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🇦🇺 Aus­tralia


29 Decem­ber 1994






1st Fire and Ice Ultra
2nd Grand to Grand Ultra
3rd Alps 2 Ocean Ultra
3rd The Last Desert (Ant­arc­tica)


There are few people in the world who will accom­plish or exper­i­ence as much in their entire lives as Aus­trali­an ultra run­ner Jac­qui Bell has in her first 25 years. From bat­tling addic­tion to break­ing world records, Jac­qui knows what it takes to go from rock bot­tom to the top of her game.

Jac­qui grew up in Bris­bane, Aus­tralia and dis­covered her pas­sion for run­ning some­what by acci­dent. A prom­ising juni­or ten­nis play­er, Jacqui’s “on-court pas­sion” (read: tan­trums and rac­quet throw­ing), would often prompt her fath­er to leave her at the ten­nis court facing a 7km run home. It was dur­ing these pun­ish­ments that Jac­qui real­ised she quite enjoyed run­ning.

At 19, Jac­qui signed up for her first 50km race — not even know­ing this qual­i­fied as an ultramara­thon. After fin­ish­ing third and rid­ing high for a week after, she decided to enter more races, includ­ing 100km hikes and road mara­thons. How­ever, her route to star­dom was far from plain sail­ing.

In 2016, Jac­qui was left hos­pit­al­ised with a num­ber of broken bones after a series of sports-related incid­ents. Dur­ing her recov­ery, she became addicted to pre­scrip­tion paink­illers and her men­tal health began to suf­fer. In a bid to clean up, Jac­qui moved to Bali to become a yoga teach­er, but found her­self in hos­pit­al once more after fall­ing vic­tim to a viol­ent rob­bery, which left her with 200 stitches and in excess of $30,000 in med­ic­al fees.

For Jac­qui, this was a real wake-up call. To avoid becom­ing immersed in self-pity and fall­ing back into old pat­terns, she began research­ing ultra mara­thons and soon dis­covered her true pas­sion: multi-day events. In little over a year, Jac­qui com­peted in four 250km self-sup­por­ted races across scorch­ing deserts and freez­ing ice and, in 2018, became the Young­est Per­son in the World to run an ultra mara­thon on all sev­en con­tin­ents.

The sim­pli­city of life dur­ing multi-stage events is what appeals most to Jac­qui (per­haps no sur­prise, con­sid­er­ing what she’s been through) and she loves being dis­con­nec­ted for the week, totally immersed in the race. Out­side of run­ning, Jac­qui is also a pro­fes­sion­al speak­er on a mis­sion to inspire, edu­cate, and activ­ate a deep­er sense of pur­pose in tomorrow’s lead­ers.


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Ultra X Sri Lanka

20–27 March 2021

Run­ning can be quite a solo sport. Yes, the com­munity is like no oth­er, but to be a part of an actu­al team and have sup­port from Ultra X in all of my endeav­ours is some­thing really spe­cial. Ultra X are push­ing the bound­ar­ies of multi-stage racing and I am excited to be a part of it. I look for­ward to grow­ing as an ath­lete along­side them.”

Jac­qui Bell


Latest News

Inter­view With Ultra Run­ner: Jac­qui Bell

myRaceKit, June 2020

In 2020, Jac­qui became the young­est per­son to run a multi-stage ultra on every con­tin­ent in the world. We sat down for, a socially dis­tanced, inter­view to find out more about Jac­qui and how she star­ted her run­ning career.

Why ultra mara­thon endur­ance ath­lete Jac­qui Bell keeps run­ning

Daily Tele­graph, Janu­ary 2020

For most of us, the word “mara­thon” isn’t usu­ally the kind of thing that needs the word “ultra” in front of it. But for 24-year-old endur­ance ath­lete Jac­qui Bell, that’s merely a warm up.

How Jac­qui Bell Went From Rock Bot­tom To Racing In Ultra Mara­thons

Women’s Health, Novem­ber 2019

Google ‘ser­i­ously impress­ive ath­letes,’ and you’re bound to come across Jac­qui Bell’s name. The 24-year-old is the young­est per­son in the world to com­plete ultra-mara­thons on all sev­en con­tin­ents.

Jac­qui Bell conquered her per­son­al demons by tak­ing up ultramara­thons — now she’s about to make his­tory

ABC News, Septem­ber 2019

Ima­gine run­ning almost 2,000 kilo­metres. For most, it might sound like a form of tor­ture. Not so for ultramara­thon run­ner Jac­qui Bell, espe­cially when you con­sider what she’s already been through

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