ultra x cov­id-19 new regis­tra­tion policy

New regis­tra­tion policy for Ultra X events.

We under­stand that giv­en the cur­rent travel cli­mate, people are going to be appre­hens­ive about regis­ter­ing for races in case the event gets can­celled and they lose money. We are there­fore excited to announce a new policy at Ultra X.

As of 19th March 2020, any new entrant to an Ultra X event will be offered a full refund (depos­it and remain­ing bal­ance) if the race gets can­celled or post­poned due to Coronavir­us.

Fur­ther­more, if you are loc­ated in a coun­try where travel com­plic­a­tions due to Coronavir­us would make it impossible for you to get to the start line (eg there are travel bans on your nation­al­ity), you can request a refund right up until one week before the race start date. We will refund your entry fee in full, even if the race goes ahead as planned without you. This new policy will remain in place and apply to any­one who registers until 18th Septem­ber 2020.

So, for those of you look­ing at races but unsure of what will hap­pen in one, two, or five months time, you are tak­ing no chances by regis­ter­ing with us. Fire away!