Tak­ing on a multi-day ultra in a far flung corner of the earth is one of the greatest exper­i­ences in the world. The sense of achieve­ment you feel after grind­ing through each day, and the camarader­ie you build with your fel­low com­pet­it­ors in a remote desert, jungle or moun­tain camp is what makes com­pet­ing in the glob­al Ultra X series truly unique.

Formed from the Wadi Rum Ultra in Jordan, Ultra X was cre­ated by Jam­ie Sparks and Sam Heward with the aim of mak­ing multi-day racing access­ible to all.

Ultra X aims to be the first multi-stage ultramara­thon series of its kind.

We Offer

~ Race entry at access­ible prices.
~ A quick and simple regis­tra­tion pro­cess.
~ A glob­al series of multi-stage trail races with a set format.
~ A bien­ni­al Ultra X World Cham­pi­on­ships.
~ A com­munity and a club for all.

The ultra x val­ues


Our events bring people to untouched parts of the world. It is a priv­ilege to vis­it these regions and we con­stantly strive to make as little impact on the envir­on­ment as pos­sible.


We know what makes a great event. Our ath­letes push them­selves to the very edge, so we take care of all the small details to ensure they have the best pos­sible chance of reach­ing the fin­ish line.

Cus­tom­er Cent­ric

We under­stand our audi­ences’ vari­ety of needs. We look to tail­or everything about our events, to provide the best pos­sible com­pet­it­or exper­i­ence. This is always our highest pri­or­ity.


We offer qual­ity exper­i­ences, wheth­er it’s your first multi-stage event or you’re a seasoned com­pet­it­or. What’s more, we offer this qual­ity at access­ible prices.


We are always look­ing to push the bound­ar­ies of what is pos­sible in multi-day trail events, explor­ing new loc­a­tions and help­ing cre­ate unfor­get­table memor­ies.

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extreme — reach­ing the highest degree, the fur­thest point from the centre of your com­fort zone — is only a mind­set.

To be bey­ond excep­tion­al

We are the first timers, the seasoned endur­ance ath­letes and the elite ultra run­ners. We com­pete against the very best in the world, con­stantly chal­len­ging ourselves to push fur­ther and harder than ever before, across the most unfor­giv­ing envir­on­ments. We push the bound­ar­ies of what is pos­sible in multi-day events, explor­ing new loc­a­tions and help­ing cre­ate the most unfor­get­table memor­ies.

Each of our events is metic­u­lously planned to deliv­er the best pos­sible com­pet­it­or exper­i­ence. And wherever our adven­tures lead us to, the only marks we leave behind are in the minds of our com­pet­it­ors.

Our jour­ney to the fin­ish line may be an indi­vidu­al one, but we’re a com­munity that sup­ports and encour­ages one anoth­er to achieve the impossible. Mak­ing friends for life. Togeth­er, we see the world from the most awe-inspir­ing places that few oth­ers dare to tread.

We nev­er stop explor­ing in our pur­suit of the extraordin­ary.
We are ultra x.

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