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Azores 125

Sáo Miguel
  1. Ter­rain: Moun­tain Trails
  2. Dates: 5–6 Septem­ber 2020
  3. Format: 125 km — 2 days
  4. Price: £295
  5. Elev­a­tion: 5,817 metres
  6. Tech­nic­al­ity: 4/5

Wel­come to the first of our half dis­tance races, Ultra X 125 Azores. This is one of the most spec­tac­u­lar island ultramara­thons on earth.

Situ­ated 1,000 miles into the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Por­tugal, this tiny archipelago of islands offers incred­ible trails along vol­ca­noes, through amaz­ing green val­leys and past stun­ning lagoons.

This is the ulti­mate week­end ultra.


Wadi Rum
  1. Ter­rain: Desert
  2. Dates: 3–10 Octo­ber 2020
  3. Format: 250 km — 5 Days
  4. Price: £995 (in instal­ments)
  5. Elev­a­tion: 2,522 metres
  6. Tech­nic­al­ity: 3/5

This is the most beau­ti­ful desert race on earth. Wadi Rum’s nick­name is the “Val­ley of the Moon” and you will quickly see why.

You will pass over dunes, across dried up river beds and through his­tor­ic canyons, tak­ing in views like you’ve nev­er seen before. At night, you will sleep under a mil­lion stars without a cloud in sight.

Wel­come to the land of Lawrence of Ara­bia.


Cop­per Canyons
  1. Ter­rain: Moun­tain Canyons
  2. Dates: 7–14 Novem­ber 2020
  3. Format: 250 km — 5 Days
  4. Price: £1,500 (in instal­ments)
  5. Elev­a­tion: 11,835 metres
  6. Tech­nic­al­ity: 5/5

This is the toughest multi-stage ultra on earth. With 11,835 metres of elev­a­tion gain on tech­nic­al trails at an alti­tude of 2,300 metres, this race offers an unfor­get­table chal­lenge.

You will also have the chance to run with the loc­al Tarahu­mara Indi­ans, or Rarámuri, the ori­gin­al ultra run­ning tribe fea­tured in the book Born to Run.

Ultra X Mex­ico is unique. Good luck.

Sri Lanka

  1. Ter­rain: Coun­tryside
  2. Dates: 20–27 March 2021
  3. Format: 250 km — 5 Days
  4. Price: £1,200 (in instal­ments)
  5. Elev­a­tion: 687 metres
  6. Tech­nic­al­ity: 2/5

Dur­ing this epic rain­forest race in the “Pearl of the Indi­an Ocean”, you will run through rur­al coun­tryside and see wild­life roam­ing free.

This wild course passes tea plant­a­tions, sug­ar factor­ies and rush­ing rivers. The loc­als will also cheer you through their vil­lages and, if you’re lucky, throw water over you and maybe even give you a sweet banana or two.

This event is hot and humid, so be warned.

World Cham­pi­on­ships

  1. Ter­rain: Mixed
  2. Dates: 2021
  3. Format: 250 km — 5 Days
  4. Regis­tra­tion: Invit­a­tion only

From 2021, Ultra X will host the Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships: a 250 km, 5 day race between the world’s greatest multi-stage ultra run­ners.

Tak­ing place every two years, the Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships will bring togeth­er the cur­rent best per­formers, each of whom must qual­i­fy for entry by com­pet­ing in oth­er Ultra X races. The world’s best ath­letes will then have the chance to become the undis­puted multi-day ultra King or Queen.

This is the pin­nacle of multi-stage racing.

As fea­tured in

If you’ve always wanted to tackle an ultra-mara­thon, Ultra X’s new race in Mex­ico will take some beat­ing.”

[Ultra X Jordan] is fast becom­ing one of the best ultra mara­thons out there. What’s more, it’s prob­ably the best value multi-day sup­por­ted ultra you’ll find.”

These events are for the brand build­ers, the adven­tur­ers, pro­fes­sion­als, entre­pren­eurs, dream­ers, and any­one who wants to push them­selves really.”

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