The Ultra X Sus­tain­ab­il­ity And Envir­on­ment­al Policy

Writ­ten By Sam Heward

Sam is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. If he’s not actu­ally out run­ning, chances are he’s busy writ­ing about it (or plot­ting Ultra X strategy!)

5 May 2020

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Ultra X was foun­ded with the cent­ral aim of want­ing to inspire pos­it­ive change in indi­vidu­als and groups. We know that through our sport we have the power to change lives. We want to be the mar­ket lead­er in the ultra mara­thon sec­tor, but more import­antly we want to deliv­er mem­or­able and enga­ging exper­i­ences in a man­ner that pos­it­ively impacts our com­munity, our part­ners, our host coun­tries, and the plan­et.

Dur­ing this strange time of forced isol­a­tion, vir­tu­al racing, and a change to the nor­mal way of doing busi­ness, we have been able to reflect on our pri­or­it­ies as a com­pany. As such, we are very excited to be launch­ing the Ultra X Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Policy this com­ing Monday.

We hope that being a respons­ible and envir­on­ment­ally centred organ­isa­tion becomes some­thing which is asso­ci­ated with our brand as we devel­op and grow.

To cel­eb­rate, we are going to be doing a little chal­lenge because, well, that is what we do, and we would love for you to get involved and chal­lenge your friends also. This Sat­urday (9th May) we are attempt­ing 24 hours without elec­tri­city, and we want you to join us! (If Sat­urday doesn’t work though, any­time over the week­end is cool ?).

Now we are not say­ing you should dis­con­nect your home from the grid for a full day (although feel free), rather that you and your fam­ily should try 24 hours without using elec­tri­city — check out some guidelines below.

Let’s look at some of the items you will need to live without dur­ing this “power­less” chal­lenge:

Lights: This is the most obvi­ous one. Make sure you have your candles at the ready.

Phone: You will not be able to use your land­line, so make sure your cell­phone is fully charged if you’re plan­ning to use it. Why not see if you can go a day without though?

Com­puter: For­get the desktop. If your laptop or iPad are charged, you can use them if you must, but no rechar­ging.

Tele­vi­sion: Nope, not even Tiger King.

Garmin: Yes, OK. But no char­ging!

Refri­ger­at­or: Noth­ing in the fridge can be con­sumed on this day. Take it from the pantry or why not go into full multi-stage mode and get some freeze dried food. Check out some of our favour­ites.

Dish­wash­er: You bet­ter have clean dishes ready for this day and get those gloves out.

Stove and Microwave: Again, no. You will have to fig­ure out anoth­er way to heat up your food if you feel the need to.

Wash­er and Dry­er: No sir. Surely you can sur­vive one day without clean clothes?!

Kit­chen Appli­ances: Hand whisk and wooden spoons only. Good luck with those smooth­ies.

Tread­mill: Sure. That is, if you’re on a manu­al one.

Hope­fully you get the gist! We’re encour­aging as many as pos­sible of you to get involved and chal­len­ging your friends and fam­ily to do the same. Tag away and use the hasht­ag #ultraX­goes­green

Register your interest below and we’ll send you some free social assets you can use as well as keep­ing you in the loop with all we’ve got com­ing up.

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