the august #monthofmiles

We love com­munity chal­lenges.

We had over a thou­sand of you take on one or more of our vir­tu­al races in the spring.

It’s time to go big­ger and bolder, and as such wel­come to the August #monthofmiles

We are chal­len­ging you to cov­er 125km, 250km or 500km in the month of August! We think with those dis­tances, there is some­thing for EVERYONE.

What is the Ultra X August #MonthOfMiles?

Unpre­ced­en­ted times call for unpre­ced­en­ted meas­ures. As the world begins to open up we are pre­par­ing for a colossal 2021. As we pre­pare for racing to come back we are doing one last vir­tu­al chal­lenge!

The Ultra X August month of miles is a vir­tu­al event which takes place over 31 days start­ing at 0000 on Sat­urday August the 1st 2020 and fin­ish­ing at 2359 on Monday the 31st 2020.

Any­one can take part: young or old, wherever you are (provid­ing you’re fol­low­ing the cur­rent Cov­id-19 guid­ance in your coun­try). 

You have a month to aim for the fol­low­ing tar­gets — cov­er­ing 125km (“The Half”), 250km (“The Full”) or 500km (“The Double”). And yes don’t worry we allow tread­mill entries!

We will send all registered com­pet­it­ors a link where they will be able to sub­mit their miles, before the 31st July.

The res­ults will be set out by dis­tance achieved, and by cat­egory. Cat­egor­ies include gender and age groups. How­ever, the primary object­ive is to com­plete the chal­lenge you set for your­self and to engage with your friends, fam­ily and the Ultra X com­munity by shar­ing your jour­ney along the way.

Social dis­tan­cing does not mean you are alone and self-isol­a­tion does not mean that you can­not train. The month of miles allows run­ners from all over the world to come togeth­er and con­nect.

Bey­ond the res­ults this is all about com­munity engage­ment. We want you to share your runs/hikes and jour­neys to your own fin­ish line via any and all chan­nels. You can tag us on Face­book, Twit­ter or Ins­tagram at @ultraxco.

Register online and tune in to our social feeds to fol­low.

How do I register?


To take part you must first register online.

Any­one who is above the age of 16 on the 1st of August 2020 can pay to enter

Entry is £15.

Upon regis­tra­tion you will have the option to pur­chase a medal, or donate to have a tree planted in your name.

Regis­tra­tions are open until the 15th of August 2020.

When you sign up you will need to include a ship­ping address. We will then post out your medal to you with­in a fort­night of the end of the event.

Over the month

Vir­tu­al run­ning works the same as any oth­er type of run­ning but the dif­fer­ence is that the dis­tance can be run in any loc­a­tion, at any pace, inside or on a tread­mill.

Once you have entered, the rest is up to you.

Join our Strava Club here.

When does the chal­lenge take place?

The chal­lenge takes place over the month of August. Com­pet­it­ors may start at 0000 BST on the 1st August and fin­ish before 2359 on the 31st.

What do I get?
  • Per­son­al social media assets sent across before the begin­ning of the chal­lenge
  • A bespoke medal sent to you in the post once you com­plete your event — this will be a wooden medal and will come with a rib­bon dis­play­ing your fin­ish level.
  • If you do not wish to have a medal pos­ted, you have the option to plant a tree instead in South­ern Carpath­ia, cour­tesy of our part­ners Mossy Earth. Each indi­vidu­al who chooses this option will receive the tree pho­tos and GPS coordin­ates. See fur­ther inform­a­tion below with­in “Do I have to get a medal?” sec­tion.
Do I have to get a medal?

No. They are pretty awe­some — expect Ultra X cus­tom brand­ing on the wooden medals. HOWEVER, for this event we have teamed up with Mossy Earth to offer you the chance to con­trib­ute to some of the amaz­ing refor­est­a­tion work that they are doing in Romania’s Carpath­i­an Moun­tains.

Romania’s Carpath­i­an Moun­tains are home to some of Europe’s last remain­ing truly wild forests and the largest pop­u­la­tion of bears, wolves and lynx. Sadly, this eco­sys­tem hangs in the bal­ance due to years of illeg­al log­ging. Our goal is to restore the bar­ren clear cuts that threaten these forests.

Refor­est­a­tion remains among the most effect­ive strategies for cli­mate change mit­ig­a­tion and as part of our sus­tain­ab­il­ity policy we con­trib­ute to Mossy Earth to off­set our com­pan­ies emmis­sions. Find more about it here.

We plant Spruce (Picea abies), moun­tain elm (Ulmus glabra), maple (Acer sp.) and European beech (Fagus slyvat­ica).

For more details you can use our pro­ject page here.
Each indi­vidu­al who chooses this option will receive the tree pho­tos and GPS coordin­ates. 
When does regis­tra­tion close?

Regis­tra­tion closes on the 15th August (although we would recom­mend start­ing before).

How do I sub­mit my res­ult?

Once registered com­pet­it­ors will be sent details on how to record their miles before the 31st July 2020 via email.

All run­ners who reach their dis­tance tar­get with­in the 30 days will be sent a very spe­cial and unique medal along with some post run good­ies from our event part­ners!

When will I receive my mer­chand­ise?

Great decision! You’ve chosen to grab some lim­ited edi­tion Month of Miles stash.

We will be send­ing this out at the end of the chal­lenge (just like any oth­er race). This will be the same for t-shirts and medals.

How do I con­tact the Ultra X team?

That’s easy! We keep an eye on our inboxes at all times and guar­an­tee to respond to quer­ies with­in 24 hours. Please get in touch or email

We love hear­ing from you, but please do make sure you’ve read this page thor­oughly before get­ting in touch!