run­ning with the Rarámuri

The stage is set for Ultra X Mex­ico to be one hell of a race. Tow­ing the start line are a host of world beat­ers from across the globe- Jason Sch­larb, Meredith Edwards and Gedi­m­i­nas Grini­us, to name a few. How­ever, defend­ing their home turf there are a group of loc­al run­ners who are not going to be beaten without a fight.

One of the reas­ons that the Cop­per Canyons in Mex­ico is so well known is due to their indi­gen­ous pop­u­la­tion- The Rarámuri or Tarahu­mara, whom many know from Chris­toph­er McDou­gall’s fam­ous book- “Born to Run”. They are renowned for their long-dis­tance run­ning abil­ity, developed through neces­sity for inter-vil­lage com­mu­nic­a­tion, trans­port­a­tion, and hunt­ing.

We are abso­lutely delighted to have some of the loc­al legends par­ti­cip­at­ing in the inaug­ur­al Ultra X Mex­ico and can­not wait to see the race unfold.  If you’ve read Born to Run you will recog­nise these names…

They will be run­ning in san­dals and fueled on pinole (the Tarahu­mara corn gruel) but write them off at your per­il!

Arnulfo Quimare (above)

The Tarahu­mara run­ner who defeated Scott Jurek in the 2006 race that was fea­tured in the book Born to Run. Described in the book as “the greatest liv­ing Tarahu­mara run­ner” he is undoubtebly a true legend of the sport. 

Silvino Cube­sare (above)

Silvino is also one of the prot­ag­on­ists from Born to Run. He comes from the remote vil­lage of Huisu­chi, yet des­pite hav­ing no train­er and prim­it­ive equip­ment he is one of the finest ultra run­ners on the plan­et as fea­tured in Red Bull’s Run­ning in Two Worlds Series here.

Regis­tra­tion for Ultra X Mex­ico closes on the 15th of Septem­ber. Sign up now to run with these cham­pi­ons before it fills up!



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