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Written By Sam Rudston

Sam is one of the work placement students here at Ultra X. He is an International Business student at Loughborough University and loves all things sport, recently trail running and rugby. He has always had a keen passion for the outdoors and loves being at our events!

26 March 2024


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Best 50km / 50 mile races in the World for 2024/2025


If you’ve just completed your first marathon and are looking for your next challenge, stepping up to an ultramarathon might be for you. An ultramarathon is defined as any distance above a marathon, whether that be 45km or 200miles, however they usually start from 50km onwards. I’ve listed the very best of the 50km and 50 mile distance ultramarathons for beginners and those looking to up their longest running distance.

10) Ultra X Spring Trail Series 50km (Haslemere, Surrey)

The perfect race for a first ultra. Taking place on the Serpent Trail which weaves through the beautiful South Downs National Park, this race has a good number of gentle inclines, totalling just over 1,000m of elevation gain over the full distance. With generous cut-off times,

you can choose whether you walk or run, and if you fancy more of a challenge, there is also a 75km option available.

Dates: 13th April 2024

Price: £105


Bamburgh Castle Threshold Trail Series

9) Pikes Peak Ultra (Colorado, USA)

The only race on this list to offer both a 50km and 50mile option, the Pikes Peak Ultra is a high-altitude race taking place in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Both the 50km and 50mile distances include the opportunity to summit Mount Rosa standing at 3,506m ASL which provides panoramic views of the city below.

Date: 27th July 2024

Price: £169 (50miles) or £141 (50km)

8) Lavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy)

Set in the stunning Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy, Lavaredo Ultra Trail offers a 50 km race as part of its event lineup. Runner’s experience challenging elevation gains, rocky trails, and panoramic views of the Italian Alps.

Date: 28th June 2024

Price: £76

7) Tarawera Ultramarathon 50km (New Zealand)

This race combines Māori culture with breathtaking scenery, offering runners a unique and unforgettable experience. From lush rainforests to cascading waterfalls, you’ll see the very best of New Zealand’s famous landscapes.

Date: 2025 dates TBC

Price: £193

6) Ultra X Scotland 50km (Fort Augustus, Scotland)

One of the most visually stunning races in the UK, Ultra X Scotland 50 takes place on the 2nd day of the 2-day 110km course. Starting from Fort Augustus, it takes runners along the Great Glen Way with views of the World-famous Loch Ness throughout before ending on its shores at Dores.

Date: 5th May 2024

Price: £115

Ultra X England Sunrise

5) Transvulcania Ultramarathon (Canary Islands, Spain)

With a total distance of 73.06km this event straddles between a 50km and 50mile race so it’s the perfect event for those looking to go beyond the 50km mark. The course traverses volcanic landscapes and lush forests, reaching a highpoint of 2,421m ASL with a total amount of elevation gain of over 4,000m.

Date: 11th May 2024

Price: £94

4) Silver Falls Trail Runs 50km (Oregon, USA)

Held in Silver Falls State Park, this race features lush forests, stunning waterfalls, and well-groomed trails that provide easy running conditions. You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty every step of the way.

Date: 2nd November 2024

Price: £75

3) Comrades Marathon 55miles (South Africa)

The Comrades Marathon is a legendary ultramarathon in South Africa, spanning approximately 55 miles, with a notable halfway mark at 50km. Renowned as the world’s oldest and largest ultramarathon, it challenges runners with alternating uphill and downhill routes, known as the “Big Five” climbs. The event’s rich history, passionate crowds, and gruelling terrain make it a revered challenge for endurance athletes worldwide.

Date: 9th June 2024

Price: £188

2) UTMB OCC (Chamonix, France)

While the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is famous for its 100-mile race, the OCC offers a challenging 55km course that is equally rewarding, allowing you the chance to experience the beauty of the French Alps and the atmosphere of this iconic race without running the full distance.

Date: 29th August 2024

Price: £115

Runner in Forest Ultra X Rwanda

1) Ultra X Rwanda 50km (Ruhondo, Rwanda)

As locations go, Rwanda is a hard one to beat. Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Rwanda is one of the safest and most welcoming places you will ever have the pleasure of visiting. Ultra X have recently launched a brand new 110km and 50km race there taking place between

January 25th-26th 2025. Lunch is provided on the Saturday before the race for 50km runners, against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Ruhondo, before they are transported to the Gorilla Campsite where they will sleep ready for the race start Sunday morning. This is truly an adventure as much as a race, and with generous cutoff times you can choose whether you run or walk. There is even an optional add-on package to go on Safari and visit the Kigali Genocide memorial post-race.

Date: 26th January 2025

Price: £825


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