How to Pre­pare for Racing at Alti­tude

Ultra X Mex­ico takes place in the beau­ti­ful Cop­per Canyons, home of the legendary Rara­muri people made fam­ous in Chris­toph­er McDougall’s book Born to Run, for our com­pet­it­ors this Novem­ber a ser­i­ous chal­lenge will be the alti­tude. The race starts at... Read more

Final Sri Lanka Recce

THe final sri lanka recce This past week the Ultra X team have been in Sri Lanka com­plet­ing the last route checks before the ultramara­thon in April. The below blog is from co-founder Jam­ie; “We’re proud to report back that the recce was a great suc­cess and we’re... Read more