Meredith June Edwards


Facts & Stats


🇺🇸 United States


12 August 1984


Pennsylvania, PA




Course Record Tushars 100k
ELT (Ushuaia by UTMB)
2nd Oman by UTMB


You’d be hard pushed to find a multi-disciplined, all-season athlete as talented as Meredith June Edwards. When she isn’t running or scrambling up mountains, she’s skiing down them, and her all-round approach to endurance sports has led to successful careers as both a World Championship ski mountaineer and a professional ultra runner.

Meredith June, popularly known as Mere June (or “Night Mere” to her friends), was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. She began developing her all-round athleticism from a very young age, playing 10 different sports whilst growing up. A mountain lover from the beginning, Meredith started skiing and downhill racing around five years old and went for her first run when she was 12.

Sport wasn’t always just fun and competition for Meredith, though. In her youth, she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was constantly worried as a child. Running around her family’s 30-acre property became her release.

Channelling her angst into physical activity paid dividends for her fitness and Meredith went on to become a distance runner at the University of Louisville. A few years later, she returned to the slopes and made the US Ski Mountaineering Team, eventually competing in two World Championships and racing one year on the World Cup circuit.

Meredith’s big break as an ultra runner came in 2016, when she placed second at TDS. She has since become the first athlete to compete not only in UTMB, CCC, and TDS, but also all of the UTMB international events. Running has taken Meredith all over the world, and her travels, alongside her partner and fellow Ultra X Pro Athlete, Jason Schlarb, have been featured in the film series Run Around the World.

Meredith describes herself as a hair enthusiast and kombucha brewing hippie and when she isn’t running or skiing, she works as a residential counsellor for kids with disabilities. Meredith lives in Durango, Colorado with Jason and her dog, Sneffels.


Next Ultra X Event

Ultra X World Championships

5-13 June 2021

“I’m so excited to take my ultra running journey into stage racing around the world. Ultra X are known for their amazing ability to host beautiful races, bring like-minded trail runners together, organize events set-up for success, and fully immerse participants in exotic culture.”

Meredith June Edwards


Latest News

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If you heard our last episode with Meredith Edwards, you know that she lives for the mountains. Whether it’s running, scrambling or skiing, Meredith travels the world looking for the biggest peaks.

Meredith June Edwards: Elite Athlete Interview

I Run 4 Ultra, January 2019

Meredith June Edwards, Mere June, or Night Mere, as she says her friends like to call her, is an elite trail and ultra runner and ski mountaineer. She is from Jackson, Wyoming and says Wyoming is exactly where she wants to be in the world.

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Trail Runner Mag, March 2018

Jason Schlarb and Meredith Edwards travel through western China discovering a burgeoning trail running culture and run the Mount Siguniang Ultra.

This Is Why I Run - Meredith Edwards

Jaybird, October 2017

My name is Meredith June Edwards and I am a mountain endurance athlete based in Jackson, Wyoming.Aside from being a professional athlete, I’ve spent the last 9 years working as a residential counselor for kids with disabilities.

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