Could You Complete An Ultra X Race?

Written By Jamie Sparks

Jamie is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. He enjoys rambling on about a variety of topics; motorbikes, cycling, adventure, and, of course, ultra running.

2 January 2019


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The first thought that enters a lot of people’s minds when they hear about an Ultra X event is that such an undertaking would be impossible for them. The mere idea of running more than five marathons in as many days can be terrifying.

Preparing your body to traverse 250km in five days is no mean feat. This is because there is no set way to prepare for an Ultra X event. Training is inherently personal and competitors often do not know where to begin. There are many things written and said about multi-stage training and it can be very easy to overthink it and get turned off the idea.

To help consider the achievability of an Ultra X ultramarathon we have gathered up some information on the finishers of the most recent Ultra X event: 250km across the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan and what we can conclude with confidence is that with the right mindset anyone can complete an Ultra X event.

Our #Holiday100 campaign concluded earlier this week and saw hundreds of our community running 100km in eight days. Something that may surprise you is that this many miles four months out from Ultra X Sri Lanka is more than many of the Jordan finishers had completed at this stage…

Two Female Runners Hugging at Finish Line of Ultra X Jordan

Wadi Rum Ultra 2018 finishers: training by numbers

  • 33% of finishers trained for between 4 and 6 months and 39% between 2 and 4 months
  • 11% had trained for over 6 months
  • 53% had never run further than a marathon before, and one had only once run 13 miles
  • The average longest run in training for the event: 26 miles
  • The average longest training week: 62 miles

There is obviously a lot of other details which competitors will need to consider before committing to an event, but we hope that this at least dispels the question, “Can I do an ultramarathon?” because the answer is simple: “You can”.

Our Christmas #Holiday100 challenge saw runners from all over the world covering 100km/62 miles over eight days. Those who completed the challenge covered more distance in that week than the average finisher at last year’s Wadi Rum Ultra completed in an average training week.

Why not make 2019 the year for an Ultra X?

Three Runners Crossing Ultra X Jordan Finish Line Together


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