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The #ultraX­per­i­ence At Home

It gives us great pleas­ure to announce the launch of the Ultra X At Home series, where we bring Ultra X Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Mex­ico to your door­step.

Self Isol­a­tion For Dum­mies

What the hell am I going to do to stay sane dur­ing self-isol­a­tion?!” Here’s our guide to stay­ing fit and healthy both phys­ic­ally and, cru­cially, men­tally.

Ultra X Cov­­id-19 Policy

Details regard­ing our new Cov­id-19 regis­tra­tion policy and trans­mis­sion mit­ig­a­tion pro­ced­ures par­ti­cipants may see at 2020 events.

The Ultra X Sum­mit Is Back

The Ultra X Sum­mit is back for 2020. Expect trail run­ning galore, bar­be­cues, talks from some legends of the sport, hot tubs, yoga, and more.

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