Self Isolation For Dummies

Written By Jamie Sparks

Jamie is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. He enjoys rambling on about a variety of topics; motorbikes, cycling, adventure, and, of course, ultra running.

29 March 2020


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So, it’s the topic on everyone’s mind right now. What the hell am I going to do to stay sane during self-isolation?!

Well, here’s our guide to staying fit and healthy both physically and, crucially, mentally.

Potentially THE most important part of isolation is ROUTINE. Without routine, the next few weeks are going to drag even more…

Right, let’s get started!

A day in the life of a healthy self-isolator

06:30: Arise at the same time as you would do normally! It’s not all bad, the mornings are getting brighter and it’s important to get outside early.

06:45: Trainers on and out the door (or onto the bike) — try and exercise for longer than you might usually, but at a lower intensity. This is not your only workout of the day!

07:45: Shower and breakfast. It’s fairly common practice for people’s diet to regress if they are at home and surrounded by unhealthy food. So, avoid buying snacks in the first place. Stick to a similar diet to the one you usually adhere to (assuming it’s a good one!)

09:00: Work. No doubt your mental state will have altered slightly. However, you still have a job to do. You may be amazed by the speed at which you can complete certain tasks with no distractions around.

10:30: Schedule a Zoom/Skype call with an employee. Human interaction is crucial to happiness. This is where one of the first behavioural changes we recommend comes in. Make time to interact with others.

11:00: Another hour of work.

Noon: trainers on (or yoga), it’s time for workout number two. Working from home is exciting… for about the first morning. Working from home will mean you are probably taking far fewer steps and therefore burning less energy than you would normally. You must keep your body stimulated, which is why we recommend a second workout.

13:00: Lunch. Remember: healthy food.

14:00: Back to work.

15:30: Zoom/Skype call number two with a colleague. Keep it work related but get that all-important human interaction in.

17:30: Behavioural change number two. Get cooking! Yup, for many this is the last thing you would consider. However, there may be no better time in your life (genuinely) to try and commit some time to enhancing your culinary skills. Google any recipe that takes your fancy!

18:30: Dinner. Yup, cooking has likely taken you an hour (because you’re no good… yet!) so now it’s time to eat.

19:00: Behavioural change number three. It’s showtime time. Pardon the pun, it’s literally time to get stuck into some series, many of which were originally aired on the US channel Showtime! For now though, get onto Netflix. Avoid movies, you need a long multi-season series.

22:00: Get into bed and get reading. If you have a Kindle, you can download any book you like without leaving the bedroom.

22:30: Goodnight world.

Other things to think about:

  • Meditation
  • Cleaning/re-furbishing a room or part of the flat/house
  • Chatting to your relatives or long-lost friends
  • Plan a road trip with your friends for the summer and for the first time ever PLAN the hell out of it. Get Googling!


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