Strength And Conditioning For Ultra Runners: Part Four

Written By Harvey Lawton

Founder of The Movement Blueprint, Harvey is an experienced and well-respected strength coach, specialising in training and corrective exercise for those with endurance goals and those who want to 'move better'.

10 August 2020


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Harvey Lawton is a strength and conditioning coach specialising in training for endurance athletes and is the founder of The Movement Blueprint, an established online training platform offering solutions to improve your performance from every angle.

Harvey has put together a series of four workouts, which we will be sharing over the next four weeks. The focus of this four-part series is to provide you with the tools required to build the mobility and strength that will in turn benefit your running performance.

It’s important to remember that the time you spend away from training/the gym is also invaluable to your progress, so be sure to continue with additional mobility work outside of your sessions. This may be in the form of foam rolling, trigger point myofascial release work, or passive mobility routines whereby you can hold static stretches for around 90-120 seconds each. These are all tools that will help optimise your recovery.

Each week, Harvey will be progressing the session slightly, hoping that you will progress too. He has also made videos to correspond with each exercise, so if you’re unsure, give the videos a watch.

Workout 4

The last workout in this four-part series is a strength and mobility session that is ideal to complete in and around your training – part 1 also serves as a great warm up before a run! The full workout has three components, with a conditioning piece to finish.

Part 1 explores joint health – focussing on the ankle, hip and trunk – to fully prep the body and primal joints for the session’s strength and stability components ahead.

Part 1:
5 x Ankle CARs R+L
5 x Hip CARs R+L
5 x Deadbug with hold R+L

Complete 3 rounds of Part 1 with minimal rest.

Part 2 looks to express strength with variations of ‘normal’ movement patterns, designed specifically for ultra runners by offering greater mobility, volume and stability bias to each movement.

Part 2:
6 x Single leg RDL – high knee drive R+L
6 x Long base split squat R+L
6 x Side plank + leg raise R+L

Complete 3 rounds of Part 2 with minimal rest.

Part 3 looks to train further broken down versions of key patterns, adding both variety and greater stimulus to the body. We want to ensure that our time spent ‘training’ for our chosen discipline transfers as seamlessly as possible.

Part 3: 
6 x Prone Y raise
8 x Slow mountain climber
6 x Active raised heel squat (regression: split stance)Complete 2 rounds of Part 3 with minimal rest.

Part 4, the final conditioning segment or ‘finisher’, focuses on adding more intensity and volume.

Part 4:
20s x Tempo single leg RDL – high knee R+L
6 x Eccentric press up

Complete 3 rounds of Part 4 with minimal rest.

Check out the full video by clicking on the image below.


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