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Choose us, this is why:

We offer the best value races on earth:

There’s nothing secret about it. Ultra X races are at least half the price of most other brands in the sector. Don’t let that make you think that we compromise on quality, though. If you are after value for money, look no further.

We have an industry leading Sustainability Policy:

Our events bring people to untouched parts of the world. In March 2020, we took the ambitious decision to become carbon neutral and by 2023 we will be carbon negative. To read about this policy, please see here.

Our dynamic Pro Team:

We’re supported and endorsed by some of the biggest names in ultramarathon running. What’s more, these individuals share our beliefs and values. Check out our Pro Team page here.

Our Support Network:

From the moment you register for an Ultra X, to the second you cross the finish line, we will support and encourage you through the entire process. To read about how we will do this, please see here.

The World Championships:

The Ultra X World Championships is the pinnacle of multi-stage ultramarathon racing and features a full line-up of some of the biggest names in the sport. Participants can qualify for the World Champs by gaining points in other Ultra X races. Read about the World Champs here.

We have a loyal and fast growing community:

We are a family at Ultra X and we’re a fast growing one, too! To us, you are not just a customer, you’re a friend and someone who we love to share these amazing experiences with.

We have a strong and extensive Diversity Policy:

Being inclusive and encouraging diversity is one of our founding values. We strongly believe in equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, or social standing. We are a brand for all, not for a few. To read about this policy, please see here.

Ultra X aims to be the first multi-stage ultramarathon series of its kind.

Formed from the Wadi Rum Ultra in Jordan, Ultra X was created by Jamie Sparks and Sam Heward with the aim of making multi-day racing accessible to all.

Our values


Our events bring people to untouched parts of the world. In May 2020, we became a carbon neutral company and we will be carbon negative by 2023.

Customer First

We understand our community’s variety of needs. We tailor our events to provide the highest quality experience from start to finish.


We offer the best value races on the planet and actively encourage diversity in ultramarathon trail running with everything that we do.


We are always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in multi-day trail events, exploring new locations and offering unique experiences.

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