Prepare For The Ultra X Virtual Race World Series With Twice The Health: Qualifier 3

Written By Twice The Health

Twice the Health are made up of Hannah and Emily, two running and adventure enthusiasts. Guided by 'Coach Brad', they find their thrills in big miles and great adventures.

27 May 2020


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In preparation for the third and final Ultra X Virtual Race World Series qualifier, we are once again teaming up with Hannah and Emily from Twice the Health, alongside their coach Brad Welch. Together, they make up the #RunStrong team, a running programme that incorporates run sessions and strength workouts to enable clients to run strong and race hard.

Have a look at the mobility and run-preparation exercises for Qualifier 3 below. The team have made a video to correspond with each workout so if you’re unsure of the different exercises, give the videos a watch.

Mobility 3

The aim of these mobility sequences is to loosen up the main problem areas specific to running. We’re keeping it pretty generalised so that you can use these sessions at any point during the day.

Brad encourages the girls to do them first thing, to wake up their bodies before a morning session but the main thing is to make them a part of your routine so whenever works for your body is just fine. Combining active end range movements and bodyweight patterns makes them accessible for everyone.

2 rounds
Seated ankle CARS x 15
Eccentric only calf raises x 10/10
Half kneeling active hip extension + shoulder flexion x 10/10
Supine leg sweep x 8/8
Seated t-spine rotation x 8/8
Bird dogs x 20

Run-Prep 3

These short-run prep sessions ensure you are ready to hit the road. They cover all aspects of ankle/hip and postural strength, working through end range positions with a twist on the small things that really do make a difference.

You wouldn’t jump straight into a heavy squat without some prep, and running is the same. Warm up right, run well. It’s only taken Brad three years to get the girls on board…

3 rounds
Ankle clocks x 5/5 (4 points is one rep)
Long lever sit backs + rotation x 10/10
Deficit reverse lunge + pull apart x 8/8
Pogo jumps x 20


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