Meet our ultra x jordan prize win­ners

Last month Ultra X partnered up with the Nation­al Run­ning Show, Inner­Fight, Tobi­as Mews and MyRaceKit to offer two lucky people the prize of a life­time — Ultra X entry to Jordan, train­ing and much more!

Three weeks ago a board was assembled con­sist­ing of Allie Bailey, Mimi Ander­son, Sam Heward and Mike Sea­man to select our win­ners and we are delighted to be able to announce that Han­nah and Max are up for the chal­lenge! Over the next few months we will be fol­low­ing their train­ing, post­ing updates about how they are get­ting along and the kit they are using.

Female Win­ner– Han­nah John­ston

Last year Han­nah read an art­icle about a thru-hike of Jordan being a hid­den treas­ure. With­in minutes she was sold on the idea and asked a friend if he’d like to join her. After hav­ing begun plan­ning her friend was tra­gic­ally killed in a recre­ation­al acci­dent. She will be run­ning Jordan in his memory.

She has always enjoyed being act­ive and being out­doors, but over the past sev­er­al years it’s truly become the found­a­tion of her life­style. Not that long ago she was stuck in a 9–5 job that she was­n’t pas­sion­ate about, and decided that life needed a shakeup so in 2017 launched Make it Dirt. Today Han­nah still works a “prop­er job” part-time and spends the rest of her hours in pur­suits that she is truly pas­sion­ate about — trav­el­ling, adven­ture, usu­ally in her Ford Trans­it van.

The past 6 months have been an incred­ibly tough time so Han­nah has been using exer­cise to help clear her head and get some fresh air, without any pres­sure to hit train­ing goals — lots of hik­ing, reg­u­lar yoga, and easy trail runs. Hav­ing nev­er attemp­ted a stage race she is look­ing for­ward to pre­par­ing for this new chal­lenge.

Male Win­ner– Max Tom­lin­son

Max is a qual­i­fied natur­o­path, nutri­tion­ist, homeo­path and med­ic­al herb­al­ist. He read about the Jordan race research­ing multi-day events like MDS, PTL and Trans­gran­ca­naria 360.

Max dis­covered run­ning at the age of 40, by his own words quite late. “I real­ised that I was drink­ing too much and work­ing too hard and needed to change some­thing”. Whilst train­ing for the 2 Oceans ultra mara­thon in Cape Town, he got a stress frac­ture in his femur. He has nev­er attemp­ted a multi-stage race and is look­ing for­ward to the huge chal­lenge ahead.

Max has a young son who suf­fers from cereb­ral palsy who he uses as his inspir­a­tion. “He is in a wheel­chair and this motiv­ates me to be a bet­ter ver­sion of myself each day”. Jasper asked Max to do this race for him and can­not believe he is able to take the oppor­tun­ity.



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