How to Pre­pare for Racing at Alti­tude

Ultra X Mex­ico takes place in the beau­ti­ful Cop­per Canyons, home of the legendary Rara­muri people made fam­ous in Chris­toph­er McDougall’s book Born to Run, for our com­pet­it­ors this Novem­ber a ser­i­ous chal­lenge will be the alti­tude. The race starts at... Read more

Ultra X Sri Lanka- The Dir­ect­ors Report

Ultra X Sri Lanka 2019 — Director’s report Tak­ing on an inaug­ur­al event always rep­res­ents a massive oppor­tun­ity. A new race in a new coun­try will nev­er be easy, com­pet­it­ors do not know exactly what to expect, nor how to pre­pare for the cli­mate and... Read more

How long does it take to recov­er after an ultra?

How long does it take to recov­er from an ultra? The Ultra X sea­son is about to kick off in Sri Lanka and for many of our com­pet­it­ors this will mark the begin­ning of a busy year of racing. Wheth­er you are look­ing to per­form well at vari­ous chal­lenges, fit an... Read more

An Ultrar­unners guide to Heat Accli­ma­tion

A guide to heat accli­ma­tion Com­pet­ing in an extremely hot envir­on­ment is not only phys­ic­ally gruel­ing but over­heat­ing is a ser­i­ous risk which needs to be planned for. Hot cli­mates can lead to mild per­form­ance impact­ing prob­lems like heat cramp or... Read more