Ultra X 125 Azores


Ultra X 125 Azores


Ultra X 125 Azores








125 KM/2 DAYS




24–25 Apr 2021

As per cur­rent guidelines, we will be intro­du­cing a num­ber of pro­ced­ures to mit­ig­ate against the risk of Cov­id-19 trans­mis­sion and ensure our events are safe for par­ti­cipants, crew mem­bers, and the loc­al pop­u­la­tion. For more details, see our Cov­id-19 Trans­mis­sion Mit­ig­a­tion Policy.

ultra x 125 azores

Ultra X 125 Azores takes place on the island of São Miguel, nick­named “the Green Island”, one of nine vol­can­ic islands based out in the mid-Atlantic that form the Azores archipelago.

Gov­erned by Por­tugal, this wild and remote archipelago is char­ac­ter­ised by dra­mat­ic land­scapes, fish­ing vil­lages, moun­tain trails, lagoons, and lus­cious green pas­tures. Due to the mar­ine influ­ence, the cli­mate of the Azores is very mild for such a north­erly loc­a­tion and tem­per­at­ures remain around 20°C all year round.



Par­ti­cipants arrive into Pon­ta Del­gada air­port on Fri­day and trans­fer to their accom­mod­a­tion. Race wel­come, safety brief­ings, and man­dat­ory kit checks will take place at the race hotel in the centre of town from noon until mid­night.


The race starts at 05:00 on Sat­urday morn­ing and cov­ers 83km of spec­tac­u­lar moun­tain trails. Before the start­ing gun fires, run­ners will depos­it their race hold­all which will be avail­able when they reach camp that afternoon/evening.


The final stage of the race is 42km and begins at 09:00. Run­ners will again depos­it their race hold­all, which will be avail­able at the fin­ish line where prize giv­ing and cel­eb­ra­tions will take place. All com­pet­it­ors are then trans­ferred back to Pon­ta Del­gada.

Prize Money

The prize pot for Ultra X 125 Azores is £3,000 and will be split equally between genders. Prize money will be awar­ded to the over­all podi­um fin­ish­ers, indi­vidu­al stage win­ners, and the over­all mas­ters age cat­egory (50+) podi­um fin­ish­ers.


Over­all Podi­um (Men and Women)

1st — £550
2nd — £350
3rd — £150


Over­all Stage Win­ners (Men and Women)

Stage 1 Win­ner — £150 (long stage)
Stage 2 Win­ner — £100


Over­all Mas­ters 50+ (Men and Women)

1st — £100
2nd — £60
3rd — £40

Medal Rib­bons

All fin­ish­ers will receive a race medal. Dif­fer­ent medal rib­bons will be awar­ded based upon the fin­ish­ing times out­lined below.

As part of our Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Policy, the Green Rib­bon will be awar­ded to the com­pet­it­or that dis­plays the highest com­mit­ment to redu­cing their envir­on­ment­al impact both in pre­par­a­tion for and dur­ing the race (as determ­ined by the organ­isers).

Black Rib­bon

Under 14 hours

White Rib­bon

Under 16 hours

Blue Rib­bon

Over 16 hours

Green Rib­bon

Envir­on­ment­al award


1. Race entry

2. Accom­mod­a­tion dur­ing the race (5 Septem­ber)

3. Trans­fers from the fin­ish line to Pon­ta Del­gada

4. Med­ic­al staff on course and at camp­site

5. Drink­ing water at check­points on course and hot water
for pre­par­ing food at the camp­sites

6. Ground assist­ance and full safety sup­port

7. Digit­al cop­ies of all images from event pho­to­graph­er

8. Individual/team rank­ings and ITRA points

9. Finisher’s medal

not included:

1. Flights

2. Accom­mod­a­tion before or after the race (accom­mod­a­tion at the race hotel can be pur­chased as an add-on at check­out)

3. Per­son­al food, kit and equip­ment (see kit list below)

4. Com­pre­hens­ive insur­ance (to cov­er can­cel­la­tions, loss of items, injury etc)

5. Train­ing costs

6. Spend­ing money

7. Trans­port home for run­ners who are
dis­qual­i­fied or with­draw early

import­ant inform­a­tion

The liv­ing accom­mod­a­tion con­sists of tents shared by between 6 and 15 com­pet­it­ors. All par­ti­cipants must provide their own roll mats and sleep­ing bags.

This is NOT a self-sup­por­ted race. Run­ners only carry their daily nutri­tion and emer­gency kit. Race hold­alls are trans­por­ted by the organ­isers.


Com­pet­it­ors will need to provide their own food from Sat­urday 24th April to Sunday 25th April. Dehyd­rated or freeze dried food is recom­men­ded.

 Please see the Race Inform­a­tion Pack and Kit List below for com­pre­hens­ive details about the race.

Exper­i­ence The Azores

We under­stand that com­pet­it­ors may wish to travel to the Azores with fam­ily or friends. Should they wish to enjoy the islands while you race, we highly recom­mend vis­it­ing the fol­low­ing sights. Altern­at­ively, you can vis­it them togeth­er after the event.

If one of your party would like to volun­teer at the race while you take part, they can com­plete the Volun­teer Applic­a­tion Form and we will do our best to accom­mod­ate them.


The second largest Azores island is known for its 2,350m vol­cano, lava shores, and icon­ic land­scape of stone wall vine­yards.

Sete Cid­ades

One of the Sev­en Nat­ur­al Won­ders of Por­tugal, Sete Cid­ades is a twin lake situ­ated in the crater of a dormant vol­cano.

Whale Watch­ing

Sperm whales, com­mon dol­phins, and bot­tlen­ose dol­phins can be spot­ted in the Azores archipelago year-round.








What oth­ers say

“I nev­er even knew where the Azores was when I registered! Turns out it’s a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, 1,000 miles off the coast of Por­tugal. Moun­tains, coastal trails, vol­ca­noes, lagoons, beaches, canyons… I can­not wait to go to this place. It sounds like Jur­as­sic Park!
Seb Mould­ing


“‘The Azores’ sounds exot­ic and it turns out these islands are pretty remote! Hav­ing spent a week in the Azores already, I couldn’t recom­mend this area more highly for gnarly trails and var­ied land­scapes. Just two days into the weeklong trip I found myself book­ing onto Ultra X Azores, already know­ing I’d want more!”
Jod­ie Gauld


“The Azores race sounds amaz­ing. Hav­ing taken part in the Ultra X Mex­ico last year, I really liked the concept of a two day event and the dis­tance. The loc­a­tion was also a huge draw; the Azores being some­where you almost cer­tainly wouldn’t go to for any oth­er reas­on and the scenery looks unbe­liev­able. Not an oppor­tun­ity to be missed.”
Dom Stuckes