Best UK Ultra Marathons in 2024: The Ultimate UK Ultra Races List

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Written By Sam Rudston

Sam is one of the work placement students here at Ultra X. He is an International Business student at Loughborough University and loves all things sport, recently trail running and rugby. He has always had a keen passion for the outdoors and loves being at our events!

29 January 2024


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Best Ultra Marathons UK 2024: The Ultimate UK Ultra Races List 


Best Ultra Marathon UK Races in 2024: A Deep Dive into Dates, Distances, and Terrains!

Hello, fellow runners and adventure seekers! Get ready for an exploration into the world of UK ultramarathons in the exciting year of 2024. Join us as we unravel the details of these incredible journeys, going beyond just distances and delving into the diverse and challenging terrains that make these races truly special. Let the adventure begin:

1) Ultra X 50 Scotland 

Terrain Deep Dive: Imagine navigating misty glens and rolling hills in the rugged Scottish Moors. If you’re looking for a 50k ultra marathon in the UK then Ultra X 50 Scotland, carefully put together by Ultra X, offers a captivating adventure, combining the challenge of varied terrain with the enchanting beauty of Scotland’s wilderness.

Where: Loch Ness
When: May 2024
Distance: 110km 
Elevation Gain: 3,768m
Terrain: Trail
Difficulty Level: Novice

Ultra X Scotland Loch Ness

2) Thames Path Challenge 50K Riverside Run (Action Challenge)

Terrain Deep Dive: Take a rhythmic 50K run along the iconic River Thames, organized by Action Challenge. Experience the blend of urban life and natural serenity as you traverse flat urban paths and tranquil riverside trails. One of the best ultra marathons for beginners in the uk.

Where: London, UK
When: September 2024
Distance: 50km
Elevation Gain: 2,300m
Terrain: Riverside Paths, Urban Streets
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Highland Fling Race

3) Rat Race Adventure Sports: The Wall 69 Mile Challenge

Terrain Deep Dive: Picture a 69-mile journey along Hadrian’s Wall, a historic marvel. This ultramarathon by Rat Race Adventure Sports isn’t just about trails; it’s a journey through time, weaving past historical landmarks and challenging landscapes.

Where: Carlisle to Newcastle, England
When: June 2024
Distance: 69 miles
Terrain: Trail, Historical Landmarks
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Bamburgh Castle Threshold Trail Series

4) Peak District Challenge (Peak District Ultrarunners)

Terrain Deep Dive: Hosted by Peak District Ultrarunners, the Peak District Challenge is an epic 100km ultra marathon immersing you in diverse landscapes. From demanding mountain trails to the gentle roll of hills, every step is an adventure testing your endurance and appreciation for the raw beauty of nature

Where: Peak District, England
When: August 2024
Distance: 100km
Terrain: Mountain Trails,. Rolling Hills
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Cape Wrath Ultramarathon West Coast of Scotland

5) Always Aim High Events: Snowdonia Ultra 50 Mile Race

Terrain Deep Dive: The Snowdonia Ultra by Always Aim High Events is a 50-mile challenge against the dramatic backdrop of mountain trails and serene lakeside paths. It’s not just a run; it’s a visual feast paired with challenging twists, a true test for the seasoned adventurer..

Where: Llanberis, Wales
When: October 2024
Distance: 50 miles
Terrain: Mountain Trails, Lakeside Paths
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Ultra X England Sunrise

10) Ultra X 110 Wales (Ultra X)

Terrain Deep Dive: Ultra X 110 Wales, thoughtfully crafted by Ultra X, promises an immersive journey through Wales in July. From challenging mountainous terrains to softer paths, this run is a dynamic showcase of Wales’s diverse landscapes, offering a taste of everything the region has to offer.

There you have it – a genuine exploration into the heart of the top UK ultramarathons of 2024. Lace up, sign up, and get ready for an adventure that goes beyond races – it’s a narrative unfolding through landscapes and personal triumphs! 🏃‍♀️🌄🏃‍♂️

Where: Fairbourne, Wales

When: July 2024
Distance: 110km (50km option available)
Terrain: Diverse Welsh Landscapes
Difficulty Level: Hard 


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