Ultra X Elite Relay Across Scot­land: Res­ults

Writ­ten By Chris Taylor

Chris is our Oper­a­tions Man­ager. His interests include, and are lim­ited to; ultra run­ning, plant-based foods to eat whilst ultra run­ning, and ultra run­ning with dogs.

11 March 2020

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Last week­end, the Ultra X Elite headed up to Scot­land to take on the John Muir Way. Our goal? To set a tar­get time for TRIBE Relay Across Scot­land by Ultra X teams to try and beat this sum­mer sol­stice (19–20 June 2020).

To achieve this, we assembled the quick­est and bad­dest mem­bers of the Ultra X com­munity. The Elite teams were com­piled of past and future com­pet­it­ors, physi­os, med­ics, and volun­teers. Armed with three vehicles, two track­ers, count­less cans of Red Bull and a dynam­ite atti­tude, the Ultra X Elites relayed through a 12 hour night (there will be just ~4 hours of dark­ness in June!) to travel across the width of Scot­land, from Helens­burgh to Dun­bar.

Check out how they got on and how YOU can win a free train­ing week­end in the Sierra Nevada Moun­tains below!  



Can you beat the elite?!

Now here’s the fun part. If the win­ning TRIBE Relay Across Scot­land by Ultra X Reg­u­lar and Ultra teams beat the Ultra X Elite course record times above in June, we will donate their entire entry fees to the TRIBE Free­dom Found­a­tion AND take all team mem­bers for a FREE train­ing week­end in the stun­ning Sierra Nevada Moun­tains with our part­ners, Athelysi­um.

NOTE — The Ultra X Elite teams were mixed crews, with an even num­ber of men and women. To be in with a chance, your team must also be mixed (at least 3 men and women for a Reg­u­lar team and at least 1 man and woman for an Ultra team).

If more than one team beats the above times (unlikely 😉), then the prize will go to the fast­est team in each cat­egory — i.e. only one Reg­u­lar and one Ultra team can win. Good luck! (Remem­ber, to be in with a shout you will have to register. Be quick, there are only a few places remain­ing!)

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