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the ultra x world championships 2024

ultra x world championships

To qualify for the 2024 World Championships you will need 10 points gained from Ultra X races.

5 stage race = 5 points

2 stage race = 3 points

100km race = 2 points

50km race = 1 point

No points are awarded for non ultra-distance races. E.g Spring Trail Series Half Marathon event.

A podium finish within an age category = points multiplier x 3. E.G If you come 2nd in your age category at Ultra X 125 Azores you will have earned 9 points (3 points x 3). This will leave you 1 point short of WC qualification.

Black ribbon finishers = points multiplier x 3 (this cannot be used in conjunction with a podium finish).

Green ribbon finishers = points multiplier *2 (this cannot be used in conjunction with a podium finish)

Every World Championship cycle you will lose 50% of your points.

First placed competitors within their category will have 30 days to enter the World Championships after their race. If not claimed within the 30 days, the place will roll down until it is claimed.

Other ways to qualify:

Elite Entry: There are 100 places available for elite athletes with a minimum ITRA Performance Index of 600 for Women and 725 for Men

Qualifying at Ultra X Races: Anyone that has qualified for the World Championships through exceptional performance at other Ultra X races is eligible for entry.

Ultra X Allegiant Scheme: Anyone that has completed two or more Ultra X events in the two years preceding the World Championships is eligible for entry.

Charity Places: There are 20 charity places available to those who commit to raise funds for a registered charity. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. There is no minimum figure to be raised.

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