Jason Schlarb


Facts & Stats


🇺🇸 United States


3 May 1978


Phoenix, AZ




1st Oman by UTMB
1st Hardrock 100
2nd Ultra X Mexico
Course Record Run Rabbit Run


Champion ultra runner Jason Schlarb is one of the best known names in the business. He’s been paving the way for American ultra runners for many years and has racked up an impressive racing resume, including wins at the iconic US events, Hardrock 100 and Run Rabbit Run. He’s also one of the few Americans to record a top five finish at UTMB.

Growing up, Jason lived in several states, including Colorado, Texas, and Oregon and was a competitive football (soccer) player for most of his youth. He joined the cross country team as a high school senior and, despite making the switch to running relatively late in the game, quickly qualified for a Division I cross country team and went on to earn a track scholarship to Montana State University. 

However, instead of pursuing a career in running, Jason decided to join the US Air Force after college. He credits his 10 year military career, during which time he was deployed to Iraq and reached the rank of Major, for helping him develop the mental toughness and positive mindset that play a significant role in his success as an ultra runner today.

Jason’s motivation for leaving the military was a desire for freedom and to live in the mountains. He chose Colorado, and after years of focusing exclusively on road races, such as 10k’s and marathons, he transitioned to trail running and found his true calling.

In a short time, Jason has become one of the most well-known ultra runners in the world. His best results include three wins (including a still-standing course record) at Run Rabbit Run, a 2016 Hardrock 100 win (which he shared with ultra running legend Kilian Jornet, having raced side by side for nearly 100 miles), a second place finish at Ultra X Mexico (behind Tarahumara runner Miguel Lara, whom Jason describes as “the very best”), and a top American (fourth place) finish at UTMB.

When he isn’t racing, Jason travels the world in pursuit of the greatest running trails to create engaging, authentic movies through his film company, Schlarb-Wolf Productions. He lives in Durango, Colorado with his 7-year-old son, Felix, and his girlfriend and fellow Ultra X Pro Athlete, Meredith June Edwards.


Next Ultra X Event

Ultra X World Championships

 4-12 June 2022

“In Mexico, Ultra X created a way we could completely immerse ourselves into the canyon, the villages, people, and competition. They did a great job setting an amazing point to point course, picking beautiful campsites, aid stations, and providing world class medical support, including priceless free daily ortho/body work. I was really impressed and I’m stoked to join the Pro Team.”

Jason Schlarb

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