Meredith June Edwards


Facts & Stats


🇺🇸 United States


12 August 1984


Pennsylvania, PA




Course Record Tush­ars 100k
ELT (Ushuaia by UTMB)
2nd Oman by UTMB


You’d be hard pushed to find a multi-dis­cip­lined, all-sea­son ath­lete as tal­en­ted as Meredith June Edwards. When she isn’t run­ning or scram­bling up moun­tains, she’s ski­ing down them, and her all-round approach to endur­ance sports has led to suc­cess­ful careers as both a World Cham­pi­on­ship ski moun­tain­eer and a pro­fes­sion­al ultra run­ner.

Meredith June, pop­ularly known as Mere June (or “Night Mere” to her friends), was born and raised in north­east­ern Pennsylvania. She began devel­op­ing her all-round ath­leti­cism from a very young age, play­ing 10 dif­fer­ent sports whilst grow­ing up. A moun­tain lov­er from the begin­ning, Meredith star­ted ski­ing and down­hill racing around five years old and went for her first run when she was 12.

Sport wasn’t always just fun and com­pet­i­tion for Meredith, though. In her youth, she suffered from Post-Trau­mat­ic Stress Dis­order (PTSD) and was con­stantly wor­ried as a child. Run­ning around her family’s 30-acre prop­erty became her release.

Chan­nel­ling her angst into phys­ic­al activ­ity paid dividends for her fit­ness and Meredith went on to become a dis­tance run­ner at the Uni­ver­sity of Louis­ville. A few years later, she returned to the slopes and made the US Ski Moun­tain­eer­ing Team, even­tu­ally com­pet­ing in two World Cham­pi­on­ships and racing one year on the World Cup cir­cuit.

Meredith’s big break as an ultra run­ner came in 2016, when she placed second at TDS. She has since become the first ath­lete to com­pete not only in UTMB, CCC, and TDS, but also all of the UTMB inter­na­tion­al events. Run­ning has taken Meredith all over the world, and her travels, along­side her part­ner and fel­low Ultra X Pro Ath­lete, Jason Sch­larb, have been fea­tured in the film series Run Around the World.

Meredith describes her­self as a hair enthu­si­ast and kom­bucha brew­ing hip­pie and when she isn’t run­ning or ski­ing, she works as a res­id­en­tial coun­sel­lor for kids with dis­ab­il­it­ies. Meredith lives in Dur­ango, Col­or­ado with Jason and her dog, a “Chug” (chihuahua/pug cross) called Moe.


Next Ultra X Event

Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships

5–13 June 2021

I’m so excited to take my ultra run­ning jour­ney into stage racing around the world. Ultra X are known for their amaz­ing abil­ity to host beau­ti­ful races, bring like-minded trail run­ners togeth­er, organ­ize events set-up for suc­cess, and fully immerse par­ti­cipants in exot­ic cul­ture.”

Meredith June Edwards


Latest News

Meredith June Edwards | She’s back and stronger than ever.

Ultra Run­ner Pod­cast, April 2020

If you heard our last epis­ode with Meredith Edwards, you know that she lives for the moun­tains. Wheth­er it’s run­ning, scram­bling or ski­ing, Meredith travels the world look­ing for the biggest peaks.

Meredith June Edwards: Elite Ath­lete Inter­view

I Run 4 Ultra, Janu­ary 2019

Meredith June Edwards, Mere June, or Night Mere, as she says her friends like to call her, is an elite trail and ultra run­ner and ski moun­tain­eer. She is from Jack­son, Wyom­ing and says Wyom­ing is exactly where she wants to be in the world.

Watch Jason Sch­larb and Meredith Edwards Run the World’s Highest Ultra in China

Trail Run­ner Mag, March 2018

Jason Sch­larb and Meredith Edwards travel through west­ern China dis­cov­er­ing a bur­geon­ing trail run­ning cul­ture and run the Mount Siguni­ang Ultra.

This Is Why I Run — Meredith Edwards

Jay­bird, Octo­ber 2017

My name is Meredith June Edwards and I am a moun­tain endur­ance ath­lete based in Jack­son, Wyoming.Aside from being a pro­fes­sion­al ath­lete, I’ve spent the last 9 years work­ing as a res­id­en­tial coun­selor for kids with dis­ab­il­it­ies.

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