Strength And Con­di­tion­ing For Ultra Run­ners: Part Four

Writ­ten By Har­vey Law­ton

Founder of The Move­ment Blue­print, Har­vey is an exper­i­enced and well-respec­ted strength coach, spe­cial­ising in train­ing and cor­rect­ive exer­cise for those with endur­ance goals and those who want to ‘move bet­ter’.

10 August 2020

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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes

Har­vey Law­ton is a strength and con­di­tion­ing coach spe­cial­ising in train­ing for endur­ance ath­letes and is the founder of The Move­ment Blue­print, an estab­lished online train­ing plat­form offer­ing solu­tions to improve your per­form­ance from every angle.

Har­vey has put togeth­er a series of four workouts, which we will be shar­ing over the next four weeks. The focus of this four-part series is to provide you with the tools required to build the mobil­ity and strength that will in turn bene­fit your run­ning per­form­ance.

It’s import­ant to remem­ber that the time you spend away from training/the gym is also invalu­able to your pro­gress, so be sure to con­tin­ue with addi­tion­al mobil­ity work out­side of your ses­sions. This may be in the form of foam rolling, trig­ger point myofas­cial release work, or pass­ive mobil­ity routines whereby you can hold stat­ic stretches for around 90–120 seconds each. These are all tools that will help optim­ise your recov­ery.

Each week, Har­vey will be pro­gress­ing the ses­sion slightly, hop­ing that you will pro­gress too. He has also made videos to cor­res­pond with each exer­cise, so if you’re unsure, give the videos a watch.

Workout 4

The last workout in this four-part series is a strength and mobil­ity ses­sion that is ideal to com­plete in and around your train­ing — part 1 also serves as a great warm up before a run! The full workout has three com­pon­ents, with a con­di­tion­ing piece to fin­ish.

Part 1 explores joint health — focus­sing on the ankle, hip and trunk — to fully prep the body and prim­al joints for the ses­sion’s strength and sta­bil­ity com­pon­ents ahead.

5 x Ankle CARs R+L
5 x Hip CARs R+L
5 x Dead­bug with hold R+L

Com­plete 3 rounds of Part 1 with min­im­al rest.

Part 2 looks to express strength with vari­ations of ‘nor­mal’ move­ment pat­terns, designed spe­cific­ally for ultra run­ners by offer­ing great­er mobil­ity, volume and sta­bil­ity bias to each move­ment.

6 x Single leg RDL — high knee drive R+L
6 x Long base split squat R+L
6 x Side plank + leg raise R+L

Com­plete 3 rounds of Part 2 with min­im­al rest.

Part 3 looks to train fur­ther broken down ver­sions of key pat­terns, adding both vari­ety and great­er stim­u­lus to the body. We want to ensure that our time spent ‘train­ing’ for our chosen dis­cip­line trans­fers as seam­lessly as pos­sible.

PART 3: 
6 x Prone Y raise
8 x Slow moun­tain climber
6 x Act­ive raised heel squat (regres­sion: split stance)Com­plete 2 rounds of Part 3 with min­im­al rest.

Part 4, the final con­di­tion­ing seg­ment or ‘fin­ish­er’, focuses on adding more intens­ity and volume.

20s x Tempo single leg RDL — high knee R+L
6 x Eccent­ric press up

Com­plete 3 rounds of Part 4 with min­im­al rest.


Check out the full video by click­ing on the image below.

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