The Ultra X Sustainability And Environmental Policy

Written By Sam Heward

Sam is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. If he's not actually out running, chances are he's busy writing about it (or plotting Ultra X strategy!)

5 May 2020


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Ultra X was founded with the central aim of wanting to inspire positive change in individuals and groups. We know that through our sport we have the power to change lives. We want to be the market leader in the ultra marathon sector, but more importantly we want to deliver memorable and engaging experiences in a manner that positively impacts our community, our partners, our host countries, and the planet.

During this strange time of forced isolation, virtual racing, and a change to the normal way of doing business, we have been able to reflect on our priorities as a company. As such, we are very excited to be launching the Ultra X Sustainability Policy this coming Monday.

We hope that being a responsible and environmentally centred organisation becomes something which is associated with our brand as we develop and grow.

To celebrate, we are going to be doing a little challenge because, well, that is what we do, and we would love for you to get involved and challenge your friends also. This Saturday (9th May) we are attempting 24 hours without electricity, and we want you to join us! (If Saturday doesn’t work though, anytime over the weekend is cool ?).

Now we are not saying you should disconnect your home from the grid for a full day (although feel free), rather that you and your family should try 24 hours without using electricity – check out some guidelines below.

Male Runner in Jungle at Ultra X Sri Lanka

Let’s look at some of the items you will need to live without during this “powerless” challenge:

Lights: This is the most obvious one. Make sure you have your candles at the ready.

Phone: You will not be able to use your landline, so make sure your cellphone is fully charged if you’re planning to use it. Why not see if you can go a day without though?

Computer: Forget the desktop. If your laptop or iPad are charged, you can use them if you must, but no recharging.

Television: Nope, not even Tiger King.

Garmin: Yes, OK. But no charging!

Refrigerator: Nothing in the fridge can be consumed on this day. Take it from the pantry or why not go into full multi-stage mode and get some freeze-dried food. Check out some of our favourites.

Dishwasher: You better have clean dishes ready for this day and get those gloves out.

Stove and microwave: Again, no. You will have to figure out another way to heat up your food if you feel the need to.

Washer and dryer: No sir. Surely you can survive one day without clean clothes?!

Kitchen appliances: Hand whisk and wooden spoons only. Good luck with those smoothies.

Treadmill: Sure. That is, if you’re on a manual one.

Hopefully you get the gist! We’re encouraging as many as possible of you to get involved and challenging your friends and family to do the same. Tag away and use the hashtag #ultraXgoesgreen

Register your interest below and we’ll send you some free social assets you can use as well as keeping you in the loop with all we’ve got coming up.


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