Ultra X Mex­ico 2019- The Director’s Report

Ultra x mex­ico 2019 Tak­ing on an inaug­ur­al event always rep­res­ents a massive adven­ture. Com­pet­it­ors do not know exactly what to expect, how to pre­pare for the cli­mate, ter­rain or how pre­vi­ous par­ti­cipants had found the exper­i­ence. This, com­bined... Read more

Run­ning with the Rara­muri

run­ning with the Rarámuri The stage is set for Ultra X Mex­ico to be one hell of a race. Tow­ing the start line are a host of world beat­ers from across the globe- Jason Sch­larb, Meredith Edwards and Gedi­m­i­nas Grini­us, to name a few. How­ever, defend­ing... Read more

Why Ultra X Mex­ico is going to be a little bit spe­cial

why ultra x mex­ico is going to be a bit spe­cial It’s easy to get excited about organ­iz­ing events when you travel to some of the places that we do. The Cop­per Canyons in Chi­hua­hua has gone bey­ond the norm. As is the case for any Ultra X event, before the... Read more