The Ultra X Multi-Stage Ultramarathon World Championships

Written By Jamie Sparks

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2 April 2019


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Ultra X Sri Lanka is the first race since the Wadi Rum Ultra scaled up to become a world series. The move marks the beginning of a new era in multi-day ultrarunning and the countdown to the Ultra X World Championships in 2021 where the best multi-stage runners will get the recognition they truly deserve.

Competitors can qualify for the Ultra X World Championships by gaining points in other Ultra X races.

Qualification attempts will begin at Ultra X Sri Lanka later this month, where there will be over 50 competitors who are going to be battling to be the first ones to guarantee their places.

Athletes can qualify through one of four ways:

  1. Gaining entry through exceptional performance
  2. Qualifying through the Ultra X Allegiant scheme
  3. Being selected in the charity ballot
  4. Earning a wildcard invitation from one of the two co-founders

The top three overall female and male winners and individual stage winners at the Ultra X World Championship will receive prize money.

Exceptional performance

Participants who meet the following qualifying criteria at Ultra X races will be invited to compete in the summer of 2021:

  • Finish on mens/womens podium (first, second or third)
  • Finish in top 10% of mens or womens field overall
  • Finish top in age category* (qualification positions within age categories will roll down after automatic qualifications have been allocated)

Allegiant scheme

Complete two Ultra X events in the two years preceding the Ultra X World Championships (in 2021 this will be extended to include Wadi Rum events 2015-18) for an allegiant place.

Charity division

Ultra X is delighted to offer 10 charity places for the World Championships. All charity entries must present their application along with proof of charitable activity to the race organisers and the ballot will be drawn six months preceding the World Championshis. Only those applications where fundraising is in excess of £1,000 will be considered.

Allocation policy

Athletes MUST claim their slot (and pay the £300 deposit) within 30 days of crossing the finish line of the Ultra X event of qualification (or other date as stipulated by race organisers). If the finisher is subsequently unable to attend the World Championships this deposit can be transferred to any other Ultra X race.

If no such claim is made the place will be rolled down to the next best placed individual for a further 30 days. This process will continue until the place is filled.

If there are no starters in a particular Age Group, then that slot will be moved to the next calculated Age Group within the gender.

*Age categories as follows (men and women):



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