You’ve Completed a Marathon. What next?

Written By Sam Heward

Sam is one of the Ultra X Co-Founders. If he's not actually out running, chances are he's busy writing about it (or plotting Ultra X strategy!)

6 April 2024


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So you’ve completed your marathon, you might be thinking what’s next?

They say there are three reactions when you complete any endurance challenge like this.

1) You are done 2) You want to do it again and do it better or faster or 3) You want to do something bigger!

If you are looking to do something bigger here’s some thoughts


1) Give yourself time

Completing a marathon is a significant achievement that requires dedication, training, and mental fortitude. After such an accomplishment, it’s important to give yourself time to rest, recover, and reflect on your experience. Jumping into another major challenge too soon can lead to burnout or injury. Allow yourself a period of rest and relaxation before considering your next big endeavour. Use this time to celebrate your achievement, spend time with loved ones, and recharge both physically and mentally.

2) Choose something that excites you

When considering your next challenge after completing a marathon, it’s essential to choose something that excites and inspires you. Whether it’s another endurance event like an ultra-marathon, a different type of physical challenge such as a triathlon or cycling race, or even a

completely non-athletic pursuit like learning a new skill or embarking on a meaningful volunteer project, selecting something that ignites your passion will keep you motivated and engaged throughout the training process. Think about your interests, strengths, and goals, and choose a challenge that aligns with them.

3) Have confidence

Having completed a marathon you have already done something that about .17% of the population has done. Taking on a new challenge, especially one that may be bigger or more daunting than anything you’ve done before, requires confidence in yourself and your abilities. Trust in the training and preparation that you have already done, and know that you have what it takes to succeed in your next challenge. You’ve already proved it!

Remember that growth often occurs outside of your comfort zone, and facing new challenges with confidence can lead to personal growth and fulfilment.


Why should you consider an Ultra marathon?

Over 50% of our finishers at 220km events have never completed a marathon prior to signing up to the event. That fact that you have completed a marathon means that you should feel that you are capable of taking on one if you so wish!

By giving yourself time to recover, choosing a challenge that excites you, and approaching it with confidence, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle whatever comes next after completing the marathon. Whether you aim to surpass your previous achievements, explore new horizons, or push your limits even further, the journey towards your next big challenge will be as rewarding as the destination.


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