Ultra X Elite Relay Across Scot­land — Res­ults

Ultra X ELITE RELAY ACROSS SCOTLAND — RESULTS! Last week­end, the Ultra X Elite headed up to Scot­land to take on the John Muir Way. Our goal? To set a tar­get time for TRIBE Relay Across Scot­land by Ultra X teams to try and beat this sum­mer sol­stice (19–20th June... Read more

Intro­du­cing: TRIBE Relay Across Scot­land by Ultra X

INTRODUCING: TRIBE RELAY ACROSS SCOTLAND BY ULTRA X One of our core aims at Ultra X is to estab­lish a strong com­munity of like-minded indi­vidu­als and there aren’t many bet­ter ways to foster a sense of con­nec­tion than by run­ning through the day and night with... Read more