Ultra X Sri Lanka- The Dir­ect­ors Report

Ultra X Sri Lanka 2019 — Director’s report Tak­ing on an inaug­ur­al event always rep­res­ents a massive oppor­tun­ity. A new race in a new coun­try will nev­er be easy, com­pet­it­ors do not know exactly what to expect, nor how to pre­pare for the cli­mate and... Read more

How long does it take to recov­er after an ultra?

How long does it take to recov­er from an ultra? The Ultra X sea­son is about to kick off in Sri Lanka and for many of our com­pet­it­ors this will mark the begin­ning of a busy year of racing. Wheth­er you are look­ing to per­form well at vari­ous chal­lenges, fit an... Read more

Set­ting goals for a mul­ti­day race

Set­ting goals for a multi day race Ultra X races involve cov­er­ing an even longer dis­tance than most ultras, but over a num­ber of con­sec­ut­ive days. Most stages, except a short final day, are over the stand­ard mara­thon (26.2 miles) and are there­fore... Read more