how to pre­pare for an ultra x

For those who are not yet ready to com­mit five days hol­i­day for an Ultra X event just yet why not join us for a day at Hadleigh Park, a short drive out of  Lon­don, where we invite you for a day of inspir­ing talks, trail run­ning, equip­ment test­ing and freeze dried food tast­ing with sup­port from Elisa­bet Barnes, MyRaceKit, Leki, Moun­tain King, Jus­tOne­Body, Raid­light and LYO Foods!

For our Jordan and Mex­ico par­ti­cipants this is an oppor­tun­ity to meet some of your fel­low com­pet­it­ors, get use­ful inform­a­tion for the upcom­ing races and try on some kit. For any­one else this is an oppor­tun­ity to find out some more about the world of Ultra X without hav­ing to sign down to run 250 kilo­metres.

You will leave with spe­cif­ic, action­able advice as well as tips and guid­ance on how to get the most out of an Ultra X, plus an exclus­ive week­end only dis­count on MyRaceKit product!

Full itin­er­ary below.

We only 40 places avail­able and it will be first come first served so do not miss the oppor­tun­ity to get involved. Register now!


1030: Wel­come brief­ing and intro­duc­tions

The Hub, Hadleigh Park

Tea and Cof­fee will be avail­able

1100: An Intro­duc­tion to Ultra X

Wel­come from the founders about Ultra X, a short talk about their vis­ion for multi-stage racing and an exclus­ive screen­ing of the Sri Lanka Race Film

1130: Pre­par­ing for a Multi-Day Race and how to suc­ceed (Elisa­bet Barnes)

Elisa­bet (2 times Mara­thon Des Sables Ladies Cham­pi­on, part of Raid­light Dream Team and genu­ine ultra run­ning legend) talks about how to peak at the right time, max­im­ise your poten­tial and have a great multi-stage exper­i­ence. In this talk Elisa­bet will demys­ti­fy aspect of multi-stage racing and reveal the key suc­cess factors for hav­ing ‘the per­fect race’. Wheth­er you are a com­pleter or a com­pet­it­or this is not to be missed!

1230: Lunch provided by LYO Food

Multi-stage races mean that most will sur­vive on freeze dried food, but choos­ing the right fuel can be tricky. LYO food are one of the one’s we recom­mend and will be on site with a load of options for you to test!

1300: Man­dat­ory Kitl­ist- Where to start? (MyRaceKit)

Suc­cess in an Ultra X depends on much more than just phys­ic­al and men­tal pre­par­a­tion, but mak­ing sure that you pack the right kit. It can be pretty daunt­ing to get your head around what you need for races like Ultra X Jordan, espe­cially with so many dif­fer­ing opin­ions out there. The real­ity is that there is no “one size fits all” solu­tion. There are how­ever cer­tain cat­egor­ies of items that you need and MyRaceKit will provide a rough guide to help you nar­row down the options that might be right for you.

1430: Kit Break­out ses­sions (MyRaceKit, Leki, Raid­light and Moun­tain King)

There will be options to go on a guided run around Hadleigh Park, tri­al kit or par­ti­cip­ate in a trekking pole work­shop with Elisa­bet.

1530: Import­ance of Recov­ery (Jus­tOne­Body)

Jus­tOne­Body are the amaz­ing Osteo’s that are at all of our events. Keir­an Lowe will be talk­ing about the essen­tial exer­cises you should be focus­ing on as run­ners, how to recov­er post exer­cise and how to make your bod­ies work as effi­ciently as pos­sible.

1615: Clos­ing remarks/ Ques­tions 

1630: Car­riages

Park­ing is avail­able on site for those wish­ing to drive. Park­ing is £1.50 an hour per vehicle. This is capped at £6 which will give you park­ing for the entire day.

If you have any ques­tions regard­ing the event please email


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