Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders Ultra X

Jam­ie Sparks


Janu­ary 2014
He, along­side fel­low Bri­ton Luke Birch, become the Guin­ness world record hold­ers for the young­est pair to row across any ocean. The pair raise £315,000 for char­ity.

June 2014
Skip­pers the first ever unsup­por­ted row of the Indi­an Ocean from Exmouth, Aus­tralia to the Seychelles. The crew were at sea for 71 days.

Feb­ru­ary 2015
Cre­ates his first ultramara­thon, the Wadi Rum Ultra loc­ated in Jordan.

June 2015
Gradu­ates from Bris­tol Uni­ver­sity.

Decem­ber 2016
Sails the Atlantic Ocean.

April 2017
Appears on BBC 2’s Spe­cial Forces, Ulti­mate Hell Week and makes it to the final epis­ode.

Novem­ber 2018
Expands the Wadi Rum Ultra and Co-founds Ultra X with Sam Heward.

Meet The Founders Ultra X

Sam Heward


June 2014
Gradu­ates from New­castle uni­ver­sity with a 1st class degree and joins the Grant Thornton Gradu­ate Scheme in Lon­don.

April 2016
Signs down for his first ultra and fin­ishes as the top 25 year old in the Mara­thon Des Sables, rais­ing 10k for Mac­mil­lan Can­cer Research.

Septem­ber 2017

Becomes ACA qual­i­fied and trans­fers to PwC.

Fin­ishes Second in the Wadi Rum Ultra and meets Jam­ie Sparks…

Octo­ber 2017

The day before start­ing a new job at PwC sits down with Jam­ie for the first Ultra X plan­ning meet­ing! 

Novem­ber 2018
Co-founds Ultra X with Jam­ie Sparks.

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