5 Tips To Fin­ish The Ultra X #Holiday100 Chal­lenge

Writ­ten By Jam­ie Sparks

Jam­ie is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. He enjoys ram­bling on about a vari­ety of top­ics; motor­bikes, cyc­ling, adven­ture, and, of course, ultra run­ning.

18 Decem­ber 2019

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It’s that time of the year again! The Ultra X #Holiday100 returns for the eight days between Christ­mas Eve and New Year. This year we are aim­ing for 1,000 fin­ish­ers, and whilst every­one will have their own approach, from the all in oners to the walk­ers and steady racers — we want you all to get there and begin 2020 on the right foot. You can either see it as a plat­form for the New Year or a final flour­ish for the year end. Either way make sure you give it a try!

Check out our top tips below.

Ultrarunner Ultra X Jordan Finish Line

1) Plan your strategy

Sure there’s going to be a few mad ones who set off at 0000 on Christ­mas Eve on a pre­de­ter­mined route, check­points thought out, maybe even a bag drop on route, try­ing to fin­ish the 100 km the fast­est and as such win a place to Ultra X Sri Lanka this March, but for the most of us tick­ing off some­where closer to the 12.5 km each day as required is more real­ist­ic.

This is a busy and social time of the year so make sure to plan your runs to fit in with life. If you are train­ing for a race, there’s no need to scrap your planned ses­sions just look at to integ­rate it in with your plan. Many will use the #Holiday100 as a motiv­a­tion­al train­ing block towards next year’s goals, espe­cially if they’ve been om end-of-sea­son break. It can be a great tool for kick-start­ing the fol­low­ing year’s run­ning, know­ing you’ve put miles in the legs before the new year has even come in.

It might require 90 mins a day so get­ting out the door early might be the key to suc­cess. If you can get your miles in before the fest­ive activ­it­ies get star­ted, you can keep the fam­ily happy in the pro­cess!

2) Get kit­ted out

For those of us in the north­ern hemi­sphere, the short days and cold tem­per­at­ures mean it can be hard to leave that log fire and get out the front door for a run. This is where your gear becomes essen­tial. As the old say­ing goes, there is no such thing as bad weath­er, just unsuit­able cloth­ing, dress­ing poorly is an easy way to lose motiv­a­tion quickly.

Lay­er up, keep the rain out and the skin dry with a good water­proof jack­et if neces­sary and get your trail shoes on so you are pre­pared for that ice and snow!

If you’re lucky enough to be hav­ing a warm Christ­mas in the south­ern hemi­sphere, make sure you’re pre­pared for the warm sum­mer tem­per­at­ures and plan where you’ll top your bottles up.

3) Get social

Tell the world that you are going to be doing the Ultra X holiday100, tag­ging us at @ultraxco and using the #holiday100 handle on social feeds. Not only will you become account­able to the tar­get and as such are more likely to keep on going when the chips are down, but you may just find someone else in your loc­al area to join you for a leg of the chal­lenge!

With less than a week to go, you’ve got plenty of time to per­suade your part­ner, moth­er, broth­er, sis­ter, niece, neph­ew, mate and so on to join you on the chal­lenge.

We’re offer­ing some great prizes to those who doc­u­ment their adven­tures each day of the chal­lenge cour­tesy of our event part­ners- myRaceKit, Pre­ci­sion Hydra­tion, SOAR Run­ning, Run­ning Her­oes, Pics Pea­nut But­ter, LYO Food and The Alti­tude Centre , so make sure to give your­self a shot at win­ning! Find out more here.

4) Be real­ist­ic

100 km in 8 days is no mean feat! If you’ve nev­er run 100 km before do not worry!

Over 50% of people who do our ultramara­thon races have nev­er done a mara­thon before regis­ter­ing but still man­age to fin­ish!

The secret to fin­ish­ing the #holiday100 is self-belief, not neg­lect­ing your recov­ery and fuel­ing prop­erly- just as it would be dur­ing a race!
Pace your­self for the full eight days, if you’ve nev­er done some­thing like this, why not just aim to walk a good chunk of the dis­tance and not run every oth­er day? All you have to do is cov­er the dis­tance, make it as com­fort­able as pos­sible for YOU.

Put­ting your­self right in the red on the first day will not stand you in very good stead for the rest of the chal­lenge.

Think about the mileage you want to cov­er on each ride and the speed at which you can cov­er that dis­tance without over-stretch­ing your­self ahead of the remain­ing runs.

5) Choose your route

This is a dis­tance chal­lenge, elev­a­tion gains and des­cents are awe­some most of the time, but what about when it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s look­ing like snow and you’ve got 30km left to com­plete the chal­lenge?

We’d recom­mend stick­ing to the low­lands, enjoy pick­ing a route which makes life easi­er and not wor­ry­ing about how to get up those moun­tains with those extra Christ­mas pounds around the waist! Save the hills for the #Hilladay100, one of our sum­mer chal­lenges!

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