Ultra X 125 Azores

Ultra X 125 Azores

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20-21 MAY 2023

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ultra x 125 azores

Ultra X’s Azores 125k ultra marathon takes place on the island of São Miguel, nicknamed “the Green Island”, one of nine volcanic islands based out in the mid-Atlantic that form the Azores archipelago.

Governed by Portugal, this wild and remote archipelago is characterised by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, mountain trails, lagoons, and luscious green pastures. Due to the marine influence, the climate of the Azores is very mild for such a northern location and temperatures remain around 20°C all year round.

Ultra X 50 Azores (50km race) takes place on the second day (Sunday) of Ultra X 125 Azores.

If you’re looking for an ultramarathon training plan, you can download one here.

Interest free instalment plans

£15 per month

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(not including £100 deposit)



Participants arrive into Ponta Delgada airport on Friday and transfer to their accommodation. Race welcome and safety briefings will take place virtually and mandatory kit inspections will be conducted as spot checks throughout the weekend. Registration will take place at Baia dos Anjos in the harbour from 12:00-22:00.


The race starts at 07:15 on Saturday morning and covers 73km of spectacular mountain trails. Transport to the start line is available from Ponta Delgada departing at 06:00. Before the starting gun fires, runners will deposit their race holdall which will be available when they reach camp that afternoon/evening.


The final stage of the race is 55km and starts at 08:00. Runners will again deposit their race holdall, which will be available at the finish line. Post-race celebrations will take place at Baia dos Anjos in the harbour with prize giving at 19:00.

Medal Ribbons

All finishers will receive a race medal. Different medal ribbons will be awarded based upon the finishing times outlined below.

As part of our Sustainability Policy, the Green Ribbon will be awarded to the competitor that displays the highest commitment to reducing their environmental impact both in preparation for and during the race (as determined by the organisers).

Black Ribbon

Under 14 hours

White Ribbon

Under 16 hours

Blue Ribbon

Over 16 hours

Green Ribbon

Environmental award

route and gpx files


1. Race entry

2. Accommodation during the race (20 May)

3. Transfers to the start line from Ponta Delgada

4. Fully marked course

5. Medical staff on course and at the campsite

6. Osteopathy staff on course and at the campsite

7. Drinking water at checkpoints on course and hot water for preparing food at the campsite

8. Ground assistance and full safety support

9. Digital copies of all images from event photographer

10. UTMB® World Series Qualifier race (100M category)

11. Finisher’s medal

not included:

1. Flights

2. Accommodation before or after the race

3. Personal food, kit and equipment (see kit list below)

4. Comprehensive insurance (to cover cancellations, loss of items, injury etc)

5. Training costs

6. Spending money

7. Transport home for runners who are disqualified or withdraw early

Experience The Azores

We understand that competitors may wish to travel to the Azores with family or friends. Should they wish to enjoy the islands while you race, we highly recommend visiting the following sights. Alternatively, you can visit them together after the event.

If one of your party would like to volunteer at the race while you take part, they can complete the Volunteer Application Form and we will do our best to accommodate them.


The second largest Azores island is known for its 2,350m volcano, lava shores, and iconic landscape of stone wall vineyards.

Sete Cidades

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal, Sete Cidades is a twin lake situated in the crater of a dormant volcano.

Whale Watching

Sperm whales, common dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins can be spotted in the Azores archipelago year-round.

Ultra X 125 Azores Testimonials

“I never even knew where the Azores was when I registered! Turns out it’s a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, 1,000 miles off the coast of Portugal. Mountains, coastal trails, volcanoes, lagoons, beaches, canyons… I cannot wait to go to this place. It sounds like Jurassic Park!
Seb Moulding


“‘The Azores’ sounds exotic and it turns out these islands are pretty remote! Having spent a week in the Azores already, I couldn’t recommend this area more highly for gnarly trails and varied landscapes. Just two days into the weeklong trip I found myself booking onto Ultra X Azores, already knowing I’d want more!”
Jodie Gauld


“The Azores race sounds amazing. Having taken part in the Ultra X Mexico last year, I really liked the concept of a two day event and the distance. The location was also a huge draw; the Azores being somewhere you almost certainly wouldn’t go to for any other reason and the scenery looks unbelievable. Not an opportunity to be missed.”
Dom Stuckes


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