Self Isol­a­tion For Dum­mies

Writ­ten By Jam­ie Sparks

Jam­ie is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. He enjoys ram­bling on about a vari­ety of top­ics; motor­bikes, cyc­ling, adven­ture, and, of course, ultra run­ning.

29 March 2020

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So, it’s the top­ic on every­one’s mind right now. What the hell am I going to do to stay sane dur­ing self-isol­a­tion?!

Well, here’s our guide to stay­ing fit and healthy both phys­ic­ally and, cru­cially, men­tally.

Poten­tially THE most import­ant part of isol­a­tion is ROUTINE. Without routine, the next few weeks are going to drag even more…

Right, let’s get star­ted!

A day in the life of a healthy self-isol­at­or

0630: Arise at the same time as you would do nor­mally! It’s not all bad, the morn­ings are get­ting bright­er and it’s import­ant to get out­side early.

0645: Train­ers on and out the door (or onto the bike) — try and exer­cise for longer than you might usu­ally, but at a lower intens­ity. This is not your only workout of the day!

0745: Shower and break­fast. It’s fairly com­mon prac­tice for people’s diet to regress if they are at home and sur­roun­ded by unhealthy food. So, avoid buy­ing snacks in the first place. Stick to a sim­il­ar diet to the one you usu­ally adhere to (assum­ing it’s a good one!)

0900: Work. No doubt your men­tal state will have altered slightly. How­ever, you still have a job to do. You may be amazed by the speed at which you can com­plete cer­tain tasks with no dis­trac­tions around.

1030: Sched­ule a Zoom/Skype call with an employ­ee. Human inter­ac­tion is cru­cial to hap­pi­ness. This is where one of the first beha­vi­our­al changes we recom­mend comes in. Make time to inter­act with oth­ers.

1100: Anoth­er hour of work.

Noon: train­ers on (or yoga), it’s time for workout num­ber two. Work­ing from home is excit­ing… for about the first morn­ing. Work­ing from home will mean you are prob­ably tak­ing far few­er steps and there­fore burn­ing less energy than you would nor­mally. You must keep your body stim­u­lated, which is why we recom­mend a second workout.

1300: Lunch. Remem­ber: healthy food.

1400: Back to work.

1530: Zoom/Skype call num­ber two with a col­league. Keep it work related but get that all-import­ant human inter­ac­tion in.

1730: Beha­vi­our­al change num­ber two. Get cook­ing! Yup, for many this is the last thing you would con­sider. How­ever, there may be no bet­ter time in your life (genu­inely) to try and com­mit some time to enhan­cing your culin­ary skills. Google any recipe that takes your fancy!

1830: Din­ner. Yup, cook­ing has likely taken you an hour (because you’re no good… yet!) so now it’s time to eat.

1900: Beha­vi­our­al change num­ber three. It’s show­time time. Par­don the pun, it’s lit­er­ally time to get stuck into some series, many of which were ori­gin­ally aired on the US chan­nel Show­time! For now though, get onto Net­flix. Avoid movies, you need a long multi-sea­son series.

2200: Get into bed and get read­ing. If you have a Kindle, you can down­load any book you like without leav­ing the bed­room.

2230: Good­night world.

Oth­er things to think about:

  • Med­it­a­tion
  • Clean­ing/re-fur­bish­ing a room or part of the flat/house
  • Chat­ting to your rel­at­ives or long-lost friends
  • Plan a road trip with your friends for the sum­mer and for the first time ever PLAN the hell out of it. Get Googling!

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