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Ultra X Mex­ico 2019: Meet The Ath­letes

We asked five of the ath­letes com­pet­ing in Ultra X Mex­ico 2019 about their motiv­a­tions for tak­ing on this epic chal­lenge. Check out what they had to say.

Ultra X Jordan: The Long Day

The long day of any multi-stage ultra is an epic chal­lenge in itself. Check out the fol­low­ing mem­oir from an Ultra X Jordan com­pet­it­or to find out more.

Intro­du­cing: The Ultra X 125 Series

The Ultra X 125 Series gives ath­letes the chance to test their phys­ic­al and men­tal bound­ar­ies all in one mem­or­able multi-stage week­end.

Run­ning With The Rarámuri

An intro­duc­tion to the legendary Tarahu­mara Indi­an run­ners, or Rarámuri, who will be tak­ing part in Ultra X Mex­ico 2019.

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