24hrs before a 100 miler by Lucja Leonard

24hrs before a 100 miler Ultra X Ambas­sad­or Lucja Leonard is in Hawaii for the HURT100, an annu­al 100 mile trail run situ­ated on “the big island”, Oahu. We asked Lucja about her routine in the 24hrs before the race. I’ve only com­pleted one hun­dred miler to date... Read more

Hello world!

The Basics Of West­ern Astro­logy Explained 28 MARCH, 2016 Astro­nomy Life Soci­ety Lor­em ipsum dol­or sit amet, con­sect­etuer adip­is­cing elit. Aenean com­modo ligula eget dol­or. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque pena­ti­bus et mag­nis dis par­turi­ent montes,... Read more