Jason Sch­larb


Facts & Stats


🇺🇸 United States


3 May 1978


Phoenix, AZ




1st Oman by UTMB
1st Hardrock 100
2nd Ultra X Mex­ico
Course Record Run Rab­bit Run


Cham­pi­on ultra run­ner Jason Sch­larb is one of the best known names in the busi­ness. He’s been pav­ing the way for Amer­ic­an ultra run­ners for many years and has racked up an impress­ive racing resume, includ­ing wins at the icon­ic US events, Hardrock 100 and Run Rab­bit Run. He’s also one of the few Amer­ic­ans to record a top five fin­ish at UTMB.

Grow­ing up, Jason lived in sev­er­al states, includ­ing Col­or­ado, Texas, and Ore­gon and was a com­pet­it­ive foot­ball (soc­cer) play­er for most of his youth. He joined the cross coun­try team as a high school seni­or and, des­pite mak­ing the switch to run­ning rel­at­ively late in the game, quickly qual­i­fied for a Divi­sion I cross coun­try team and went on to earn a track schol­ar­ship to Montana State Uni­ver­sity. 

How­ever, instead of pur­su­ing a career in run­ning, Jason decided to join the US Air Force after col­lege. He cred­its his 10 year mil­it­ary career, dur­ing which time he was deployed to Iraq and reached the rank of Major, for help­ing him devel­op the men­tal tough­ness and pos­it­ive mind­set that play a sig­ni­fic­ant role in his suc­cess as an ultra run­ner today.

Jason’s motiv­a­tion for leav­ing the mil­it­ary was a desire for free­dom and to live in the moun­tains. He chose Col­or­ado, and after years of focus­ing exclus­ively on road races, such as 10k’s and mara­thons, he transitioned to trail run­ning and found his true call­ing.

In a short time, Jason has become one of the most well-known ultra run­ners in the world. His best res­ults include three wins (includ­ing a still-stand­ing course record) at Run Rab­bit Run, a 2016 Hardrock 100 win (which he shared with ultra run­ning legend Kili­an Jor­net, hav­ing raced side by side for nearly 100 miles), a second place fin­ish at Ultra X Mex­ico (behind Tarahu­mara run­ner Miguel Lara, whom Jason describes as “the very best”), and a top Amer­ic­an (fourth place) fin­ish at UTMB.

When he isn’t racing, Jason travels the world in pur­suit of the greatest run­ning trails to cre­ate enga­ging, authen­t­ic movies through his film com­pany, Sch­larb-Wolf Pro­duc­tions. He lives in Dur­ango, Col­or­ado with his 7-year-old son, Felix, and his girl­friend and fel­low Ultra X Pro Ath­lete, Meredith June Edwards.


Next Ultra X Event

Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships

5–13 June 2021

“In Mex­ico, Ultra X cre­ated a way we could com­pletely immerse ourselves into the canyon, the vil­lages, people, and com­pet­i­tion. They did a great job set­ting an amaz­ing point to point course, pick­ing beau­ti­ful camp­sites, aid sta­tions, and provid­ing world class med­ic­al sup­port, includ­ing price­less free daily ortho/body work. I was really impressed and I’m stoked to join the Pro Team.”

Jason Sch­larb


Latest News

Jason Sch­larb — ‘As Hard as A Rock!’

I Run 4 Ultra, Feb­ru­ary 2019

A broad smile, tanned face, and that clas­sic 80’s ‘mul­let’ con­firms (if I had any ques­tion) that I am shar­ing a table with Jason Sch­larb. We are on our second ‘Imper­i­al’ and the Costa Ric­an sun is beat­ing down on us.

The ultra-motiv­ated Hardrock champ, Iraq vet and adven­turer dis­cusses the sources of his inspir­a­tion.

Blue Ridge Out­doors, Janu­ary 2019

Cham­pi­on ultra-run­ner, Jason Sch­larb has racked up an impress­ive resume, includ­ing a Hardrock 100 win, three Run Rab­bit Run 100 wins and a top Amer­ic­an fin­ish at UTMB.

Watch Jason Sch­larb and Meredith Edwards Run the World’s Highest Ultra in China

Trail Run­ner Mag, March 2018

Jason Sch­larb and Meredith Edwards travel through west­ern China dis­cov­er­ing a bur­geon­ing trail run­ning cul­ture and run the Mount Siguni­ang Ultra.

Jor­net, Sch­larb Call it a Draw at Hardrock, Becom­ing Co-Cham­pi­ons

Trail Run­ner Mag, July 2016

Before day­break in Sil­ver­ton, Col­or­ado, today, Kili­an Jor­net and Jason Sch­larb turned the last corner of the Hardrock 100 course, joined hands and sim­ul­tan­eously kissed the icon­ic painted rock that marks the fin­ish line.

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