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Harry is one of the work placement students here at Ultra X. He is a Sport Science, Coaching and Physical Education student at Loughborough and loves all things sport, recently trail running and triathlon. He is slowly enjoying the outdoors and loves being at our events!

20 November 2022


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UTMB 2023 Qualifying Races – Ultra x

Before we delve deep into our top list of UTMB qualifying races, let us guide you through the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, starting with how it all began, the statistics and why it’s such a winning race for ultra-marathon runners and athletes.

The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc is an ultra-trail running spectacle that’s been taking place in Chamonix, since 2003. Arguably one of the toughest footraces in the world, the various distances lead runners through the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland taking in the breath taking landscape whilst circumnavigating Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc. Throughout the week it’s a festival of trail running with races of different distances and challenges taking place.

The UTMB signature race consists of a brutal 171km with 10,000m of elevation. The race attracts top professional athletes, the 2022 UTMB iteration saw Katie Schide win the women’s race and Kilian Jornet win the mens. With almost 10,000 runners and 50,000 spectators, it is a huge celebration of all things ultrarunning, a true bucket list event not to be missed and completing Ultra X races can help get you to the start line!

What counts as an index race for UTMB?


All Ultra X Races from Ultra X Jordan, a 220km multistage race to the Ultra X Spring Trail series 25km event act as “Index races”. This means that upon completion you are able to enter the ballot for the 100km, 50km and 25km races at the UTMB championships (if you already have running stones from UTMB World Series events).

100km UTMB Index Races


For the 100km, “CCC” UTMB race, all of our Multistage races would act as “index races” to allow you to enter the ballot.

These include:

– Ultra X Scotland 110

– Ultra X Azores 110

– Ultra X Tanzania

– Ultra X Wales

– Ultra X Wales 110

– Ultra X England 110

– Ultra X Jordan

50km UTMB Index Races


For the 55km, “OCC” UTMB race, the following events are “index races”:

– Ultra X Spring Trail Series 75km, 50km

– Ultra X Scotland 50

– Ultra X Azores 50

– Ultra X Summer Trail Series 75km, 50km

– Ultra X Wales 50

– Ultra X England 50

The Ultra X Spring and Summer Trail Series 25km are index races for the UTMB 20km event.

With it being so popular, in 2021 the race allocation changed, resulting in a new qualification process. This process is outlined in more detail in our another blog here. Please note that from 2023 the UTMB will now act as the UTMB World Series Finals.


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