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Azores 125

Sáo Miguel
  1. Terrain: Mountain Trails
  2. Dates: 5-6 September 2020
  3. Format: 125 km – 2 days
  4. Price: £295
  5. Elevation: 5,817 metres
  6. Technicality: 4/5

Welcome to the first of our half distance races, Ultra X 125 Azores. This is one of the most spectacular island ultramarathons on earth.

Situated 1,000 miles into the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Portugal, this tiny archipelago of islands offers incredible trails along volcanoes, through amazing green valleys and past stunning lagoons.

This is the ultimate weekend ultra.


Wadi Rum
  1. Terrain: Desert
  2. Dates: 3-10 October 2020
  3. Format: 250 km – 5 Days
  4. Price: £995 (in instalments)
  5. Elevation: 2,522 metres
  6. Technicality: 3/5

This is the most beautiful desert race on earth. Wadi Rum’s nickname is the “Valley of the Moon” and you will quickly see why.

You will pass over dunes, across dried up river beds and through historic canyons, taking in views like you’ve never seen before. At night, you will sleep under a million stars without a cloud in sight.

Welcome to the land of Lawrence of Arabia.


Copper Canyons
  1. Terrain: Mountain Canyons
  2. Dates: 7-14 November 2020
  3. Format: 250 km – 5 Days
  4. Price: £1,500 (in instalments)
  5. Elevation: 11,835 metres
  6. Technicality: 5/5

This is the toughest multi-stage ultra on earth. With 11,835 metres of elevation gain on technical trails at an altitude of 2,300 metres, this race offers an unforgettable challenge.

You will also have the chance to run with the local Tarahumara Indians, or Rarámuri, the original ultra running tribe featured in the book Born to Run.

Ultra X Mexico is unique. Good luck.

Sri Lanka

  1. Terrain: Countryside
  2. Dates: 20-27 March 2021
  3. Format: 250 km – 5 Days
  4. Price: £1,200 (in instalments)
  5. Elevation: 687 metres
  6. Technicality: 2/5

During this epic rainforest race in the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, you will run through rural countryside and see wildlife roaming free.

This wild course passes tea plantations, sugar factories and rushing rivers. The locals will also cheer you through their villages and, if you’re lucky, throw water over you and maybe even give you a sweet banana or two.

This event is hot and humid, so be warned.

World Championships

  1. Terrain: Mixed
  2. Dates: 2021
  3. Format: 250 km – 5 Days
  4. Registration: Invitation only

From 2021, Ultra X will host the Ultra X World Championships: a 250 km, 5 day race between the world’s greatest multi-stage ultra runners.

Taking place every two years, the Ultra X World Championships will bring together the current best performers, each of whom must qualify for entry by competing in other Ultra X races. The world’s best athletes will then have the chance to become the undisputed multi-day ultra King or Queen.

This is the pinnacle of multi-stage racing.

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