tion dur­ing the race
  2. Race entry
  3. Water (rationed)
  4. Med­ic­al team
  5. Ground assist­ance
  6. Min­im­al insur­ance
  7. Indi­vidu­al rank­ings or team rank­ings for registered teams
  8. Medal

NOT Included in Your Fee:

  1. Flights
  2. Accom­mod­a­tion before and after the event (Fri­day 24th and Sunday 26th)
  3. Your food dur­ing the race
  4. Any equip­ment
  5. Com­pre­hens­ive insur­ance (to cov­er can­cel­la­tion, loss of items, injury etc.)
  6. Train­ing costs
  7. Doc­tors fees (e.g. for med­ic­al cer­ti­fic­ate)
  8. Spend­ing money

Import­ant Inform­a­tion

The liv­ing accom­mod­a­tion con­sists of a large gazebo which will sleep between 10–20 people.

For each stage com­pet­it­ors will have to carry essen­tial safety equip­ment (such as water bottles, gels, basic med­ic­al kits, a whistle etc.) in their ruck­sacks but unlike oth­er races they will only need to carry their daily race pro­vi­sions as lug­gage is trans­por­ted for com­pet­it­ors between camps.

Com­pet­it­ors will need to be self suf­fi­cient for the entirety of the race, except for water at check­points and hot water (for meals) at camp.

Run­ners must provide all their own food. Due to weight, dehyd­rated or freeze dried food is recom­men­ded but you may bring whatever you like!

I nev­er even knew where the Azores was when I put my depos­it down! It’s a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic! I can­not wait to go to this place. It sounds like Jur­as­sic Park.” — Milo Cer­vche

Azores Ultra X

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Azores Ultra X
Azores Ultra X